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    Is it possible to devise a code of rules for companies that would prohibit bribery in all its forms?

*** propose(s) that….

    A council has been proposed/ suggested to manage code.

    It is proposed by *** that

    It is proposed by the Graduate School Board that an Ethics committee be set up.

In addition to preparing their houses, people in these regions need to

    prepare themselves. They should have supplies of water and food at home

    and at work. It is best to sore several gallons of water per person. It is also

    important to have something that can clean water…

祈使句;?if necessary.

    Have the proper tools to turn off gas and water lines if necessary. Avoid signing a prenuptial agreement unless you are able to hire an independent lawyer to review the document first.

A sensible arrangement/ choice/ plan/ approach is to

    A sensible arrangement is to have all the members of the family to call to check in with a friend or relative who lives more than a hundred miles away.

It might be helpful /useful/sensible to (Sth. might be helpful


    There’s no quick way to learn English, but reading more might be useful.

it may be a good idea to…

    For a large dinner party, it may be a good idea to purchase or rent

    additional table and chairs.

    If you need to rent table and chairs, it may (also) be a good idea to put in

    your rental request early, just in case.

it would be (not) advisable/wise to…

    It’s better/ advisable/ suggestive/wise (for sb.) to do sth.

    It is generally not advisable for expectant mothers to travel by air after the 28th week of pregnancy.

    Because of the popularity of the region, it is advisable to book hotels or

    camp sites in advance

    Would it be advisable to

It makes perfect sense to

    It might make sense to require a temporary pause on research into human cloning.

    My suggestions to deal with the problem are as follows In the first place,…Secondly,…Finally…

Perhaps the best choice is .

    Our advice is thatshould (not)

    Why don't we….?

    We could

    Wed better.

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