The Decline of Israel

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The Decline of Israel

The Decline of Israel


م?ح??ا ??ح??ا لا م?ب

    In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


    The Decline of Israel 2022 AD

A Prophecy


     Numerical Coincidence

Bassam Nihad Jarrar

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    First Edition 1415 AH/1995 Second Edition 1417 AH/1996

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These are just observations

    Hoping that we rethink our approach to the study of history. Is there a law in the material world governing history according to comprehensive mathematical formulae??!!



    The idea of this study matured shortly before the deportation by Israel on 17 December 1992. However, I was able to write it down in this brief book while in exile near the village of Marj Ezzuhoor in South Lebanon.

    Under those conditions I was unable to go through the formalities of consulting sources and references beyond those available in this desolate place.


م?ح??ا ??ح??ا لا م?ب

In The Name of Allah, Most

    Gracious, Most Merciful

    “When the second warning came to pass, We permitted your enemies to disfigure your faces, and to enter your temple as they had entered it before, and to visit with destruction all that fell into their power” (17:7).



    Humans tend to have a strong desire to know the future and unveil the unseen. God has willed to reveal some of the unseen to His servants for a certain reason. Thus came the prophecies brought by prophets and apostles to furnish evidence for verity of their prophecies or messages and to show God‟s omniscience so that people come to realize some secrets of fate. When God willed to complete the messages and exalt Prophethood, He retained veritable visions which penetrate the unseen so that people come to know that which they failed to conceive of, namely, that God comprehends all things also before they exist. Also to make humans realize that their failure to perceive things does not negate their existence.

    Examples [of prophecies] are abundant in the Qur‟an and Sunna [prophetic literature] of Prophet Mohammed. For example in the Qur‟an one reads: “The Romans have been defeated. In a land close by: But they even after this defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious. Within a few years-with Allah is the command of the past and in the future: On that Day shall the believers rejoice-With the help of Allah…” (30: 2-5).

In another chapter of the Qur‟an comes the verse:

    Truly did Allah fulfill the vision of his messenger: Ye shall enter the sacred Mosque, if Allah wills, with minds secure, heads shaved hair cut short, and without fear. For he knew what Ye know not, and He granted, besides this, a speedy victory” (48: 27).

[Of the prophetic literature] is a prophetic saying, which runs like this: “ The Hour

    will not come until Muslims fight the Jews….” There are numerous sayings on this theme.

    It is not the focus of this book to discuss at length the wisdom behind foretelling the future and the role it plays in people‟s life. Yet some maintain that prophecies lead to

    mutual reliance and negligence. This view enjoys logical credibility at the reasoning level but it is far from reality because prophecies have proven to boost the morale, pluck out despair from hearts, and motivate people for action. The Biography of the Prophet‟s companions is the best testimony to this claim.

    Did Suraqa sit in his home expecting Kisra‟s [Persian king] armlets to be handed to him without him making an effort? Did the Prophet‟s companions slacken from

    conquering Persia knowing [from Mohammed‟ prophecy] they will capture it for sure? Muslims are not to desist duty because their ultimate goal is that Allah is well pleased with them in the first place.

    As to the results, a Muslim hopes to achieve these but they are not his final goal. Suppose I tarried because of knowing the result will obtain, what could I reap if [by doing so] I have lost my soul.?! This life for trial and temptation and not an everlasting abode for requital. “If they (the pagans) had only remained on the (right),

    We should certainly have bestowed on them Rain in abundance. That We might try them by that means…” (72:16-17).

    Ten thousand pagans besieged Medina until the “hearts gaped up to the throats” and the Companions “imagined various vain thoughts.” Under such conditions the glad


    tidings came: “…Allahu Akbar, I have been given Kisra‟s keys… Allahu Akbar, I have been given Caesar‟s keys. We must not let people come to the point of absolute despair: “No one despairs of Allah’s soothing Mercy except those who have no faith

    (12: 87). Humans must not oscillate between fear and hope; for they are neither despairing nor [totally] secure (But no one can feel secure from the plan of Allah, except those Doomed to ruin) (7: 99). Today people have become so despondent that they automatically respond with the catchphrase “What‟s the alternative?!” Against such reality we ought to carefully boost their morale to such an extent that they will not be inclined towards sorcery and fortune telling because Islam is aware against all kinds of divination.

    In this little book we try to interpret the Qur‟anic prophecy mentioned in Sura 17 according to the surface structure of the text and in conformity with historical reality. We then supplement it with a new approach based on the world of numbers, which we will call “mathematical interpretation” or “numerical interpretation.” I tend to believe that numbers will surprise the reader as it did me and led me down an unexpected path. The reader will find that number 19 is the basis of this interpretation. The reader may ask: Why number 19?!

    It is a long story. The talk about number 19 and the debate and doubts it has raised requires some detail which I have delineated in my book The Miracle of Nineteen

    between the Backwardness of Muslims and the Deviations of Pretenders, the first

    edition of which appeared in 1991. Then, with Allah‟s help, I was able to produce the second edition in Marj Ezzuhoor. It is expected that the book will be published by Dar Ennafa‟es, Beirut soon.

    After discussing the true thinking of Rashad Khalifa and the essence of his research, I introduce the reader to what is right and what is wrong in the theme of number 19 in the Holy Qur‟an. The matter is inductive and mathematical, not subject to hearsay or

    to the whims of “those in whose hearts is perversity” , including the Bahais and others.

    There is a spectacular mathematical configuration and a consequential miracle. No one can separate us from seeing what God wills to disclose of His precious Book. Allah has decreed it is I and My messengers who must prevail” (58:21). I did my

    best to leave this trust to the custody of Muslim scholars because I know this matter is beyond the capacity of an individual or even a group.

    I have great hope that firm-willed people will shoulder the responsibility so that Muslims and all humanity will enjoy the blessing.

    Those who have read the book devoted to number 19 will clearly perceive that historical formula/equation in this book is based on number 19. To those who have not read the book I say there is an astonishing mathematical structure -connected with the Qur‟anic words and letters-based on number 19. There is also some evidence to

    show that [this number] is the foundation of astronomy. You will be surprised to discover in this booklet that this number is also a historical law.

    This book comprises two chapters. The first chapter is an interpretation of the Qur‟anic prophecy mentioned in Sura 17 pertaining to the decline of the state of Israel


    in the blessed land. Chapter 2 is a numerical interpretation of this prophecy along the lines of interpretation in Chapter 1, with the addition of mathematical credibility. This is a new approach, which we hope to serve as a key to further blessings.

Bassam Jarrar

    5 August 1993

    Marj Ezzuhoor-South Lebanon


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