Keys to Model Test Three

By Erin Hunter,2014-07-04 10:47
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Keys to Model Test Three

Keys to Model Test One

Fast Reading

    1-7 DBCABCA

    8. knock-on effect for the wider economy 9. a better economic outlook

    10. long-term unemployed young people

Listening Comprehension

    11-14 ADAD 15-18 DBAC

    19-21 DCB 22-25 BABB

    26-28 CBA 29-31 DAC

    -35 BCCB 32

Section C

    36. state 37. leap(跳跃) 38. Practice 39. morals 40. magic 41. cultivation 42. behaved 43. comments

    44. Most scholars believe such a man really existed, and the story of his

    life can be pieced together.

    45. These stories in one form or another are familiar to people all over

    the world.

    46. Each one tells a good story, and each one shows a keen insight (

    锐的洞察力) into human nature.

Reading Comprehension

    47-51 HOFEC 52-56 IAMLG

    57-61 BDBAA 62-66 DBCDC


    67-71 ABBCD 72-76 BCDAB

    77-81 DACBC 82-86 ADCAC


87. Some traditional technologies are out of date.

    88. Once you get used to (are used to) telling lies

    89. is good at making excuses

    90. the possibilities of establishing trade relationship (business

    relationship, business relations ) with your company 91. had better take our service into account (take our service into


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