Trivia Bank for Heartbeat, by Sharon Creech (2004)

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Trivia Bank for Heartbeat, by Sharon Creech (2004) ...

    Trivia Bank for Heartbeat, by Sharon Creech (2004)


    p. 2 Who is the narrator of the story?

    p. 2 How old is she?

    p. 2 What is the name of her (male) friend? p. 2 What do they like to do together?

Before I Was Born

    p. 4 What does Annie like to do (best)?


    p. 7 Why does Annie’s mother feel sick (queasy)? p. 7 T/F: Annie’s mother admits that the baby sometimes feels like an alien

    growing inside of her.


    p. 8 What is wrong w/ Annie’s grandfather? (What does he complain of?)

    p. 8 What does it mean when Annie’s grandfather describes his brain as

    made of “scrambled eggs”?

The Racer

    p. 10 Name three characters who like (or liked) running. p. 10 T/F: Annie’s grandfather thinks running races (for medals) makes

    plenty of sense.

Moody Max

    p. 11 T/F: Annie and Max have just met.

    p. 12 Why does Annie describe Max as “moody”? p. 12 Why did Max start running?

Bare Feet

    pp. 13-14 Name one thing Annie and Max like to feel w/ their bare feet

    when they are running. Be sure to include an adjective and a noun. (e.g. hot

    sand - not a correct answer)


    p. 15 Who does Annie refer to as her “sideways shadow”? p. 17 Max has a keepsake of his grandfather’s. What is it?

The Alien

    p. 20 Annie imagines the “alien baby” as things other than a baby. Name one.


    p. 22 Whose room does Grandpa think the new baby should move into?

    p. 24 Annie observes that while the baby is growing, it feels like someone

    else is shrinking. Who?

Mother of the World

    p. 25 T/F: Annie lives in a house. Max does too. p. 27 What question did Max ask Annie, when they were on the swingsets

    and she felt happy, that made her feel “all shivery”? p. 29 T/F: Annie knows what she wants to do when she grows up.


    p. 30 What doesn’t Max like about their town?

    p. 30 T/F: Annie thinks their town is too small, too.

Fears and Loves

    p. 32 Annie is afraid of killing, dying, and ... what? p. 33 Annie says she loves three things. Name them.

Pumpkin Alien

    p. 37 What does Annie’s father call the baby growing inside his wife’s


    p. 38 Where does Grandpa keep his teeth?

Fried Chicken

    p. 41 Grandpa can’t remember how to make fried chicken...and what else?


    p. 45 ff. Name one chore Annie does for Mrs. Cobber. p. 48 What is Max saving money to buy?

    p. 49 What is Annie saving money for?

    p. 48 T/F: Max’s running coach won’t let him run barefoot. p. 49 T/F: Annie just likes running w/ Max and by herself.


p. 53 Name one of the places Annie imagines seeing footnotes (other than

    her schoolwork).

An Apple A Day

    p. 59 Who said: “No apple is ordinary.”

    p. 62 Who said: “I think you will discover the un-ordinary-ness of an apple.”


    p. 66 T/F: Is the alien baby really running in its mothers tummy? [a-


The Coach

    p. 69 Why does Annie want to punch the track coach? p. 70 Why does Annie think she doesn’t want to join the track team?

    E.C.: no barefeet; no heart out; no head go free; forlorn loser (68-71)

Flip, Flip, Flip

    p. 76 When Grandpa is looking at pictures, who is the “miracle baby” he

    sees in the pictures?


    p. 79 T/F: Max wants Annie to join the track team. p. 81 Who says: “You just don’t get it, do you?”

Grandpa Talk

    p. 84 With whom does Annie discuss, “Wrong. Right. and Regret.”? p. 86 What is the first thing Annie draws instead of her apple?

Mad Max

    p. 90 T/F: Annie offers the money she has been saving to buy colored

    pencils to Max so he can buy new running shoes. p. 91 A good reason not to join a team is: “so someone else will not be mad

    at you.”

The Birthing Center

    p. 92 Which birthing room does Annie’s mother choose?


p. 96 T/F: As Annie has been drawing her apple a day, she keeps switching

    apples to keep things interesting.

    p. 97 Where does Annie find “a miniature landscape”? p. 99 Who took a bite of Annie’s apple?

    The Bite

    p. 101 T/F: Annie is able to draw the apple that’s in her mind.


    p. 102 Name one of the differerent mediums Annie’s art teacher introduces

    to help students draw their apples (w/ more variety). [pen and ink; pastels;

    charcoal; acrylics]

    p. 102 T/F: Annie’s favorites are the pen and ink and the chalky pastel ones.

    p. 105 What does Annie think her last (100th) drawing of her apple will

    look like?

Forbidden Words

    p. 106 T/F: Mr. Welling’s list of forbidden words includes curse words. p. 106 (As a class?) Name all 7 of Mr. Welling’s forbidden words. - [very; like; ya know?; uh; well; stuff; yeah]

    p. 108 What forbidden word does Annie use ... a lot?


    p. 109 T/F: Max is happy to accept the used track shoes from his coach. p. 110 Who says to Annie: “You have a fine stride...”? p. 113 Who says, “You shouldn’t waste a gift.”?

    p. 115 Why does Annie slug Max?

A Gift

    p. 116 How does Annie atone for punching Max?

Pumpkin Baby

    p. 117 When Annie and her family stop calling the baby in her mother’s

    tummy “alien baby,” what do they start calling it instead? p. 118 T/F: A billion things have gone right to enable Annie’s mother’s

    baby to have eyes and ears and toes/and heart and liver and lungs/and a


    p. 119 In her dream, where does Annie find the baby?

Treasure of Words

    p. 120 What’s the name of the book you use to find synonyms?

pp. 120-123 Name one of the synonyms Annie uses in the poem entitled

    “Treasure of Words.”

The Stranger

    p. 123 T/F: Annie’s Grandpa doesn’t recognize his own self in a picture on

    the wall.


    p. 127 Who says: “Yes, Mrs. Cobber-obber/I’ll be there later.”? p. 128 T/F: Max accepts Annie’s gift of money and buys himself new

    running shoes.

    p. 130 Name one of the words (from the thesaurus) Annie uses to describe

    her feelings after Max invites her to come to her race.


    p. 131 What does Annie give her Grandpa for his birthday? p. 133 What does Grandpa give Annie?

    p. 133 What’s in the narrow, yellow box?

The Race

    p. 138 T/F: Max runs the race in his bare feet. p. 138 Why doesn’t Annie see the end of Max’s race?


    p. 141 What does Mrs. Cobber do to entertain Grandpa?


    p. 144 T/F: When Annie’s mother gets to the birthing room, the first thing

    she does is get into a whirlpool tub.


    p. 147 Why is the stage when a mother is delivering a baby called “labor”?


    p. 151 What color is the baby when it first comes out? p. 152 What does the midwife prescribe to bring the baby awake? p. 155 Name one of the synonyms Annie uses to describe the miracle of the

    baby’s birth?


    p. 156 Who is the first person Annie tells about the birth of her baby brother?

Infinitely Joey

    p. 161 What is the name of Annie’s new baby brother?


    p. 163 When he gets home, whose chest does the baby sleep on?

A Secret

    p. 167 T/F: When Annie sees Max again, he is mad because he did not win

    the race.

    p. 171 What does Annie’s Grandpa give Max as a gift? p. 172 What is the secret that Annie’s Grandpa tells Max?

    E.C. - Name the four places amidst which Annie and Max habitually run: - past the birches; over the creek; past the barn; around the pasture (166)

The Package

    p. 173 Annie receives an anonymous gift in her locker. Who is it from?

Yum Boy

    p. 176 Name one of the words (adjectives) Annie’s peers use to describe


100 Apples

    p. 180 What is the 100th apple picture that Granpa examines w/ Joey?


- Give a warning before the Final Quiz.

    - Encourage re-reading the book.

    - Many of the questions will require you to recall or use actual language

    from the book.

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