Keys to Model Test One

By Chad Bryant,2014-07-04 10:47
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Keys to Model Test One

    Keys to Model Test One

Fast Reading

    1-7 CBACDCA

    8. mathematician and a clergyman

    9. Adam Smith

    10. than that of Malthuss day

    Listening Comprehension 11-14 ABCB 15-18 ACCB 19-22 BCBA 23-25 CBC 26-28 BAC 29-31 CBD 32-35 BABD

Section C

    36. adulthood 37. developing 38. publications

    39. serious 40. collection 41. emotional

    42. ease 43. effects

    44. His method involved sitting with his parents and listening to their talking about whatever they are thinking.

    45. There could be no holding back because of fear or guilt. 46. He said this part o fthe mind contains wishes, desires and experiences too frightening to recognize.

Reading Comprehension

    47-51 NBICG 52-56 KELAJ

    57-61 DCBCD 62-66 CDBDC


    67-71 CBADB 72-76 AACCA

    77-81 ABBDA 82-86 DDDAB


    87. is entitled (has the right) to cancel the contract 88. had been tired of city

    89. otherwise he would not have resorted to violence 90. attaches importance to short-term economic growth 91. enables us to finish (complete) this project as soon as possible

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