My Best Friend

By Grace Lawrence,2014-09-09 22:39
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    My Best Friend

1. What my friend look like

    I have a lot of friends. Tom is my best friend. He is 8 years old. He has short black hair. Hes taller and stronger than me. We are classmates. He studies hard and is very kind to the others. All my classmates like him very much. Hes good at sports

    such as running and swimming. He always runs around the playground in the morning. Hes a smart student in our class and also very popular in our school. He won the first prize in the swimming race last year.

2. What we often do together

    Since we are good friends, we always have the same interest. We like reading science books. We are all interested in insects such as bees, butterflies, dragonflies. We have collected some butterfly specimens. Maybe we can be scientists in the future. Doing sports make us stronger and healthier. We like running and swimming very much. After class, we often do homework together. We have a competition about study. If I win the final exam, he would give me his favourite toy. If I lose, I would give him mine. So we study hard at school. We are all good at math and we are always the first ones to work out the problems. We always have a lot of fun together.

3. The unforgettable experience of learning to swim

    After class, we often do many things. Swimming is our hobby. So we often go to Donggaodi Swimming Pool to swim together. Now we could swim quite well. But I still remember the first day I learned to swim. It was three years ago. At that time I was short and afraid of water. That summer our parents wanted me to have a nice summer holiday. They took us to Beidaihe. I felt so happy that I could eat my favourite seafood. But when I saw the sea, I felt scared and couldnt go near the water.

    Our parents went into the water first. They asked us to follow them. We put on our swimming suits and stood on the bank. We closed eyes and couldnt move. Suddenly

    someone pushed us from behind and we fell into the water. I screamed and then water went into my mouth and my nose. Our parents said, Good boy! You are with us.

Dont worry. We can help you. Just move your arms and legs like this. We opened

    eyes and felt so excited that we could go into the water. Then we learned to move arms and legs. We tried and tried again. Finally we began to move forward. It was very exciting. From then on, we began to love swimming.

4. The interesting trip to the zoo

    Last Sunday we went to Beijing Zoo. It was sunny and cool that day. We went there by car. There were many animals in the zoo. We saw tigers, lions, monkeys, giraffes and so on. Tigers are our favourite animals. They are the king of the forest. When they saw us, two of them began to walk to us. We arent afraid because they are

    in the cage. We took pictures with them. Then we went to see monkeys. They were the funniest. Some climbed trees, some ate food, some played with each other. The most interesting thing was the baby monkey and his mother. The baby monkey was on the back of his mother. When his mother jumped from one place to another, the baby monkey held his mom tightly. How lovely they were! Then we went into a dark building. We saw a big long snake. It looked dead but it could move slowly. It cilimbed up the tree and looked at us. We were scared and ran away. We watched a very interesting movie. We had great time.

    Teacher: What do you often do with your friends?

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