2023IBA Assessment 3 Project__ Background and Task Outline

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2023IBA Assessment 3 Project__ Background and Task Outline


     Assessment 3 Brief Project Background & Task Outline

The Workshops Rail Museum

    The Workshops Rail Museum is a $20 million cultural heritage tourist attraction located in the birthplace of rail in Queensland, the North Ipswich Railway Workshops. Attracting over 100,000 visitors per year, The Workshops Rail Museum is a winner of an Australian Tourism Award and three Queensland Tourism Awards.

    As a major campus of the Queensland Museum, The Workshops Rail Museum presents over 15 larger-than-life wholly interactive exhibits that each explore a difference aspect of the ‘rail

    in Queensland’ story. As the site is a real working site, a highlight of a visit is the opportunity to step into a real operating railway workshop in either a Blacksmith or Steam Shop Tour. Visitors can see, feel, hear and smell living history, up close.

Visitor Experience (the Product Offering)

    The Workshops Rail Museum offers visitors the opportunity to explore the significant contribution that rail has made to the development of the State through multi-media and engaging exhibitions, Behind the Scenes Tours of the Working Workshops and a major events program. The four key visitor experiences on offer all year include:

    ; Taking the controls of and driving a big, rumbling train on a simulator

    ; Reliving the romance of rail with beautifully restored heritage locomotives and carriages ; Becoming a ‘Nipper’ for the day and playing in the bright, colourful and educational Nippers Railway

    ; Stepping back in time and seeing sparks fly on a Behind the Scenes Tour of the Working Workshops. Visitors are guided through the fully operational industrial site by QR workers and see genuine restoration and maintenance work, up close.

    The major event program is a significant driver for visitation to The Workshops Rail Museum with over 65% of all attendance through events. Day out with Thomas is the annual signature

    event held from Boxing Day to Australia Day every year with events held for all other school

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     Assessment 3 Brief Project Background & Task Outline

holidays, such as Circus Train, Toyland Express, The Great Train Robbery or Wizards and

    Witches Express. Other events include the Annual Workers Reunion and Ipswich Family Open

    Day, Queensland Model Railway Show, Bunny Eggventures and Santa Celebration. See The

    Workshops Rail Museum’s website for event details.

    The Workshops Rail Museum also runs a successful Annual Pass Membership program with approximately 10,000 visitors as part of the program. Visitation of Annual Pass Members is also largely during event periods.

The Opportunity

    Current domestic visitation to The Workshops Rail Museum is largely from tourists, senior groups, schools and corporate venue hire. Other visitation is from Annual Pass Members on non-event period weekends and after school hours.

    An opportunity currently exists to increase international visitation to The Workshops Rail Museum. This should be from increasing international visitation from a target market from either the United Kingdom or New Zealand.

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     Assessment 3 Brief Project Background & Task Outline

     Your task

International Market Research Report

    Students are required to source ONLY secondary research and apply this research to address

    the task. Websites of tourism bodies and museum associations may provide useful information to start your research. You are NOT permitted to contact The Workshops Rail Museum or

    other organisations to request research reports; you must use reports and data that is freely available to the public. Students found contacting The Workshops Rail Museum or other organisations may be subject to penalties.

     This research report has 4 key mandatory elements:

    1. Identify and justify a target market from either the United Kingdom or New Zealand that is suitable to increase visitation to The Workshops Rail Museum through secondary research analysis. Please explain the reason for your selection of either the United Kingdom or New Zealand and the process you followed (including identifying relevant market segments and assessing their potential) in identifying the target market. You should also mention any limitations of the secondary research you are using.

Note: You may identify your target market by two means:

    i) Travellers not currently visiting Australia and The Railway Workshops Museum, or

    ii) Travellers currently visiting Australia but are not visiting The Railway Workshops


    2. Define and describe your target market profile. Ensure that the target market is measurable, sizable, accessible, actionable and has growth potential.

    3. Prepare a promotional concept (based on a unique selling proposition) that can be used to effectively position The Workshops Rail Museum to your chosen target audience. i.e create the key message to communicate with your audience that will entice them to visit The Railway

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     Assessment 3 Brief Project Background & Task Outline

    Workshops Museum. Remember to consider legal requirements, cultural nuisances and other relevant factors.

    4. Provide and justify a B2B (Business to Business) distribution strategy that will be most effective in attracting people from your target market to visit The Workshops Rail Museum. You will need to recommend which organisations will be used for attracting these visitors and why they will be effective (Note that a B2B distribution strategy could include organisations such as inbound tour operators, government tourism bodies, historical societies, travel agents and others).

Research Report required outline

    Executive Summary (1 page only)

    Table of Contents (including tables and figures)

    1. Introduction (approx 200 words)

    (Background, Aim, Scope)

    2. Market Research, Analysis and Target market (approx 550 words)

    3. Promotional Concept (approx 400 words)

    4. Distribution Strategy (approx 450 words)

    5. Conclusion (approx 200 words)

    6. Recommendations (approx 200 words)

    Reference List


    - Word count, does not include the Executive Summary, Contents Page, Reference List or Appendices.

    - In-text referencing should be used to support any claims or statements made.

- The Harvard or APA style referencing is required for this report.

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     Assessment 3 Brief Project Background & Task Outline


    SafeAssign is MANDATORY prior to submitting your hard copy of the report at the library. Please remember to leave out your reference list when submitting i.e. only submit from Introduction to Recommendations.

    It is recommended that before commencing to write your full report you come to see the lecturer during student consultation times in week 11 and 12 (not the week in which the assignment is due) with a Table of Contents or a draft of your report to ensure you are on the right track.

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