The School in My Heart

By Gladys Lopez,2014-09-10 02:08
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The School in My Heart

     The School in My Heart


    What the school in my heart?

    I want to have a fantastic school. Because I love laugh..

    There is a natatoria tow teaching buildinga librarya playground and a football court.

     内特套瑞啊 考特 It is very beautiful. And its very big. Its very special, too. How fantastic?

    Of course,the lesson are fantastic. Lesson are all change

    PE convert swimming lesson and football time.


    Science convert enchantment lesson.


    Chinese convert read time.

    English convert see a English movie. Maths convert chat time.

    Art convert food operation time.


    Music lesson convert play games time……. Etcetera


    All of student can find favourite lesson in this school.

    This is the school in my heart.

    I think everyboby all love this school.

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