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PEP4 Teaching PlanPEP4,Plan,PEP,plan

Teaching Plan for PEP Primary English Book 4

2012--2013学年第( )学期

郑东新区外国语学校 罗萌萌

    Unit 1 Our School

    Teaching Aims:

     1 Words: playground garden teacher‟s office library canteen computer room washroom music room gym TV room

    2 Sentences:

    Where is the canteen?-It‟s on the first floor

    The art room is on the first floor

    Is this the library? Yes ,it is ./No ,it isn‟t .

    Teaching Points: Words and letters

    Teaching Difficults: Four skill words. Use the sentences

    Teaching Methods: TPR, Reading, Acting.

    Learning Methods; speaking, listening

    Teahing Aids: Pictures, Cards, Tape.

    Teaching Times: Seven

    Period 1 Let’s learn

    Teaching aims :

    Be able to listen say and read playgound canteen garden library teacher‟s office .

    Be able to act and say: go to the canteen /have some noodles Go to the playground/play football......

    Teaching steps:

    Step 1 Revision

    Warm up :1 .work and play ,work and play ,in the classroom every day ......

     2.Sing a song .( In the classroom) Greetings

    Step 2 presentation

    T: What‟s in our classroom ? S: A board ,four lights , many desks and chairs ......

    T: Do you like our school ? S: Yes ,I like our school . T: What do you like in our school? S :I like ......


T: Do you like our playgroud ? S: Yes.

    T: What do you do on the playground ? Jump/run/playbasketball/play football......?

    I like basketball . I like football . I like running ...... T: What do you do in the garden /in canteen/in teacher‟s office /......

    S: I like ......

    T: Go to the canteen ,eat some noodles .

     Go to the teacher‟ office, hand in the homework ......

    Step 3 practice

    Play a game .

    Guess „ What‟s in my hand ?‟

    T: What‟s in my right hand ? S: a canteen / teacher‟s office/......

    Step 4 Consolidation

    copy and read

    preview and revise

    Period 2 Let’s Talk

    Teaching aims : Be able to understand and say „This is the teacher‟s office .That is my

    classroom .‟

    Be able to sing „our school '

    Good to know .

    Step 1 Revision

    Warm-up : 1. Let‟s do . 2 Guess some cards. 3 Listen to a song.

    Step 2 presentation

    T : Why do you like our school ?

    S1: I like our playground. S2: I like our garden. S3: I like .... T: I like our canteen . I can eat some dilicions foods . I like our school. Our school is very nice .Today some friends from American are coming to see our school . Chenjie is showing them around our school .Let‟s look at this picture.


Step2 presentation

    (put the picture on the blackboard )

    T: What‟s this ? S: This is the teacher‟s office .(write it on Bb)

    T :What‟s that ? S: That is our classroom.(write it on Bb) T: How many students are there in our class?(write it on Bb) Ss: Sixty four.

    T: Do you have a library /playgroud/garden/?(write it on Bb) Ss: Yes.

    T: Where is the canteen? S: The canteen is on the frist floor . T: Look !Is this your playgound?

    Ss: Yes .

    T : Wow ,your school is beautiful .

    Step 3 practice

    T: Open your books on page 5. listen to the tape and read after the tape. Read and act the dialogug.

    Step 4 consolidation and extension

    1 Do activity book . 2 Read the dialogue to your father and mother . 3Introduce our school to your father and mother .

    Peroid 3 Read and write

    Teaching aims :

    Be able to listen say read and write : board ,light ,fan , computer. Be able to sing let‟s chant .

    Step 1 Revision

    Warm-up : Sing “our school” song .

    Act the dialogue.

    Preview : 1 What‟s in the classroom ? A board ,two lights......

    2 Let‟s do .Open the door. Turn on the light. Sweep the floor .


     Clean the window. Put up the picture . Clean the board. Step 2 Presentation

    Let‟s do . Go to the library . Read a story book.......

    Read and write : T: Where do you read ? S : In the library .

     T: Where do you draw ? S: In the art room.

     T: Where do you play computer game ?

     T: In the computer room.

    This is my computer room.

    T: How to write sentences. Capital the first letter T. Step 3 practice

    a. Act the dialogue . b. Play a game . Guess a sentence if it is right or wrong.

    For exzample : There are three computers in the room. C . Good to know : Can we drink in the computer room?

     Can we play in the garden ?

     Can we eat some noodles in the library?

     Can we read a story in canteen?

     Can we water some flowers in the playground? Step 4 consolidation

    Do active book.

    Copy : computer ,board ,fan ,light.

    Listen and sing a new chant.

    Period 4 Let’s learn

    Teacher aims: Be able to listern say and write : gym ,TV, art room, computer ,washroom ,music room.

    Be able to finish let‟s play.

    To understand and say „srory time‟.


Step 1 Revision

    Warm up: 1 Sing a song . 2 Let‟s chant.

    Preview : T : I can see many flower in it . Where is it ?

     T : I can eat some rice . Where is it ?

     T : I can play computer game. Where is it ? Step2 Presentation

    T: Where do we water the flowers ? S: In the garden. T:Where do we read the story books? S: In the library.

    T: Where do we have computer classes?S: In the computer room. T: Where do we paint ? In the art. ( 通过问答引出六个单词)

    Listen and read .

    Step 3 Practice

    FuNingxiang Primary Schlool

     Art room

     Computer Music room


     TV room

     canteen washroom

    T : The washroom is on the second floor .(let one boy or one girl come to the blackboard

    and stick the pictures)_

    T: The library is on the fifth floor .

    T: The canteen is on the third floor...... T: The gym is on the fouth floor......

    Story time : Listen and watch.

    Step 4 Consolidation

    1 let‟s do active book .


2Act the story time .

    Period 5 Let’s Talk

    Teaching aims:

    Be able to listen say and read : Is this the library ? Is that the TV room? Be able to judge the sentences:Is this the ...? Is that the ...? Be able to finish „let‟s check‟.

    Let the children desinge a building .

    p1 Revision

    a. warm-up : let‟s do. Let‟s chant.

    b.discuss :What‟s in our school?

    Step2 presentation

    T: Who is he ? S: He is our headmaster.

    T: Yes . Do you want to be a headmaster? Today Wu Yifan is our headmaster.He has a new school .Do you want to have a look ?

    S: Yes . (Draw a building on Bb, and put some pictures on the building, Let the students guess,what‟s that ?)

    S1: Is that the art room ? /Is that the washroom?/ Is this the library?...... T: Yes ./No.

    Step 3 practice

    Put some pictures on Bb, let them guess :Is this the ......? Is that the ......? S1: Is this the library? T: let‟s open it and see, oh ,yes /no.

    S2: Is that the art room? T: Let‟s open it and see, yes/no.

    S3: .......

    Step 4 Conxolidition and extension

    T: 1 Let‟s listen say and read the dialogue .

     2 Read the dialogue in pairs.

     3 Act the dialogue .


     4 Let‟s check .

    Peroid 6 Read and write Teaching aims : Be able to understand read and write.

    Be able to use the new sentences and new words. Be able to pronunce the words conrectly. Be able to sing OUR SCHOOL song .

    Be able to understand the stoty.

    Teaching steps:

    step 1 Revision

    Warm up : a. Let‟s chant . Let‟s do.

    b. let‟s guess. Jack is in a room.There many books in it.

    He can see many students .They are quiet .Where is it ?

    Step 2 Presentation

    T: Is this the teacher‟s desk? S: Yes ,it is .

    T: What‟s on it ? Let‟s go and have a look . Is this a TV?

    S: No ,it‟s a computer .

    T: Is that a picture ?

    S: No, it‟s a map .

    T: What‟s this ?

    S: This is the floor. That is the wall. T: Yes, you‟re right.

    Step 3 Practice

    Listen to the tape and read it. ( How to write the sentence ,tell the cildren.)

    Play a game: Ask your partenar what‟s this ,let him /her guess, Is this a ......

    Step 4 Consolidation

    1 Do activety books. copy the new words .


    Peroid 7 Task time

    Teaching aims:

    Be able to understand and read „Read and write‟.

    Be able to read the words.

    Be able to sing a song and chant. Be able to understand the story time. Step 1 Revision

    Warm up a . sing a song . let‟s chant.

    Step 2 presentation

    T: what‟s this ? Is this a canteen?

    S1: No ,it isn‟t. It‟s a picture.

    T: Can you spell the word picture? S1 : Yes. P-I-C-T-U-R-E, picture. Step3 practice

    Practice the words computer ,picture,wall, floor in groups or in pairs.

    Learn to sing :Our school

    Step4 consoladation

    Do activity book.

    Remember four new words and two sentences. Desige our school and talk about our school to your father and mother.

    Unit 2 What time is it?

    Teaching Aims:

    1 . Learn to know how to ask the time and answer the time correctly.


    2.Be able to describe ones own usual activities using the language items learned before.

    3.Learn to know some new instructions like : Time for breakfast.

    4.Be able to learn and make ones own schedule for usual activities.

    5.Learn to make a clock by oneself

    Teaching Points: Words and letters

    Teaching Difficults:

    1. Learn to master the words and sentences of Read and write in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    2.Learn to know the words and sentences in Lets learn and Let‟s talk.

    Teaching Methods: TPR, Reading, Acting.

    Teahing Aids: Pictures, Cards, Tape.

    Teaching Times: Six

    Period 1 A let’s learn

    Teaching aim :

    Be able to listen say and read :music class, P.E.class, English class,breakfast,lunch ,


    Be able to read : What time is it? It‟s time for ......

    Be able to understand and act :Time for breakfast.Drink some milk. Step 1 Revision

    Warm-up: 1 let‟s chant . let‟s do.

     2 sing a song: our school.

    Step 2 Presentation

    T: Hello, everyone .What‟s in my bag? Can you guess it ? Is it an apple /a pear /ruler

    /book...... S: It‟s a clock. T: Yes .What time is it ?S: It‟s two o‟clock.

    T: Yes. What time is it now? S: It‟s seven o‟clock.

    T: Good. Now ,let‟s play a game .Who is faster?

    S: Yes . It‟s time for lunch.


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