Should parents sent their kids to art classes

By Sarah Henry,2014-06-19 10:36
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Should parents sent their kids to art classes

    Should parents sent their kids to art classes;

    Parents attach more importance to childrens education nowadays.

    Therefore, more and more parents sent their kids to art classes, hoping them to develop variously.

    Just as a coin has its two sides, some people agree this method to cultivate children while others hold the

    opposite idea. People who support this phenomenon believe that through jointing art classes, kids can develop a lot of skill and interests, like singing, dancing, playing chess and so on.

    And its no denying that these skills will be helpful to their future times. However, other people hold the

    opinion that childrens free time will

    be covered if their parent sent them to have art classes. Its conceivable that

    kids will suffer more stress and have little time to play games as they want to. Moreover, under such pressure, kids health may be destroyed also. As for as Im concerned, sending

    children to art classes has its advantage as well as disadvantage. There is no doubt that having art classes will benefit childrens interest

development. However, parents

    should not sent kids to numbers of art classes because the kids are too young to maintain the normal classes and the art classes. In conclusion, parents should spare no effort to help children to balance their study time and leisure time. Only by this way can the kids develop more health and happy.

Nowadays, with the rapid

    development of economy and society, more and more parents are sending

    their kids to art classes as a way of investment on their kids.

     Some people are in favor of it. According to them, sending kids to art classes will give their children more chance to contact arts and make them more creative. And when the kids grow up, the education from arts classes will make them defferent from others. for example, they may behave better then others, like a gentleman or lady. Or they will have more thoughts than others and

    always think in diffrent ways. All of those will be advantages of kids and

make them more competitive.

     However, some people think

    otherwise. In their opinion, sending kids to art classes is not a good idea. They insist that if kids are forced to attend art classes, they would lose the chance to get access to other things, such as sports, books and so on. So they may lose the chance to find their real interest and advantage.

     As far as I'm concerned, sending kids to art classes is a good way for the kids to learn art. But on the other hand, we should not force them to attend art classes or send all kids to

art classes. I think we should allow

the kid more space to choose

something that they really like.

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