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    UUCCI Childcare Policy

    Nursery and toddler child care at UUCCI is designed to provide a secure, relaxed, environment for

    young children while their parents or guardians are attending services and participating in Coffee

    Hour. All child-care providers, both paid and volunteer, will follow these procedures.

    I. Summary of Responsibilities.

    ? Sitter Coordinator.

    Will keep a list of all the active sitters, identifying Baby Specialists and Toddler Specialists,

    and update all sitters of the active list with the individual contact details.

    The Sitter Coordinator will organize the available sitters and arrange the necessary

    scheduling. The goal is to have at least two “Baby Specialists” and two “Toddler

    Specialists” maintained on the approved sitter list held by the Sitter Coordinator.

    Each year the Sitter Coordinator will co-ordinate with the trainers and organize the

    necessary training for new individuals who are interested in becoming sitters.

    ? Sitters.

    All sitters will read through the policy and sign a commitment sheet annually to be

    considered for sitter duty.

    Each sitter will implement the policy to the best of their abilities. If there are any conflicts

    with the policy the sitter will raise these to the Sitter Coordinator.

    Each sitter is responsible to arrive for duty and be in their rooms on their designated days

    at 9:45 am. If, for some reason, a sitter needs to change a date she/he is assigned to sit, or

    they are unable to attend on a given Sunday, then it is their responsibility to find a

    replacement sitter using the contact list of approved sitters or contact the Sitter Coordinator

    for help. If the sitter has found a replacement themselves then they need to notify the Sitter

    Coordinator at least five days ahead so the Friday Reminder can reflect the actual plan for

    each Sunday.

    ? Board Members

    Will review the policy annually to ensure that it is in keeping with the needs of the church.

    A Board representative will lead a review annually of the policy before the end of each

    church year to determine what changes are needed going forward. This review will solicit

    input from the Board, parents, sitters, the sitter coordinator and RE leader.

    A Board representative, with support of the Board, will arbitrate any issues that arise

    around the baby sitting policy.

    II. Disciplinary Action

    If a sitter fails to be in compliance with the policy then the Sitter Coordinator will issue an

    official warning to that individual. When a sitter receives three warnings in a season then

    they may be removed from the program and will no longer perform sitter duties at the

    UUCCI for the remainder of the church year.

    Last updated by EJS May 28, 2009

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    III. Babysitter Training:

    ? All sitters are to have UUCCI-specific sitter training. This will assure consistency among

    the sitters and a better understanding of what is expected and how to perform the required

    tasks at UUCCI. .

    ? The UUCCI training will be provided annually, free of charge, and will incorporate input

    and advice from parents currently using the sitter services. It will include identifying when

    to call for help, as well as a discussion of the UUCCI policies, sitter duties, and the ways to

    perform required tasks such as disinfecting the nursery.

    ? UUCCI training will be provided to any interested youth who will be 13 years of age or

    older that church year and who has been active in the congregation for at least one year.

    Each sitter need only participate in UUCCI training once, but all sitters must have

    completed a UUCCI-specific training prior to babysitting in the UUCCI nursery. ? It is highly recommended for a Toddler Specialist to also undertake a community baby-

    sitting course, such as Red Cross, Parks and Rec’s or a school sponsored course. To be a

    “Baby Specialist” this is additional training is needed.

    ? A copy of the certification of successful completion of any and all courses completed shall

    be kept on file at UUCCI.

    ? Newly trained and qualified sitters shall be added to the bottom of the approved sitter list. ? For Sitters eighteen (18) years or older a background check needs to be carried out. The

    Church will provide the form, if needed, and the completed form needs to be returned to

    the Church for filing.

    IV Sitter Duty each Sunday:

    ? At least two sitters will be on duty each Sunday. One will be the “Baby Specialist”, who

    will have primary care of any infants, while the other will be the “Toddler Specialist”, who

    will not have the care of the infants and will focus on the toddlers. ? In order to maintain the highest level of security it is strongly recommended that there are

    two sitters per room if the scheduling and sitter availability allows. One of these will be the

    Specialist for the room and the second can be a sitter in-training if no qualified sitter is


    ? The Baby Specialist is to be paid $13 each sitting engagement, while the Toddler Specialist

    is to be paid $10. This will be reviewed annually by the UUCCI Board.

    ? The Baby Specialists are to be chosen based on their actual experience handling babies. ? An adult or other alternate can cover the obligation for a sitter, but only approved sitters

    from the list shall be paid for their childcare services. Others covering for a sitter are

    volunteers and the sitter shall not be paid if she/he has not actually provided childcare that


    ? Toddler Specialists interested in becoming Baby Specialists need to be given the

    opportunity, as appropriate, to participate with the Baby Specialists to gain experience

    handling babies. The Toddler Specialist will need to complete community training before

    being considered as an approved Baby Specialist. The rate for the Toddler Specialist

    supporting the Baby Specialist will remain at $10. This will help in creating and

    maintaining a reasonable sized pool of Baby Specialist and encourage a smooth transition

    for when Baby Specialists are no longer available to sit.

    ? In case of an event, the committee hosting the event arranges the childcare. They shall hire

    a sitter from the approved list and notify the Sitter Coordinator of the plan. The child care

    provided will be at a rate of $7.50 per hour with a two hour minimum.

    Last updated by EJS May 28, 2009

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    ? For events immediately after the Sunday Service, the Baby Specialist already on duty shall

    be the preferred sitter and offered employment during the event. That sitter will be paid at

    the event rate after their regular Sunday Service time, but for actual hours worked. The two

    hour minimum will not apply since they are already on site.

    V. Consistency:

    ? Each sitter will provide care on a rotating basis, with the Baby Specialist remaining as

    consistent as possible.

    ? The Toddler Specialists would rotate weekly or bi-weekly, depending on availability and

    ease of scheduling, for consistency and to gain experience.

    VI. Other Requirements:

    ? A chart identifying the sitters assigned for the coming month will be placed in the

    newsletter and nursery, as well as given to the greeters. A sign will be placed on the

    nursery door which will identify the sitters on duty each week, for the convenience and

    comfort of parents.

    ? Prior to children arriving, the sitters will clean and ready the nursery. ? Baby specialists will ensure that each child left in their care has been signed in with an

    indication of who will be allowed to pick up the child after service. The children will not

    be released until their parent of guardian has picked them up. Children are to be picked up

    from the nursery within ten minutes of the conclusion of the service. ? Sitters will remain in the nursery or toddler area until all children are reunited with their

    families immediately after the service. The Toddler Specialist shall be outside supervising

    the playground after the service until 11:45 am. As soon as there no babies left in the

    nursery, the Baby Specialist is to join the Toddler Specialist supervising the playground

    after the service. If the weather is inclement the sitters shall supervise indoor play in an RE

    room until 11:45 am.

    ? Baby Specialists should not change diapers but seek out a parent or guardian to change a

    soiled diaper as soon as it is noticed.

    ? When there are no babies or toddlers to care for, and the nursery and toddler rooms are

    clean, the sitters are to busy themselves with other constructive RE-related projects as

    designated by RE or the Sitter Coordinator.

    ? When the Preschool/Kindergarten Class is in session, the Toddler Specialist should offer to

    go in as an assistant to that class, if there are no children in the nursery. The Baby

    Specialist should continue working on constructive UUCCI projects in the nursery so

    he/she is available to take a baby leaving the service late.

    ? The sitters are responsible for keeping the nursery & toddler rooms safe and clean: toys

    will be picked up and wiped down after each use; surfaces will be clean and free from food

    and clutter.

    ? Only approved sitters, parents and their children, and any other individuals authorized by

    the Sitter Coordinator, are to be in the Toddler and Nursery rooms during services.

    VII. Documentation ? Certain documents will be posted in the Nursery and Toddler room.

    o UUCCI Sunday Service Childcare Expectations/Procedures

    o UU Nursery Record

    o UU Cleaning Record

    Last updated by EJS May 28, 2009

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