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    FOR [Company Name]


    [Company Name] seeks to create an organizational culture that reinforces the following principles:

    ; Employee engagement

    ; An environment that is customer focused

    ; A culture that is performance oriented

Internal communications will be one of several tools that help to create this environment.

Objective #1

    Create an approachable office of the President/Executive Committee by creating a series of messages from President and/or Executive Committee members that are communicated to employees on a regular basis.


    ; Business Updates Updates on the status of [Company Name] 2006 corporate

    initiatives and successes.

    Distribution vehicle: E-mail to all employees from [President Name] with a link

    to Intranet.

    Frequency: Monthly (if possible)

    ; Appearances [President Name] to appear at company wide events including but

    not limited to; Company Events, Award Ceremony, and Service Recognition


    Distribution vehicle: In-person

    Frequency: One to two times per month.

    ; Holiday Card [Company Name] created card sent from [President Name] and

    possibly Executive Committee to all employees.

    Distribution vehicle: Email or U.S. mail

    Frequency: Annually

Objective #2

    Provide regular, timely information to employees in an easily accessible format. Frequent information about the company will help make employees feel informed and involved, promoting individual employee and [Company Name] success.

     - 1 -


; Financial Updates Status reports on [Company Name] revenue goals.

    Distribution vehicle: “Thermometer” posting on Intranet; narrative update sent

    to all via email

    Frequency: Monthly or Quarterly

    ; New and Reviews Communicates [Company Name] major media hits and

    product reviews.

    Distribution vehicle: Email to all employees, including a link to press release

    database on company website and media archive on Intranet.

    Frequency: Monthly

    ; Product Development Update News of product changes, enhancements, other

    issues relating to products.

    Distribution vehicle: Email with archive on Intranet.

    Frequency: As needed

    ; Competitive Snapshot News about [Company Name] competitors as an extract

    from monthly President’s report, competitive report, and other sources.

    Distribution vehicle: Email directing users to Intranet home page.

    Frequency: Monthly

    ; Personnel Announcements Staff changes, new employees joining [Company


    Distribution vehicle: Email with link to Intranet posting.

    Frequency: As necessary

    Objective #3

    Develop a sense of community that unites the company, its stakeholders, and employees.


    ; Learning Events Create an educational series to communicate business

    strategies and objectives to [Company Name] employees.

    Distribution vehicle: [Company Name] Learning Event.

    Frequency: One to two times annually

    ; Anniversary Lunches - Recognize employees for year(s) of service by involving

    them in an anniversary lunch with the company President.

    Distribution vehicle: Lunch

    Frequency: Monthly

     - 2 -

    ; Awards Ceremony An employee supported event whereby individuals are

    nominated and awarded for outstanding service.

    Distribution vehicle: In-person

    Frequency: Every other month

    ; Service Awards Ceremony Dinner to recognize individuals for their 5, 10, 15,

    20, or 25 years of service with [Company Name].

    Distribution vehicle: Dinner

    Frequency: Annually

Objective #4

    Develop a messaging/communications program to inform employees of our brand strategy and personality.


    ; Office Signage Develop signage for the office that carries our mission, vision,

    brand personality, etc.

    Distribution vehicle: signs (print/electronic) in strategic locations throughout the


    Frequency: Updated as necessary

    ; Brand Center Creation of a single location that compiles all brand related

    information for employees to access.

    Distribution Vehicle: Intranet, printed materials.

    Frequency: As needed

    Summary: Quarterly meetings will be held to evaluate progress against objectives.

     - 3 -

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