2008-09 The Annual Quality Assurance Report - The Annual Quality

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2008-09 The Annual Quality Assurance Report - The Annual Quality

    The Maharaja Sayajirao

    University of Baroda

    The Annual Quality Assurance Report


    Internal Quality Assurance Cell


    The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of

    Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

    Name of Institution : The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

    Year of Report : 2008-09

    Part A: Plan of action and Outcome Achieved by IQAC

    ; To initiate Centralization of reassessment of Examination work

    ; To file new Patents

    ; To strengthen the computerization of administration and the process of

    admissions and examination results, issue of certificates

    ; To Increase infrastructure facilities in different laboratories and different sports

    facilities under Physical Education, Hostels and different parts of Campus

    Part B

    1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution Nos. of activity Details of activities

     03 Exhibition

     47 National Seminars/ workshops/Symposium

     05 Short term training

     07 New Courses

     19 Projects above 10 lakhs

     06 UGC DRS

     06 UGC DSA

     01 UGC CAS

     02 UGC-ASIHSS

     01 UGC COSIST

     09 DST - FIST

     01 Reserve bank of India funded Research cell (Banking)

     01 Planning Commission Unit was setup (Economics)

     06 Endowment Lecture series

     19 Lectures under UGC

     33 Extra Mural Talks

     72 Lectures under other schemes_6745(UG),2052(PG), 3(M Phil), 89(Ph

    D), 667 (DIP) were invited to confer degrees (UG /PG / DIP) at th53 Annual Convocation.

2. New academic programmes initiated (UG and PG)

     Fitness Management, Nutrition & Health, Food Safety and Hygiene and Event

    Management & MSC(Environmental Science).

3. Innovations in curricular design and transaction

    Initiation taken to introduce semester system and choice based credit system in

    BA, B Com and B Sc.

    4. Inter-disciplinary and New programmes started

Following courses are offered by Centre for Continuing and Adult Education and

    Community Services

    Fees Course Name Duration Eligibility Remark (Rs)

    Graduate/ Dip/

    Fitness Managment 1 year Equivalent 10000 Inter disciplinary


    Graduate/ Dip/

    Nutrition and Health 6 months Equivalent 5000 Inter disciplinary


    Graduate/ Dip/ Food Safty and 6 months Equivalent Inter disciplinary Hygiene experience

    Graduate/ Dip/

    Event Managment 6 months Equivalent Inter disciplinary


    Retail Managment 1 year Graduate

    Autocad 45 days HSC

5. Examination reforms implemented

     Centralization of reassessment work initiated

    6. Candidate qualified: NET / SLET/ GATE etc

     50 Net qualified; 03 SLET qualified

    7. Initiative towards faculty development programmes

    Two Staff Refresher Courses organized.

    Orientation programme of 15 days for new recruited teachers organized.

    Several Symposia, Seminars organized with inhouse faculty participation also.

    Sabbatical leave given to teachers.

    Consultancy service permitted.

    Leave & Financial Assistance provided for attending seminars / symposiums within

    India & Abroad.

8. Total number of seminars / workshops conducted 46

9. Research Projects

    a. Newly implemented 59

    b. Completed 13

10. Patents generated, if any 2 filed

11. New collaborative research Programmes 03

    12. Research grants received from various agencies 59

    Total Number of 59 Projects / Schemes / Programmes Sanctioned by various

    funding agencies with a total inlay of Rs 6,87,66,684/- (Rs Six Crores

    EightySeven Lacs Sixty Six Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Four Only)

13. Details of Research scholars

    No. of Research Scholar received fellowship from various funding agencies during the year


    1 40 0 24 4 8 0 0 2 0 0 3 82

14. Citation index of faculty members and impact factor

    Teachers with ‘h’ index 10 / or above : 06 Nos

    Teachers with ‘h’ index 05 / or above : 19 Nos

    Teachers with ‘h’ index 02 / or above : 37 Nos

15. Honors / Awards to the faculty

    International 01

    National - 04

16. Internal resources generated Rs. 42,40,738/-

    17. Details of departments getting SAP / COSIST (ASSIST) /DST, FIST etc)

    This year none department received SAP / COSIST (ASSIST) /DST FIST Programme however following programmes continued in the Departments


    07 03 04 10

18. Community services

    Social work Adoption Resource centre

     Child Guidance Clinic (ICSW)

     Miss Swoboda Adolescent Counseling Centre

     Childline 2007

     Smaj Kalyan Kendra

Polytechnic Manpower development

     Technical support

     Healthy Child Rally

     Youth week celebration in villages.

     Women Counseling addressing „‟girl child‟‟ issue.

    Family and Community Service : Guidance and Counseling for orphans, slum

     dwellers, rural population and senior citizen

    Food & Nutrition Department of the Faculty of Family and Community Sciences organized a

    Training program for food handlers of small and medium restaurants on various aspects of

    food safety. The Department also organized training cum workshop on „Care for the Elderly‟

    for professional care giver like Nurses.

    The students and the people of Vadodara benefited from an exhibition organized by Department of Pharmacy on the theme of “Know Your Pharmacist: Right Use of Medicine”.

    Students and staff of the Faculty of Social Work participated in the Nirmal Gujarat Abhiyan, Beti Bachao Programme and Kanya Kelavani Programmes sponsored by the Government of Gujarat.

    The branch of National Service Scheme in the M. S. University of Baroda involves University Youth in different activities during the year. Volunteers of NSS actively participated in State level competitions at North Gujarat University and also at training camps organized by District Civil Defense Department. NSS-Polytechnic volunteers participated in the tree plantation programme and planted hundreds of tree in and around the University.

    Since the University has rich heritage and commitment for environmental protection, a programme has been initiated for the beautification of the University Campus, River front Project for Bhukhi Nala alongwith Vishwamitri River Front with Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan.

    19. Teachers and Officer newly recruited

    Professor Readers Lecturers Temp Lect Teach. Assit. Officers

    04 4 12 252 99 --

    20. Teaching Non-teaching staff ratio 1: 1.53

    21. Improvement in the Library services

    At present 8 faculty libraries are providing computerized library services and in that

    they are getting bar-coded Library Smart Card.

    Library System has automated Polytechnic Library, a third largest Library of the University Library System from June 2008, thereby running successfully eight libraries on a single server.

    22. New books/ Journals subscribed and their cost

    264 Journals Costing Rs 1,42,90,668/-

    9199 Books Subscribed

    23. Courses in which student assessment of teaches is introduced and the action

    taken on student feedback

    Bachelor and Master in Education, PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, M. Sc.

    (Micro Biology), Faculty of Family and Community Sciences…….

    24. Unit cost of Education Rs. 25,000 (Approx)

    25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and

    examination results, issue of certificates

    Combo printer, copier, fax, and scanner were installed for office work.

26. Increase in infrastructural facilities

     Extension to Computer Centre

    Construction of Gas Plant Building Faculty of Science

    Development of Parking at University Main Office

    Repair of K. G. Hall Hostel Rooms & Reading Hall

    Auditorium Special repairs (Safety Compliance) Faculty of Social Works Special repairs and NOC for C.C.Mehta Auditorium

    Special repair (rewiring & toilets) Geology Department, Faculty of Science Special repair (rewiring, toilet blocks and Lab renovation) Chemistry Department Faculty of Science

    Special repair (rewiring & toilets) Physics Department Faculty of Science Special repair (rewiring & toilets) Zoology Department Faculty of Science Special repair (rewiring & renovation) Laboratories, Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Science

    Animal House, Biochemistry Department Faculty of Science

    Special repair (Interior of Seminar Hall rewiring laboratory and toilets) at Food & Nutrition Department, Faculty of Family & Community Studies

    Special repair (rewiring & toilets) Home Development & Family Studies Department, Faculty of Family & Community Studies

    Special repair and rewiring Extension & Communication Department, Faculty of Family & Community Studies

    Development of Botanical garden development

    Reconstruction of Compound wall ( Padra) University

    Basket ball Court

    Special repair at SSMT Library

    Cloak Room T.K. Gajjar Hall

    Extension to Workshop-Polytechnic Polytechnic

    Fencing, raising walls

    Walking Track

27. Technological upgradation

    Many equipments and Computers were purchased by the University to upgrade the teaching learning process.

    28. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students

     Total Bandwidth: 4.5mbps

29. Financial aid to student (Not Available) till date

    Merit Scholarship Free Student ship Physical Edu (sports) H. M. Lib. (Books)

30. Support from Alumni Association and its activities

Fine Arts Fair Organized

     Alumni of the Department of Microbiology & Biotechnology, Faculty of Science,

    donated a sum of Rs 10 lakhs for the Renovation of the research laboratory in the


     Alumni Association meetings with scientific / academic programmes of the following


    1) Pharmacy

    2) Chemistry

    3) Applied Maths

    4) Bio-Chemistry

    5) Polytechnic

    6) Social Work

    7) Family & Community Sciences.

    8) Geology / Civil Engineering

    9) Physics.

31. Support from the parent teacher Association and its activities

32. Health services

    New ECG Machine Installed / Blood Donation and Medical Camp Organized. No. of staff treated No. of Students No. of lab No. of immunization

    treated investigations done done

    25,996 8,589 10,620 259

No. of patients treated by consultants

    Dermatologist Gynecologist Ophthalmologist

    932 788 480

33. Performance in sports activities

     5 players (W) and 2 players (M) selected for represented at National level

     3 Players selected for State Cricket Academy

     Ms. Laxmi tomar represented West zone at Inter Zonal

     Kabaddi (W) team won State Tournament (Mahajan Shaktidal tournament)

    34. Incentives to outstanding sports person st Blazers to players sequring at Inter Univ. tournament; 1 and 2ns place in team games strdand 1 , 2ns and 3 places in individual events at West zone and Inter zone Sports merit percentage (applicable where No entrance test is conducted) stndstndrd State Level: 2% for players securing 1 and 2 in team game and 1, 2 or 3 in

    individual events

     National level: 3% ; stndstndrd Zonal level: 5% Winner of 1 and 2 in Team game and and 1, 2 or 3 in

    individual events stndstnd Direct admission to National and winner of (1 and 2 in team game and 1, 2 or rd3 in individual events)

     Direct admission to international Participation

     Ranji award to best Cricket Player (Cash and Rotating Trophy) Award to Best Athelitic (M and W) (Cash)

35. Student achievements and awards

     Shri Sandeep Pisalkar, Sculpture student of Master‟s in Visual Arts won the Gold &

    Silver medals and an International award named THE DANFOSS ART AWARD,

    worth Rs. 4 lakhs. He was invited to Denmark to receive the award. Ex student Sh. N.S.Harsha won the most prestigious International Award, ARTES

    MUNDI PRIZE 2008 of Rs. 35 lakhs from CARDIFF WALES UK.

     Undergraduate and Post Graduate students from the Department of Chemistry &

    Zoology won laurels in oral and poster presentation at „Gujcost Science Excellence-

    2008‟ held at Ahmedabad.

     Under graduate students of the Department of Geography stood first in „Inter

    University Geo Quiz 2007-08‟ conducted by Gujarat Geographical Association,


36. Activities of the Guidance and Counseling Cell

    Formal Cell could not be established , however guidance and counseling was

    provided in all faculties. e.g.

    Marg Counselling cell attached with Health center for counselling

    Family and community Science has “Youth Study and Support Centre” as guidance

    and counseling cell

    Education and Psychology has „Mental health clinic and counseling cell‟

    Social work runs adolescence cell and help line for them as counseling activity

37. Placement services provided to students

    There has been 90 to 100% placement of the students in faculties and journalism

    management and social work. Various companies approach Faculty of Technology

    and Engineering and Faculty of Science. Students are sent to various industries for

    legal guidance support and thereby get placement there and there itself at times.

38. Development programmes for non-teaching staff

     Lecture series was organized

     Rs. 2,00,000 has been year marked for the staff development programmes

    and expenses towards attending the training programmes

     Financial aids given to the staff members who were to give exams of CCC by

    way of subsidizing the registration fees

     Training in Tally and saral pay package to the accounts section

39. Best practices of the institution

    i. Resource mobilization

    ii. Infrastructure development

    iii. Strengthening internal security

    iv. Establishing sophisticated instrumentation center

    40. Linkages developed with National / International , academic /research bodies

    Years MOU’s Signed with various countries

    2008-2009 1( Durham University),1 (University of Ghent,

    Belgium) , 1 (BARC, Mumba), 1 Roehampton

    University , 1 National Science Foundation,


    5 New & 18 Old

    41. Any other relevant information

     Many foreign scholar from Japan, Polland, Princeton visited Oriental Institute

    during the year for consulting the Manuscripts for research purpose. A senior Citizen of Vadodara, Shri P. N. Gurjar donated a sum of Rs 1 crore for

    setting up a Centre for Molecular Genetics at Genome Research Centre. The Vice-chancellor, Prof. Ramesh K. Goyal has been elected as the President of

    Indian Pharmacological Society for the year 2009.

     DST-J.C. Bose Fellowship awarded to Prof B.B. Chattoo, Dept of Microbiology

    & Biotechnology.

    Part C: Detail Plans of the Institution for next year 2009-2010

    ; To strengthen different services of Guidance and counseling for students, teaching

    and non teaching staff

    ; To organize various staff development programme for both teaching and non

    teaching staff

    ; To strengthen functioning of different sections under university administrative


    ; On line deposition of fee across the university

    ; Orientation programmes for new students I all faculties

    ; As a part of Diamond Jubilee celebration of our University and the Golden Jubilee

    celebration of the Gujarat State under „Swarnim Gujarat‟ Programme, the thUniversity plans to have by year 2010 Global Summit on Higher Education, 4

    International Congress of International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences and

    Indo-European Conference in Mathematics.

    ; GO-MSU project started

Name and Signature Name and Signature

    Co-ordinator IQAC Chair Person IQAC

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