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Title: Chu Ju’s House

    Author: Gloria Whelan

    Publisher: Harper Trophy imprint of Harper Collins

    Copyright Date: 2004

About the Author:

    Interesting Facts: ? She lives in Michigan.

    ? She lives near water in a wooded area and a lot of what

    she sees in her backyard makes it into her books.

    ? Before beginning stories about other places she starts

    her research with “The National Geographic”,

    Encyclopedia Britanica, and then moves on to memoirs,

    novels, and studying maps, birds about books, and


    Web Address: Gloria writes about other places, which allows her to live in those places in E-Mail: her imagination. She views this research as a treasure hunt.

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Chu Ju is a young girl in China. The government hangs propaganda signs all over Annotation:

    China. China respects and worships their ancestors. The law states that you can

    only have two children and tradition says, “only a son can bring honor to the

    household.” Chu Ju’s Ma Ma is pregnant with the second child. She wants the

    ancestors to, “Let the child be a healthy boy.” Her Nai Nai, grandma, prays that the

    ancestors will “Send us a boy to care for us in our old age and not another

    worthless girl.” Chu Ju’s Ba Ba, dad, asks the ancestors to, “Give a son to bring

    honor to our family.”

The second child is a girl. Nai Nai insists they must get rid of the new baby to

    make room for a son. Chu Ju becomes very attached to her new sister Hua. In

    order to keep Hua from being sold, she leaves the house one night to go on her

    own. Chu Ju hopes this will allow her parents to have a boy to bring honor to the


This book is a fascinating look at a young girl’s journey from adolescents to young

    adult. She grows in her belief in her own self worth, her abilities, and knowledge

    of the world around her. Chu Ju becomes a strong-willed, responsible young

    woman by the end of the story.


Imagine you have been told you are not good enough. You don’t measure

    up to family expectations. You are told that you can never bring respect

    and honor to the family. Only the person that truly loved you is deceased

    and the other person is to weak minded to stand up for you. Well this is the

    situation for Chu Ju. She is a fourteen year old girl in a culture that does

    not respect females or find them worthy. Her mother is pregnant and they

    pray for a boy to bring honor to the family. However, a girl is born into a

    culture that only allows two children. The family plans to sale the child to

    an orphanage in order to make room for Chu Ju’s mother to become

    pregnant again in hopes of having a boy. Chu Ju decides to leave the home

    and save her sister from being sold. The story tells of her adventures and

    her finding self worth on her own.


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