Cautions for tomorrow

By Jerome King,2014-07-29 21:31
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Cautions for tomorrow

Cautions for tomorrows operation

    1) ε­—ηœ‹δΈζ‡‚, cotton swab, water-cushion, over of water-cushion. 2) Today Ill shave your feet completely.

    3) The doctor will mark on the position where should be operated. Please dont erase it. If it

    was erased, you should tell me immediately. 4) Today you shouldnt eat anything after 10 oclock and drink anything after 12 oclock.

    5) After the operation, you are allowed to use the pillow, eat food and drink water 6 hours later.

    You can eat the noodle, porridge, wonton and so on. 6) You should relieve nature before taking operation. 7) Is there some medicine or food you are sensitive to? 8) You should lift your feet after taking operation.

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