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Topic 5 (Unit 6):

    Talking about one’s occupation

    A:Hey.iris,long time no see.I know you have been working,do you? B:Yes,I work in an company now.Are you still busy with your homework?i konw you will have your exam next week?

    C:don't mention it.we are all admire you!By the way,would you mind me ask you something about your job?i'm curious about it .

    B:No matter,i would like to share my experience with you.

    A:How do you like your new job?

    B:I like it Very much.

    C:That's great. What sort of work do you do?

    B:I'm in sales.

    A:How many hours do you have to work?

    B:I have flexible working hours. But on average I work about 10 hours a day. C:Do you get a good pay?

    B:Quite good. 3,000 yuan a month.

    A:What about bonus?

    B:We usually get 5,000 yuan as bonus at year end.

    C:Sounds like a good job.

    A:Would you like to work in a business company after you graduate? C:no,i don't

    A:Why ?

    C:because i don't want to work too many hours a will make me so tired.

    A: What qualities would an employer like to see in an employee,iris? B: I think honest, loyal, competent and hard-working.

    And What would you like to do after you graduate?

    A:I want to works in the marketing department in a joint venture company. C:why?For maney?


    C:you must be working very hard to realize you dream.

    A:Sure. Just like my father ,He often has to work overtime. He seems never home for dinner.

    B:And he still loves his job?

    A:Well, the work is rewarding. Besides, the benefits are good. C:Like what?

    A:Well, life insurance, health care, retirement plan, plus a 2-week paid holiday. C:Mmm. Not bad, not bad at all.both of us must study hard to realize our dream ,do you think so?

    B,A:haha !of cause!


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