Outcome 3--Report format

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Outcome 3--Report format

Outcome 3 Assessment task

    In successfully completing the assessment task, you are required to produce a report for your course tutor which deals with the following key points:

    1. Why it is important for the Personnel function to evaluate the services it


    Note: a good answer will not only list all the factors but also provide at least

    one example of the consequences of the personnel function not evaluating the

    services it provides.

    2. Provide two examples of services the Personnel function will provide.

    One of these services must be provided within a reactive role and one

    should be provided within a proactive role.

    3. Select one of the services you have identified in question 2; advise how the

    key performance indicators outlined within the learner guide will support

    the Personnel function in evaluating this service.

    4. Recommend two evaluation methods which you consider should be used

    to evaluate the service you have discussed in question 3. You must provide

    clear reasons for selecting the two evaluation methods you have


Report format

    Page 1: Cover page

    Page 2: Table of contents

    From Page 3

    Introduction (12#)

    organization and objective of your report. (Main body)

    ) subtitle (12#) (Section 1

    (Section 2) subtitle (12#)

    (Section 3) subtitle (12#)


    Conclusion (12#)

    References (12#)


    1. Alfred D. Chandler, The Dynamic Firm: The Role of Technology, Strategy,

    Organization and Regions, Oxford University Press, 9 April, 1998

    2. Han-Kyoung Lee, A Study on Core Competence Management

Note: 1. Not more than 2,000 words

     2. Page mark

     3. Line space: single

     4. Word size: 12 #--Times new roman

    DEADLINE: 20 June, 2008

    (Project Title)


    (Student’s Name)

    HND Business Grade 2006

    Supervisor: Liu Lian


    Submitted to

    Foundation College of China Scholarship Council

    Sichuan University

    in partial fulfilment of the requirements

    for the course of

    Introduction to Managing the Human Resource

    20, June, 2007

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