Vampire Phantasm Fanfic

By Sean Riley,2014-06-16 20:27
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Vampire Phantasm Fanfic ...

    Vampire Phantasm Fanfic

It was dark outside. The dining room was cold, big and empty. Jack

    sat on the head of the large table, waiting for his meal. He shivered.

    The castle was so big and it seemed like he was always alone, but

    every week he would be taken to the basement of the castle for what

    Orlock used to call „a training for becoming a good vampire‟.

    While Jack was thinking he heard a noise by the door. He looked up,

    but he saw nobody. Then he heard a noise behind him. Quickly he

    turned around and he could just catch a glimpse of a person running

    away. “That wasn‟t Orlock,” Jack thought. He left the table and

    started following the person. „Hey, wait a minute!‟ He screamed, but

    the person didn‟t stop. He had been running for about 5 minutes, not noticing where he went to. When he finally stopped, he found himself

    in one of the highest towers of the castle. He had never been here

    before, but it looked nice. Cosy, just like the part of the castle where

    Jack lives. But the paintings had something weird, they where dark

    and painted with a colour that looked like blood. Jack examined the

    painting, it was blood! Again, he heard a noise behind him. “The person can‟t have left the castle,” Jack thought. He turned around and screamed: „Wait, don‟t

    run away!‟ It didn‟t help. After about two minutes he had lost track of

    the person. But the room he was standing in now was more

    interesting then the person. It looked like a laboratory. Entering the

    room, Jack screamed. In front of him, on a table, lied a man. He was

    white and cold. Jack wondered why there was a death man in the

    castle, and he knew for sure this was one of Orlock‟s crazy plans.

Orlock stood behind the door. So Jack had found his invention? That

    wasn‟t meant to happen, but Orlock didn‟t panic. He never did.

    Concluding from Jack‟s face, it wouldn‟t be easy to make him co-

    operate. Orlock turned around and started walking away.

When Jack came back into the dining room. His food was already cold.

    He went to his room and looked out of the window.

    And maybe it was just his imagination, but he could swear he saw a

    person running out of the castle, into the woods.

    Jack went to sleep, he knew he should be out in search for blood. But

    he was tired and felt asleep immediately.

    He dreamed about the mysterious person, the dead guy in the highest

    tower and about Orlock and his sick plans.

He woke up in the middle of the day. Trying to avoid the harming sun

    beams, he noticed that the sun wasn‟t hurting him at all. He walked

    towards the window. Everything looked so different, and Jack

    couldn‟t believe the light made everything look so beautiful. After all,

    it has been a year since he last saw the daylight. His room looked

    different too, and Jack enjoyed the sight of it. Jack shivered when he

    heard a soft noise coming from another room. He went out of his room,

    following the noise, and ended up in a dark room. He put on the light

    and looked around. A crib was standing in the middle of the room and

    a soft crying sound came out of it. Jack went closer and looked into

    the crib. „J-Julia?‟ He murmured. He took the baby in his arms. „No,

    you can‟t be…But,‟ Jack muttered. The baby stopped crying and Jack

    placed her back in her crib. Then he left the room. He was confused,

    why could he live in the light? Why is there a baby in the castle?

    Orlock, he thought. He ran to the chambers in the highest tower,

    where he had been yesterday. It was empty up there. No paintings,

    no cosy rooms. It looked like an attic. Jack was sure that this was the

    place he had been yesterday, but where was everything? He heard the sound of dishes being placed on a table coming from the

    dining room, and he went downstairs. Arriving in the dining room, he

    saw the dishes standing on the table, but the room was empty.

    „What is going on here?‟ Jack screamed. Then he heard a voice caming

    out of the door that directed to the basement. „What‟s wrong, hun?‟ He

    heard. „I‟m downstairs getting some milk, the baby is hungry.‟

    Jack shivered, that voice! „Will you get the baby please? I have so

    much to do right now.‟ Jack nodded, although he knew she couldn‟t

    see him. That voice, how could he resist her? He went to the room

    where he had found the crib. That baby really looked like Julia, and

    that voice he heard in the dining room. Back in the dining room, he

    saw a woman standing with her back towards him.

    „Emily?‟ He asked. The girl turned around, it was Emily! Jack

    shivered. „Emily, Julia, the daylight…What…?‟ Emily looked worried.

    „Is something wrong with you, Jack?‟ She took Julia and sat down to

    feed her. „W-What are you doing here?‟ He asked. „We moved here

    Jack, don‟t you remember?‟ She looked at Jack with sad eyes. „Ah, you

    fell unconscious when fighting that burglar a couple of days ago. The

    doctors said it was best to come live here, the fresh air would be good

    for you.‟ „A burglar,‟ Jack asked „, but he wasn‟t a burglar, he-he killed

    you and Julia!‟ „Oh, poor you,‟ Emily said „, you‟ve been hallucinating.

    Nothing happened, Julia and I kept very quiet and the burglar went

    away.‟ Julia, who had just done eating, burped. „So it was all a

dream?‟ Jack smiled. „Probably,‟ Emily said. She stood up and kissed

    Jack. Jack took Julia and cuddled her. All the horrid things that

    happened, they seemed real, but they where just dreams. Everything

    was back to normal. „Gosh, I forgot to bring some vegetables, now I

    have to go back.‟ Emily said, and she went to the basement again.

    Jack played with Julia for a while, but when Emily didn‟t return,

    Jack began to worry. „Emily,‟ he called. „Emily, are you allright?‟

    Jack took Julia and went downstairs. It was dark in the basement.

    „Emily?‟ He called. No answer. He searched for the light. Jack was

    startled by what he saw when he turned on the lights. The basement,

    it was just the same as the basement he had seen in his dreams, just

    the same as Orlock‟s basement. „Emily, are you okay?‟ He asked. He couldn‟t find her. Suddenly he heard a laughter behind him, he knew

    that laughter…Orlock. He turned around, Orlock was standing by the

    door. „What‟s going on?‟ Jack asked. This wasn‟t good. What was

    happening? He couldn‟t take Emily and Julia away from him, not

    again! „Where is Emily?‟ Jack screamed. Orlock laughed and pointed

    to a dark corner. Emily was lying on the ground. Jack ran towards

    her. „She is dead!‟ He screamed. „You are sick, Orlock!‟ Orlock laughed

    again. „I am sick?‟ He said „, Jack, Emily was dead all the time. I

    believe you are the sick one.‟ Jack cried. „But she said, she said that it

    was all just a dream. She kissed me, she wasn‟t dead.‟

    „No,‟ Orlock said „, she was dead all the time, I was the one who made

    her say those things.‟ „No, this can‟t be…‟ Jack looked at Emily. „Why

    did you have to leave me?‟ He whispered. „Stop talking to that corpse,

    fool,‟ Orlock said. Jack turned around. His eyes where full of hate and

    rage. He jumped up very quickly to attack Orlock, but Orlock avoided

    him. „Poor Jack,‟ he said „, you can‟t win from me. I‟m much stronger,

    so don‟t waste your energy.‟ Jack walked back to Emily‟s corpse and

    took it in her arms. „She has to be buried,‟ he said. Orlock sighted. „Ah

    Jack,‟ he said „, you still have so many human feelings. You really have to get rid of them.‟ „She has to be buried,‟ Jack repeated. „Well

    then‟, Orlock said „, go burry her.‟ He stepped aside. Jack carried

    Emily‟s corpse to a nice place under a big oak. He started digging and

    made a cross in the earth when he was finished. „Goodbye, Emily,‟ he

    whispered „, I will always remember you.‟ He looked at the open fields.

    He could run away. Over the fields, into the city, away from this

    castle and Orlock. He was just about to start running when another

    thought stroke his mind, Julia. She was still in there with Orlock.

    She is dead, Jack thought, forget her. But he couldn‟t. Julia was still

    moving, Orlock kept her alive. Who knows for how long, and if I flee,

Jack thought, he might keep her alive forever and torture her just

    like he tortured me. He couldn‟t do that to Julia, he couldn‟t let her

    feel the same pain he felt. He returned to the castle and entered the

    basement. „I knew you would return,‟ Orlock said, holding Julia in his arms. „You couldn‟t run away, anyway. I made you, I always know

    where you are.‟ Jack looked up. That meant he could never run away,

    that he could never be free. „Why are you doing this,‟ Jack asked.

    Orlock walked to a large table. „For this,‟ he answered. He took the blanket from the thing that was lying on the table. It was the dead

    man Jack had seen in one of the rooms in the highest tower.

    „Say hi to Vallov,‟ Orlock smiled. „This is disgusting,‟ Jack said. „Don‟t

    be so unfriendly,‟ Orlock said „, Vallov is going to be your new friend,

    or should I say, only friend.‟ „My new friend?‟ Jack asked. „Yes, my son,

    you‟re going to give him your blood. No worries, I‟ve bit him already. I

    have kept him asleep for a while, now it‟s time to give him blood and make him a complete vampire.‟ Jack turned his head away. „Never,

    why don‟t you give him your blood?‟

    „Come on Jack, I want him to be yours, see it as a present.‟ Jack

    looked at Orlock. „A present? You‟ve destroyed my life by making me

    a vampire, and now you are wanting me to make a vampire myself as

    a present?‟ „Does it matter to you?‟ Orlock asked „, He is dead already, he cannot

    be saved anymore.‟

    „Too bad,‟ Jack shouted „, then he won‟t get blood at all!‟

    „You can‟t be serious, Jack,‟ Orlock said „, he‟ll wake up soon. Without

    a vampires blood he will change into a vampire very slow. And

    without you he won‟t know what to do. He could kill himself, or, if he

    refuses to drink he will go on a blood lust, killing hundreds of

    innocent people. You don‟t want that to happen, right? That more

    people should die, like Emily?‟ Jack looked at the guy called Vallov. „What‟s in it for me, anyway?‟ He

    asked. „If I do this, will you let Julia live?‟ Orlock looked at Julia.

    „Julia isn‟t alive anymore,‟ he answered „, Emily, Julia, the daylight.

    Nothing was real.‟ „But I buried Emily, her body was real!‟ Jack

    shouted. „Her body felt real, I know. But that was only because I

    wanted it that way.‟ Orlock looked at Vallov. „Spending eternity alone

    is hard, Jack. You don‟t know that yet because you‟re still young. I‟m

    giving you someone to live with, and this will be the only time I‟ll do

    this.‟ Jack looked away, he couldn‟t resist. He was still young, but he

    felt lonely already. „I knew you would approve,‟ Orlock laughed. „Now

come here Jack.‟ Jack walked towards Orlock. „So, this might hurt a

    little,‟ he said. Jack didn‟t react, he knew Orlock was enjoying this.

    Orlock took a knife. Orlock laughed, then he attacked Jack. The knife

    cutted through his flesh. Orlock caught Jack‟s blood. „Good boy, Jack,‟

    he said. He brought the blood to Vallov. „Wake up,‟ Orlock said. Vallov

    opened his eyes and drank the blood Orlock gave him. Jack fell on the

    ground. Vallov stood up from the table he was lying on. „I‟ll leave you

    two alone now, try to get along will you?‟ Orlock walked away, closing

    the door behind him.

    Caroline Heylighen

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