Theatre of Youths 34th Season TASK Guide

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Theatre of Youths 34th Season TASK Guide ...

    Junie B. Jones

    By Joan Cushing

    Based on the book by Barbara Park

Junie B. JonesAnother word for fun!

Junie B. Jones is the most exciting six year old known the world over! She

    decided not to ride that Stupid, Smelly Bus and stay in school instead. She’s

    let her Big Fat Mouth get her in trouble. She’s done Some Sneaky Peeky Spying

    and now her parents have a surprise for Junie.

According to Junie B. Jones, surprise is another word presents. What

    kindergarten student does not love presents? Junie can not wait to hear what

    her parents have for her. But that night at dinner, Junie receives no box, no

    bag, no present. She is told that a baby is coming to their house. Wow; just

    what the average kindergartener wants to hear. Now imagine how the beyond

    average Junie B. Jones takes the news. A baby? Yuck!

Ok, she did not get a present, but she now has much more important things to

    worry about, like Show and Tell. Next Monday is the big day. The big problem

    is that Junie has nothing special to show, and her friends That Grace and

    Lucille do. Mom and Dad are too busy with the baby’s new room. Her room is

    a bedroom, so why is this baby’s room called a nursery? According to Junie

    this makes no sense, especially because “a baby is not a nurse of course.” To

    top it off, the jungle wallpaper used would look better in Junie’s room. It’s

    jungle paper with monkeys, Junie’s “most favorite jungle guys in the whole


With all this baby business, Junie B. visits Grampa Miller; he’ll know what to

    do. The next morning Junie wakes up to discover waffles and news from

    Grandma: Junie’s new baby brother is the cutest little monkey ever. Hold on!

    That’s exactly what Junie B. Jones needs for Show and Tell. She’ll take her

    brand new, live baby brother monkey to school.

This idea is a hit at school. That Grace gives Junie B. her new pink high top

    sneakers, along with the ring from her cereal and a snack ticket. Lucille forks

    over her sweater, her locket and a snack ticket. They’ll give anything to see the

    monkey first. Babies aren’t so bad after all, until Mrs. sees That Grace

    shoeless. To the principal’s office Junie B. Jones goes. A phone call to

    Grandma Miller clears things up.

    Imagination Station: Activities to do in the classroom

? Read the book in small groups.


    1. How would you feel if you were Junie B. Jones?

    2. Have you ever thought you were getting a surprise and then didn’t? How

    did it make you feel?

    3. If you could bring anything to Show and Tell what would it be?

    4. Junie B. Jones was jealous of her new baby brother. What does it mean

    to be jealous?

    ? ANOTHER WORD FOR… Junie B. Jones, it seems, has her own

    understanding of the English language. Obviously a surprise is a

    present and a nursery is a place for nurses. Ask students to go through

    and pick out these words and other expressions used in the show. Have

    them create a “Words According to Junie B. Jones” dictionary. It’s a

    great book to share with younger children.

    ? MUSICAL MOMENTS: For the stage, the story was turned into a musical.

    Ask students to compare the play to the book. How did seeing the

    characters sing and dance make the story come alive? Have students

    write their own titles for some of the songs and scenes. Share with the


    ? WALLPAPER FOR JUNIE B. Mom and Dad said they’d see about putting

    the jungle wallpaper in Junie’s room. She knows that “we’ll see” means

    “no”. Design wallpaper just for Junie B. ? A DAY AS JUNIE B. JONES: Ask students to imagine that they were

    Junie B. Jones for a day. Have them write about the adventures they’d

    have in that one day.

    ? MONKEY BUSINESS: Research monkeys. Have students visit websites

    and select one member of the monkey family to report on. Here are a

    few sites to check out:,, ? TAKE THE STAGE: Ask students, in small groups, to pick their favorite

    part of the story and write their own script. Have students act these

    scenes out.

    ? JUNIE B.’S PERSONAL DESIGNER: Junie didn’t have her own pink high

    tops or princess dress. Design exactly what Junie B. Jones would want

    for her very own using the included templates. (Sneaker from, Dress from ? HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW JUNIE B. JONES? Take an online trivia quiz

    about the Junie B. Jones series

    ? MEET THE AUTHOR: A great site for aspiring authors and avid fans of

    Junie B. Jones

? THE OFFICIAL JUNIE B. JONES WEBSITE: The site includes online

trivia, printable coloring pages, activity sheets, and screen savers.


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