Computer viruses

By Lester Adams,2014-06-19 10:36
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Computer viruses

    Computer viruses With the popularity of computers,

    computer viruses become a serious problem. Along with the advance of

    computers, more and more problems are brought to our attentions, one of

    which is computer viruses.

    But what is a

    computer virus. In general, it is a program making our computers out of work. That means, just as a person get into infection, the computer with

    computer virus is ill. Its conceivable that a computer virus an finally ruin your computer system if you do not delete it in time. Moreover,

    some computer

    viruses sending by someone deliberately may get your

    individual information without your notice. Its very dangerous. Therefore, we should spare no effort, trying various ways, to

    fright against this serious problem. At the first place, we can learn from other countries which have

    built a more perfect computer security

    system. Moreover,

    government should

    take all the trouble to make some related

    regulations or laws to guarantee our

    computer security

    and punish people

    who sent out the virus.

Importantly, we

    individual computer users should pay more attentions to protect our

    computers by install some anti-virus

    softwares and check our computers

    regularly. Last but no least, we as a


    should try our best to improve others

    awareness of

    defending computer viruses.

    In conclusion, only by these ways can we enjoy a more


    environment when we

are using a computer

surfing the Internet.

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