Change the point of view

By Lisa Anderson,2014-06-27 13:21
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Change the point of view

    Change the point of view

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    At the end of this term our group has given a presentation about changing the point of view. Of course, after doing such a work I have obtained a lot from both the text and the process of making preparation. The benefits that I have got can be listed as follows.

    Firstly, I’d like to talk about what I got from a piece of material I collected. In fact, it is a speech given by a professor in a high school. In his speech there is a story about a student who has tried his utmost to pass the college entrance examination and finally he was admitted by a university in Beijing. But he had never heard of the name of this university before. Not only he but also the teacher in charge of the class didnt know it. After searching the internet with curiosity, he knew that this university was set up last year and he was one of the first session of this school.

    Shocked by this, he felt that his future was totally destroyed and will never rise again. But in the professors opinion, the student needed to

    change his point of view. He said that even though the university was newly established, it was not so terrible to be the first session of this school. On the contrary, it is an honor. Because he was going to witness

    the development of a school. Besides, when he graduated from this school he even had a chance to be a teacher in this school.

    Listening to this speech, I strongly felt that I was in a similar situation. Two and a half years ago, as a failure in the entrance examination I had few choices to fill the university application form. At last, I decided to go to this school, UESTC, which is famous for science and engineering. And I became a Japanese major in this school. As I was expected, the school of foreign language is the worst among the 13 schools. Whats worse, my major is ignored in this small and worst school. Discouraged by all of this, I even wondered that maybe its a

    punishment of a failure.

    But inspired by the professors speech, I have become much more

    hopeful now. We can also be proud of being the only one Japanese class in our grade. Just like the saying goes, something rare is something precious. Because the fewer classmates we can have more chances to communicate with teachers. Everybody knows that oral Japanese is of vital importance to the Japanese major. Just because we are the only one, our class is more united than any other classes. In this class, I have learned that the necessity of showing our gratitude to classmates, roommates, teachers and parents. All of these will be my immemorial


    Apart of the changing of my attitude towards my school and my major, I also learned how serious it was to be a teacher. In order to make the students understood what we want to say, our group has searched a great deal of materials to support our ideas. I also downloaded more than twenty pieces of related videos. But at last, there were only 6 pieces have been used. Maybe searching the material is a hard job, but from my perspective, the most difficult thing is to draw the students’ attention to

    our class. For this purpose, we have designed some quizzes in our class. Even though the result is not as good as we have expected, we have tried our best to make it better. I think its enough.

    These are what I have gained from the process of making this preparation. Doing such a presentation really did us a favor to apply what we have learned in classes.

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