Ways to Elaborate

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Ways to Elaborate

    Ways to Elaborate Expository Paragraphs

    Mayor Joe Jerkins thinks that suburbs like Austell Quotes- direct or indirect quotes from have a charm that city dwellers crave after being in the experts or important people that support middle of the hustle and bustle for many years. your main idea.

    “Atlanta is considered the place to be for many folks

    who come from small towns because of the variety of jobs and activities we offer,” says Shirley Franklin,

    Mayor of Atlanta.

     Consumers have access to five malls within the Numbers, facts, and data to support perimeter of the city of Atlanta. your main idea

    Though there are six major chain stores in Austell, do

    not expect to find a mall.

    Imagine stepping out side daily to the smell of fresh Appeal to your audience’s senses and or

    clean air. Your bare feet touch the velvety dewy emotions by being descriptive (sensory details,

    grass. The chirping of the blue jays is music to your figurative language)

    ears as you saunter to the mailbox.

     Sasha loves the convenience of taking a five minute walk from her mid-town Atlanta loft apartment to the

    corner bakery. When she enters, the sweet smell of

    freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon

    rolls sends your nose to happy land.

     There are always people around who know me and Personal experiences are willing to help. I can’t even walk across town after

    soccer practice without people offering to drive me


     In the city that my friend lives in, it is dangerous to

    stay out past dark. Last Saturday night, she was

    robbed after making the mistake of walking home

    after a movie. Experiences of others

     Research using studies and According to the National Association for Big Cities, information to make your point. residents who live downtown are happier that those

    who live in the suburbs.

    A recent study from the American Small Town Association links the increase of road rage to the

    number of miles traveled by commuters daily.

    Rhetorical Question- asking a question to Would you want to live like that?

    which no answer is required. The writer

    implies that the answer is obvious; the reader

    has no choice but to agree with the writer's


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