a vote for schoolbags

By Erin Mitchell,2014-07-04 16:01
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a vote for schoolbags



    A Vote for


     The bell goes for the end of the classes. As I, in common with others, push my way through the throngs of students dashing to the canteen, an accidental discovery has just struck me. Handbags have prevailed over

    schoolbags on campus. As for me, I am determinedly for schoolbags.

     Taking into consideration the things you have to carry, we are never too wise to take schoolbags. Pencil case, textbooks and exercise books are indispensable to our study. If we intend to make our study go more smoothly, e-dictionary can not be omitted. Its

    necessary to take a purse contained with cashes and all kinds of cards along

    with us in case of daily expenses. For girls who occasionally need to make up, combs and mirrors couldnt,

    anyway, be neglected. When summer comes, umbrellas used to prevent us from getting sunburned are also frequent visitors. Just imagine how we could cope with all those stuffs within limited space, few-layered handbags? Some of us choose to hold them on hands, and then we should be prepared to face embarrassments with hands occupied, such as laces get out of order. On the contrary, schoolbags with availably sufficient room can meet our needs satisfactorily.

     Choosing handbags is to insure ourselves while choosing handbags, sometimes, is to benefit pickpockets. An avalanche of news has been

    reported that pedestrians with handbags suffer from robbery by wicked

motorcyclists, because its quite easy

    for criminals to commit robbery sideways. On the other hand, when we take schoolbags, we will be more sensitive to any unusual disturbances. Wrapped with any suspicious cases, we would pay more attention to our belongings. We can even put our schoolbags before us to keep them in sight.

     The most important consideration is given to our health. Taking handbags, its more likely that our shoulders would become unparalleled for the weight is unevenly distributed. However, we are free from that nuisance with schoolbags. Its all

    human beings nature to pursue beauty, so why not take schoolbags instead of handbags on campus?

     To sum up, schoolbags are not only carriers but also umbrellas for us. Lets

bid farewell to handbags and embrace

schoolbags on campus!

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