How to improve our international communication

By June Hawkins,2014-06-19 10:36
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How to improve our international communication

    How to improve our international communication

    Its conceivable that there is no one but have to communicate with others every minutes even every second. Without communication, we cannot image what would happen in our daily life. Its awful and


    But how to improve our

    interpersonal communication? There is no denying that we should pay more attention to this important problem. As far as Im concerned,

    there are 4 skills as follows: At the first place, we should take all the trouble, trying various ways, to make sure our pronunciations are clear enough. Moreover, it will be better if we keep smiling when we talk to others. In this way, others will feel comfortable and prefer to communicate with us. In addition, we can use body language to

    express our emotions and to help others understand our ideas easier. Last but not least, wed better know

    more about the background of the

person who we are going to

    communicate with. To some extent, through taking this method will enable us to know what can and cannot say.

    In conclusion, we cannot emphasize the importance of our interpersonal communication too much. So we can spare no effort to improve it.

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