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    September 2003


    ? Are there not books that can make us live more in one single hour than life can

    make us live in a score of shameful years? ?

    This combines two sections previously published in our main pages under ‘News from

    Readers’ and ‘News from Elsewhere’. As usual, names of subscribers to THE OSCHOLARS

    are printed in bold. We hope where appropriate to review in future issues at least some of the books listed here. As always, we would like to hear from anybody who would like to review; and we are always willing to consider for publication abstracts or précis of journal articles or published theses.

    A list of recommended bookshops appears in our section 'Some Sell and Others Buy'. If ordering, please mention THE OSCHOLARS as this helps ensure a flow of information.

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS : I. Publications

    1. on Dorian Gray 6. on Victorian domesticity

    2. on Salome 7. on 19thc. æsthetics and religion

    8. on gay publishing 3. on Eros in Vienna

4. on Dante Gabriel Rossetti 9. on Victorian ‘Oxbridge’

     5. on Art in fin-de-siècle Germany

    TABLE OF CONTENTS : II. Journals 1. Arts & Crafts Newsletter 2. Contemporary Theatre Review 3. In-between 4. Intellectual News 5. Literary London 6. Miss Mary's Gazette 7. Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide 8. Nineteenth Century Studies 9. The Review of the PRS 10. Victorian Studies Bulletin


[A thin late summer list]

    1. Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray. A new edition has been published (23rd June) in France by Ellipses, Paris.

    [Danielle Guérin]

In the current (September) issue of Le Monde de la Musique, the French classical music

    magazine, there is a special dossier 'Salomé, l'amour selon Richard Strauss' (pp. 36-41) by François Lafon.

David S. Luft: Eros and Inwardness in Vienna. University of Chicago Press.

    Although we usually think of the intellectual legacy of twentieth-century Vienna

    as synonymous with Sigmund Freud and his psychoanalytic theories, other

    prominent writers from Vienna were also radically reconceiving sexuality and

    gender. In this new study, David S. Luft recovers the work of three such writers:

    Otto Weininger, Robert Musil, and Heimito von Doderer.

For more information, see the book synopsis at

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Collected Poetry and Prose edited by Jerome McGann. Yale

    University Press. 424pp. ?35. ISBN 0 300 09801 4.

    Beth Irwin Lewis: Art for All? The collision of modern art and the public in late-19th-century Germany.. Princeton University Press, distributed in Great Britain by Wiley, Chichester. 447pp, illus. ?40 (hardcover), ?20 (paperback). ISBN 0 691 10264 3 (hc)/ 0 691 10265 1 (pb). 29/03/2003.

    Judith Flanders: The Victorian House: Domestic life from childbirth to deathbed. HarperCollins. 476pp, illus. ?20. ISBN 0 00 713188 7. 04/08/2003.

Æsthetics and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Britain, introduction by Gavin Budge,

    University of Central England. See

The Harris Guide 2003 (ISBN: 0970127448) a directory of the world's GLBT press is now

    available. The two previous editions of the book have been nominated for the Lambda Literary Award and the American Library Association's Gay and Lesbian Nonfiction Award.

Thoemmes Press announce their series of Victorian Novels of Oxbridge Life, with a new

    introduction by Christopher Stray, University of Wales, Swansea.

     This set of five volumes complements the set published in December 2002,

    Victorian Novels of Public School Life. University novels are a neglected resource

    for the history of universities and of student life, and a relatively neglected sub-

    genre in the history of the novel. There is only one published study of the pre-

    World War II English university novel, Mortimer Proctor's The English University

    Novel (University of California Publications, 1977). Not surprisingly, almost all

    the nineteenth-century university novels are concerned with Oxbridge, and the

    majority of these deal with Oxford. This is doubtless an aspect of the love affair between Oxford and the nation: foreigners, as is well known, go to Bristol. The novels selected are representative but with the exception of Tom Brown at Oxford,

    either uncommon or downright rare.

    The books provide a fair coverage of the production history of the nineteenth-century university novel. Three are on Oxford, two on Cambridge; four are male-centred, one (A Newnham Friendship) represents the very small group of

    university novels about women. Some of them have distinctive features that are brought out in the introduction by Chirstopher Stray. Lockhart is well known as the editor of the Quarterly Review, biographer of Burns and Walter Scott, and

    translator of Cervantes. Tyrwhitt was a Christ Church Tory, and his novel was a conservative response to the æsthetic homosexuality of Walter Pater. Hughes is well known, and this novel is compared to his previous best-seller, Tom Brown's

    Schooldays (1857). Hughes's Tory heartiness (he and Charles Kingsley were the original' muscular Christians') makes a nice contrast with Tyrwhitt's Ruskinian Toryism. Not much is known of Stronach, but she taught at a primary school in Mull, and contributed articles to the Girls' Own Paper on 'Openings for Women

    as Civil Service Clerks' and 'Some Splendid Outdoor Games for Girls'. She also translated some very gloomy Scandinavian novels into English. James Rice, author of The Cambridge Freshman under the pseudonym 'Martin Legrand', was

    a prolific popular novelist who often collaborated with Walter Besant. Volume 1 Volume 4

    General Introduction by R. Tyrwhitt, Hugh Heron, Ch Ch

    Christopher Stray (1880)


    J.G. Lockhart, Reginald Dalton

    (1823) 505pp

    Volume 2 Volume 5

    Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown at Alice Stronach, A Newnham

    Oxford (1861) Friendship (1900/1)

    479pp 288pp

    Volume 3

    M. Legrand, The Cambridge

    Freshman (1871)


    Publication Details: January 2004 / March 2004 (USA). ISBN 1 84371 100 1. 5

    volumes: 2050 pp: 216x138mm : new collection Co-published with Edition Synapse and

    distributed exclusively by them in Japan. Price: ?395.00 / $595.00


1. Arts & Crafts Newsletter

    The 22nd issue of Mark Golding's Arts and Crafts Newsletter has now been

    published. This informative journal is available by e-mail from, and announces many lectures, exhibitions and

    events. Its short news items link back to Mr Golding's website

    The Arts and Crafts Home is also developing a publishing department, which will

    be publishing replicas of period trade catalogues and journals. They are seeking

    interesting works to copy, and also a partner to help develop this idea. For

    further information, write to

2. Contemporary Theatre Review

    Volume 13 Number 1/February 2003 of Contemporary Theatre Review is now

    available on the Taylor & Francis web site at This issue contains an article on Mark

    Ravenhill, author of Handbag.

3. In-between

    In-between is an open Journal which carries essays and book reviews on a wide

    variety of areas of academic interest. Essayspeer-reviewedcan focus on

    subjects ranging from Beowulf to Beckett and beyond, though the largest

    number of articles on a single author so far has been on Wilde in six different

    issues. Books being reviewed should not have been published before the

    previous calendar year. Review copies are generally made available, if required

    and requested well in time.

    In-between prefers British spelling, single quotation marks and outside

    punctuation, and footnotes rather than endnotes. Please submit both an

    electronic copy and a hard copy by airmail; also, a hard copy c.v., and a

    hundred word note for the contributors' column.

Gulshan Taneja, Editor, English Department, RLA College,

    University of Delhi, New Delhi-110021, India.

4. Intellectual News

    The recent double-conference issue of Intellectual News, the journal of the

    International Society for Intellectual History is now out. The 128-page issue

    contains many papers from recent ISIH conferences in Chicago and Cambridge,

    and other articles of interest to historians of ideas. The ISIH website is now at

5. Literary London

    This on-line journal, associated with the annual conference of the same name

    and edited by Lawrence Phillips (Goldsmiths College, University of London), can be found at

    We recommend this journal as a possible vehicle for articles on the Rhymers Club, the Café Royal, London salons, and other fin-de-siècle themes, especially the literary representation of such themes.

    6. Miss Mary’s Gazette

    Miss Mary's Gazette continues its on line publication, covering aspects of Victoriana, chiefly from the earlier part of the period. Click the banner.

    The same publisher also publishes the Victorian Poetry Gazette,a weekly

    newsletter delivered on Sunday evenings. Visit for more


    7. Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide

    Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide is the world's first scholarly, refereed e-journal devoted to the study of nineteenth-century painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, architecture, and decorative arts across the globe. Open to various historical and theoretical approaches the editors welcome contributions that reach across national boundaries and illuminate intercultural contact zones. The chronological scope of the journal is the "long" nineteenth century, stretching from the American and French Revolutions, at one end, to the outbreak of World War I, at the other.

     The Spring 2003 edition (volume II number 2) is the last published, a special issue edited by Linda Nochlin and Martha Lucy devoted to the influence of Darwin on the Visual Arts. This is the outcome of a symposium convened at New York University's Institute of Fine Arts on 28th April 2001.

    Ideas for future special issues are welcomed: please contact the Managing Editor,

    Petra Chu at

     Click on the banner to see this stunning website.

8. Nineteenth Century Studies

    Nineteenth Century Studies, the interdisciplinary journal of the Nineteenth

    Century Studies Association, announces volume 17, available in August 2003.

    For subscription ($25, includes NCSA membership) and single-issue ($15)

    inquiries, please e-mail the Editor, David Hanson, at

    This issue includes a Special Section on Religion and Culture, guest edited by Elisabeth Jay.

9. The Review of the PRS

    Vol. XI/1, Summer 2003 of the Pre-Raphaelite Society's journal has now been published, and contains

    'Reading Poetry': An overlooked painting by Simeon Solomon' by Colin Cruise.

    Discussion of the little known work owned by the Grosvenor Museum in Chester.

    'John Brett and "Aurora Leigh"' by Charles Brett. How the celebrated poem by

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning came to influence the artist

    10. Victorian Studies Bulletin

The Victorian Studies Bulletin is published quarterly

    (March/July/September/December); subscriptions are $7 for 1 yr./$15 for 3 yrs. Send your check (payable to VSB) to Hartley Spatt, English, SUNY Maritime College, Bronx, NY 10465, USA/

    ? More than half of modern culture depends upon what one should not

    read ?

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