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By Christina Rice,2014-06-16 20:23
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Upcoming Events ...

     Rosebridge Private Day Nursery Rosebridge Private Day Nursery

     October 2008 Jaime Barnett Nursery Manager

     Dear Parents,

     Well it’s October already and im sure you are all wondering just where the year

    has gone. October will probably go just as quick, as it is fun packed with lots

    going on…lets take a look!


    We have had some new children join us throughout September and October.

    Welcome to Rhianna and Mia who join our Baby Room and Katie who joins our

    Toddler room.

    Also Toddlers would like to welcome Malachi and Kyle who have moved up from

    Babies and Tiddlers. Dear Parents 1 Contents Welcome 1

    Special Events 1 Special Events

    This months Topic 2

    Book of the month 2 Halloween Fancy Dress Party

    Special Notices 2 & 3 Get your thinking caps on for a scary costume. We will be holding our annual Reminders 3 Fancy Dress Party for Halloween with a prize for the best dressed in each age

    group. We will have lots of fun activities happening on the day….watch this space Thank You 3 for full details.

     If you have any reservations about your child joining in, please come and see me.

    Jeans for Genes Day

    rdWe are raising money for the charity Jeans for Genes on Friday 3 October 2008.

    We are collecting donations on the day in return for you all to wear your Jeans or

    something Denim to nursery. Im sure you will all give generously to this worthy



    All About Me Interest Table Events

    We will be putting together an interest table for the topic All About Me. Please

    ensure your child brings in something ‘special’ to them so we can add it to the ? All About Me display. Interest Table ? Guess the baby Guess the Baby ? Jeans for Genes We are asking all Pre-School children to bring in a baby photograph and a recent Day photograph for this fun display. Then we will ask everyone to see if they can ? Halloween Fancy guess who is who.

    Dress Party

Page 2 of 3 Page 2 of 3

This Months Topic:

    This month’s topic is ‘All About Me’. We will be doing lots of fun things including

    turning the home corner into a Clinic, playing a guessing game with Guess the Baby and we will be doing self portraits and talking lots about ourselves and our homes.

    Our colours this month will be Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Our shapes will be Circle, Square, Triangle and Rectangle.

These will all have specific weeks so keep an eye on the planning board to see when

    they are being covered.

     Book of Interest: We will be looking at lots of different books this month including The Alfie Stories and The Little Princess Stories. We will also look at books telling us all about our bodies and developing our senses.

For our storybooks we will be doing a small display for each book showing key

    features from each story.

Special Notices:

Security Notice

     Please remember to sign your child in and out of the nursery.

Please ensure that if you are in the habit of putting the catch on the door as you leave, make sure you release it before you close the door. On a number of occasions over the last few weeks it has been left on and this could be a security risk.

     Anyone could gain entry to the nursery and the children who can reach the lower

    handle could try to get out.