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    September 2003


    ? Are there not books that can make us live more in one single hour than life can

    make us live in a score of shameful years? ?

    This combines two sections previously published in our main pages under ‘News from

    Readers’ and ‘News from Elsewhere’. As usual, names of subscribers to THE OSCHOLARS

    are printed in bold. We hope where appropriate to review in future issues at least some of the books listed here. As always, we would like to hear from anybody who would like to review; and we are always willing to consider for publication abstracts or précis of journal articles or published theses.

    A list of recommended bookshops appears in our section 'Some Sell and Others Buy'. If ordering, please mention THE OSCHOLARS as this helps ensure a flow of information.

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS : I. Publications

    1. on Dorian Gray 6. on Victorian domesticity

    2. on Salome 7. on 19thc. æsthetics and religion

    8. on gay publishing 3. on Eros in Vienna

4. on Dante Gabriel Rossetti 9. on Victorian ‘Oxbridge’

     5. on Art in fin-de-siècle Germany

    TABLE OF CONTENTS : II. Journals 1. Arts & Crafts Newsletter 2. Contemporary Theatre Review 3. In-between 4. Intellectual News 5. Literary London 6. Miss Mary's Gazette 7. Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide 8. Nineteenth Century Studies 9. The Review of the PRS 10. Victorian Studies Bulletin