This 300-bed community hospital, serves the heavily populated

By Jesse Woods,2014-06-16 19:58
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This 300-bed community hospital, serves the heavily populated ...

    Renovating the Pediatrics Department at

    Hadassah Hospital-Mount Scopus

    Better Serving Jerusalem’s Children

    February 2008

    Hadassah HospitalMount Scopus first opened its doors in 1939, the first modern medical facility in the region. For 10 years, Hadassah Mt. Scopus faithfully served all

    the peoples of the area, without regard for race, religion or ethnic origin. From 1948 -

    1967, when Hadassah-Mt. Scopus was cut off from the rest of Jerusalem, the building

    stood abandoned and deteriorated. In the early 1970’s, when Mt. Scopus was again

    accessible for all Jerusalemites, the hospital was renovated and expanded,

    preserving the historic building and adapting to modern needs. In 1978, completely

    restored to its former beauty with all vestiges of war and neglect erased, the hospital

    re-opened its doors, and today serves both Arabs and Jews from the northern

    it is again time to enable Hadassah’s top-notch pediatric medical staff to neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the surrounding towns and villages, as well as

    perform at maximum capacity with suitable facilities and up-to-date equipment. patients who come from all parts of the country. After nearly 30 years of dedicated


    Description of the Pediatrics Department

    The Department of Pediatrics at Mt. Scopus is the largest

    General Pediatric Department in Jerusalem. Because the

    hospital’s surrounding area consists of highly diverse

    Jewish and Arab populations with mainly young families,

    the hospital serves a large number of children in its

    Pediatrics Department. The challenge facing Hadassah is to

    provide excellent medical care, including high-quality

    ancillary services such as nursing, nutrition, child-life, and

    social services, while at the same time being sensitive to the

    ethnic and cultural diversity of its patients.