To be reviewed March 07

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To be reviewed March 07 ...

    Jack’s Essential Lifestyle Plan

Jack’s first Plan facilitated January 06

Updated September 06

To be reviewed March 07

    What People like and admire about Jack

    He has a lovely smile He is really clever He has a great giggle

     He is really cute He is so chilled out He is really sociable

    He is infectious He makes me laugh He is great company

     He brightens your day up He has a great smile He is a happy little boy

He has style He lights up a room He knows what he wants

    What are Jack’s Gifts and Strengths

    He can make you feels good when you are down His willingness to share with


     His determination His ability to make you laugh

     The love and cuddles he gives you (there the best ever) Just because he is Jack

     How he draws people to him He learns very quickly

    People who are important to Jack

Mummy (Sarah)

Daddy (Ian)

Nanna (Mal) Granddad (Tommy)

Nanna (Christine) Granddad (Charlie)

Aunty Keily Uncle Chris

Aunty Julie Uncle Ian

Uncle Lee Aunty Diane

    Charlotte (Charlie) Cousin Oscar His Dog

    Anna Nursery Nurse Amy Friend at Nursery

Ellie Friend at Nursery Jake Friend at Nursery

    What is important to Jack? What we need to know What are we learning

     to support Jackabout Jack? ?


     To have lots of fun and ? Jack loves to spend time with his mummy cuddles and daddy every evening (family time)

     ? Jack loves to spend time with his mummy and daddy at the weekend.

     ? Jack loves to spend time with his Nana’s

     and Granddads

     (Thursday’s) Nana Mal and Granddad Tommy To make sure that Jack (Friday’s) Nana Christine and Granddad Charlie

     either visits their houses ? To see Aunty Keily, Aunty Julie, Aunty or they visit Jack Diane, Uncle Lee, Uncle Ian, Uncle Chris

     and cousin Charlotte at least once a week

     Being his own person

     Make sure the safety gate ? Jack needs to have his own space; he will is on the stairs and doors tell when he wants something.

     are closed and the ? To be able to crawl around the house fireguard is on. Do not ? Jack does not like being fussed.

     leave him unsupervised at any time Routines

     ? Jack loves routine especially at morning,

    (see routines) bedtime

    What is important to Jack? What we need to know What are we learning

     to support Jackabout Jack? ? Food/Drink

    ? Jack loves a bottle in the morning and in If Jack refuses 2 meals

     the evening check his temperature he

    ? Jack loves either a Rusk or ready break may be ill.

     swirls in the morning (See supporting Jack

     when he is ill) ? Jack loves Blackcurrant fruit juice (very

     diluted) in his cup Jack will drink his juices from his cup

     Play time with Oscar Do not leave Jack and

     ? Jack loves to play with Oscar on the Oscar unsupervised at any floor. time

     ? Jack loves to crawl over to Oscars bed Wash Jack’s hands after and lie in it playtime with Oscar

     ? Television

     ? Jack loves to press the button on the Jack watches the

    television and DVD television for short

     ? Jack loves watching the Tellytubbies periods of time not more

    (anytime of the day) Jack than 20 minutes twice

     ? Jack loves to watch Andrea the weather a day

    girl on GMTV in the morning

    What is important to Jack? What are we learning

     about Jack? What we need to know

     to support Jack ? Jack must not have the music to Do not put Countdown on

    Countdown on. He really does not like it (see communication chart)

    and will cry (it frightens him)


    Do not put clothes on that ? Jack does not like to be to hot

    restrict Jack. If he gets ? Jack loves to be able to take his shoes

    warm remove items of off (normally he will kick them off)



    His Tellytubbies toys and ? Jack loves anything to do with DVD should be around him TellyTubbies (he will sit looking at DVD at all times cover) Play time

     Jacks toys should be Jack loves to play rough and tumble with his

     available to him at all Dad, and Granddad’s (man thing)

    times for him to choose


    Jack likes to play and Jack loves his Fimbles radio, garage, building

    explore on his own blocks and activity cube

    What we need to know What is important to Jack?

     to support What are we learning

     about Jack? Music/Singing

    Sit Jack on your knees (he Jack loves the music on GMTV (morning)

    will let you know if he Jack loves music and to dance especially to

    wants to get down. (See ‘Horsey Horesy’ Telly Tubbies and Scizzor

    communication chart). Sisters

    Sing along with Jack he loves you to join in Nappy

     Jack loves to have a clean nappy on at all times Jack uses Pampers Flexi

     Fit Nappies No 4. If he has a rash or sore bottom

     use Sudocreme cream at

     each nappy change.

     Use Pampers Sensitive

     baby wipes at all times to clean as Jack has an

     allergy to any other Bath time Jack bath should have lots Jack loves to have a bath every evening of bubbles and toys in the

     before he goes to bed. It is his chill out time bath for him to play with

     What we need to know What are we learning

    to support Jack?about Jack? What is important to Jack?


    Jack’s food must be well ? It is important to Jack that he can easily

    mashed, before, it is swallow his meals. He does not like any

    offered to him large lumps/pieces of food. They make

    Never leave Jack him gag. Toast must be cut into soldiers

    unsupervised whilst he is


    Jack enjoys people sitting ? Jack loves to sit at the table in a high

    having their meal with chair. He loves interacting with people


    ? Jack loves chicken pasta (Heinz mothers Offer Jack his meal; if he own brand) or pork and apple (Heinz does not open his mouth mothers own brand) but he will eat other try to get a small amount meals. He will tell you what he loves or on his lips. (See doesn’t like (see communication chart) communication chart)

    What is important to Jack? What we need to know What are we learning

     to support Jack? about Jack?

    ? Jack loves a little tub of yoghurt or Jack needs someone to

    frammarge frais after his main meal (any feed his meals to him at

    children’s brand) the moment, but after his

     meal give him his spoon

    ? Jack loves to offer you some of his and yoghurt tub. He will

    yoghurt when he has finished his meal. use the spoon to wipe around the tub and put it

     in his mouth. He may

     offer you some. Please eat

     some of what Jack offers

     he loves to share

     ? Jack enjoys his food most of the time. Jack has his lunch

    (see his communication chart) between 12-00-12.30pm

     Jack has his evening meal

    between 4.00-4.30pm Comforting Jack He must never be given a Jack likes a dummy if he is upset dummy that has fallen on

     the floor. They must

     always be clean

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