This document is designed provide you with information that may be

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This document is designed provide you with information that may be ...

This document is designed provide you with information that may be useful to you during the early

    years of your child’s life.

We do not actually recommend any particular services, except those * which are run by either

    Billericay Parents Forum or Billericay Health Visitors

    General Information

Out-of-Hours Service If your child is ill at weekends or in the evening or night, you can ring

    the Out-of-Hours Service via your Doctor’s surgery number. The Out-

    of-Hours Service is based at the Maternity Unit at Basildon Hospital

    but YOU MUST make an appointment first. You will normally be seen

    quite quickly and will be told where the nearest open pharmacy is -

    Tesco at Pitsea is open late

    NHS Direct 0845 4647 Helpline available 24hrs

    Children’s Information Service For information about childcare 01245 440400

    services locally

    Health Visitors* For advice on babies and young children Billericay Health Centre

    up to school age 01277 658071 Baby Clinics* For details of all clinics in Billericay Billericay Health Centre

    01277 658071 School Nurses* Once your child starts at school, the Billericay Health Centre

    School Nurse will be able to help should 01277 658071

    you have a health issue you want to

    discuss about your child

    School Admission Information For details of applying for a school Schools Admission and

    place see Essex County Council website Transport Office

     School Admissions 0845 603 2200 Baby/Toddler time at Wednesdays 1.30pm 2.00pm Billericay Library Billericay Library Fridays 11.15am 11.45am 01277 624624

    Parents support

    Billericay Parents Forum* Offers support through drop-in 01277 633910

    sessions, workshops, courses and open

    meetings to promote positive parenting

    National Childbirth Trust Ante & postnatal groups, advice for 0870 421 1514

    parents/babies to 9 months 0870 444 8708

    8am 10pm x 7 days Children’s Information Service Information on childcare, pre-schools, 01245 440400

    nurseries, etc.

    Billericay Twins Club Support and friendships for parents 01277 624164

    with twins

    Baby Café Queens Park Community Church Thurs 12.30pm 2.00pm

     07939 810 340

    Tuesdays 1.30-3pm Breast Friends Wickford Health Centre - shortly to 01268 568516 move to Wickford Children’s Centre (Ring 01268 568516 to check)

Friendly groups where you and your baby or toddler will be welcome, where you can meet others and

    make new friends. There is normally a small charge for each session.

     Parent & Toddler Groups

    Baptist Church Toddler Group Baptist Church, Perry Street Fridays 9.30 - 10.45am,

    11.05am - 12.20pm, 1.30 - 2.45pm

    01277 632644 Canon Roche Mother & Catholic Centre, Laindon Road Thursdays 1 2.45pm Toddlers 01277 659061 Christ Church Toddlers Christ Church Hall, Tuesdays & Fridays 10 - 11.30am

     Perry Street 01277 630144 Club 0 to 3 South Green Memorial Hall Wednesdays 1 - 3pm

    01277 659922 Daniel’s Den Queen’s Park Community Church Tuesdays 10 12am

    0793 0943726 Mums and Toddler Drop In Emmanuel Church Fridays 10.00 - 11.00am

     Laindon Road 01277 651972 Teddy Bear’s Fun Time Emmanuel Church Thursday 9.30 - 11.00am Pre-School Crèche Laindon Road 01277 653753 First Steps Carer and Toddler Mayflower Hall, Tuesdays 1.15pm - 2.45pm Group Chapel Street 01277 626615 Happy Hobbits San Marie Studios, Tues & Weds 9.45 11.45am

    Guildprime Business Centre 01277 633712

    Southend Road

    Lake Meadows Parent & The Bowling Pavilion, Lake Tuesdays 9.45 11.15am Toddler Group Meadows 01277 651576 Little Owls Toddler Group Crays Hill Primary School Tues & Thurs 1.30 3pm

    01268 521914 Little Stars Christian Growth Centre Fridays 9.30am - 11.00am

     Heath Road, Ramsden Heath 01268 573393 or 01277 625306 Billericay Methodist Mother & Western Road Mons & Tues 1.30 -3.30pm Baby Group 01277 651821 or 01268 710238 Queen’s Park Toddler Group Queen’s Park Community Church Mondays 1.30 3pm

    07930 943726 St John’s Church Hall Outwood Common Road, Mons 1.15 2.45pm

     Sunnymede 01277 656266 Stock Mother & Toddlers Village Hall, Stock Tuesdays 10 -11.30am

    07734 723488 Toddle Along Hannikins Community Centre, Mons & Tues 10 11am, Tues 1.15

    Rosebay Avenue 2.15am, Fri 9.30 11.30am

    01277 630875 Little Monkees Emmanuel Church Thursdays

    Laindon Road Age related 50 min sessions

     From 9.30am 2.20pm

    01277 211065 or 078371 70602

Cuties All Saints Church Fridays

    Crays Hill 10.0011.30am and 11.451.15pm

    Ramsden Crays 07943 343194

    Childminders are registered to look after a small number of children in their own homes and will

    provide childcare to suit parents. A full list of current childminders can be obtained from

    Essex Children’s’ Information Service on 01245 440400 Childminders


    Playgroups are for children aged from about 2? until they start school. They normally run for morning

    and/or afternoon sessions when a range of activities are provided which promote early years learning.

    All pre-schools are inspected regularly by Ofsted and some are community run with a parents committee

    whilst others are run by the private sector.

    Step by Step Pre-school Baptist Church, Perry Street 01277 654473 Billericay Catholic Pre-school Canon Roche Centre 0798 041 1925

     Laindon Road, Billericay

    Buttsbury Pre-School at Buttsbury Infant School 01277 631816 Billericay Methodist Pre-School Methodist Church, 01277 657101

    Western Road

    Little Achievers Montessori Pre-school Great Burstead Church Hall 01277 627422

     0775 983 7258 Noah’s Ark Pre-school Mill Hill Drive, 01277 637433

    off Perry Street

    St John’s Pre-School St John’s Church 0776 695 7478

     Darrel Way, Sunnymede

    Stock Pre-School Village Hall Stock 0793 990 4295 Sunnymede Pre-School Sunnymede Infant School 01277 654879 Willowfield Pre-school Steeple View Community Hall 01277 651821 or

     Willowfield, Laindon 01268 710238 Little Genius Pre-school Mayflower Hall 0786 797 1268

     Chapel Street

    Ramsden Pre-school Village Hall 01268 710791

     Ramsden Heath 0798 032 7630 Jump Ahead Pre-school Village Hall 01268 712930

     Ramsden Bellhouse

    Full day care Pre-schools

    Providing care from early morning until evening

    Gooseberry Green Pre-school at Brightside Infant School 01277 634700 Grenfell Pre-school South Green Memorial Hall 01277 652366


    Nurseries are usually for children aged from about 2? until they start school. They normally run for

    morning, afternoon or full-day sessions when a range of activities are provided which promote early years

    learning. All nurseries are inspected regularly by Ofsted and are run as private businesses by an individual.

    They cater for sessional or full day-care from early morning until early evening with some able to take


    Abacus Day Nursery 16 Orchard Avenue, Perry St 01277 634757 Burstead Bears Nursery Southend Road nr Barleylands 01277 659650 Carousel Day Nursery 32 Thynne Road, Sunnymede 01277 632362 Goldcrest Day Nursery Sunnymede Junior School 01277 632428

    Dizzy Ducks Perry Street & Mayflower High School 01277 650538 Harlequin Montessori Nursery Billericay School 01277 633223 Harlequin Village Montessori British Legion Hall, Stock 07770 876523 Oakdin Montessori Nursery 67 Perry Street 01277 633055

    Swimming for mums & babies

Duckling session for Mums & Babies Wednesday 9 11 am

    Families only session Sunday 10am 12noon Swimming for ladies Tues 7 9pm

    Billericay Swimming Pool 01277 657111

    Keep fit

LA Fitness 0870 607 2129

    Pilates 01277 655531

    Stockbrook Manor 01277 650400

    Mums on the Move at David Lloyd 01268 275270 (?2.50 for non-members)

    Music for babies

    Babysong 01277 631757 The Caterpillar Club Hannakins Farm Community Centre 01375 859850

     Rose Hall behind Waitrose

    Diddi Dance 07768 663679 Fusion Dance School Barleylands 01268 526567 Disco babes, Ballet

    Gymjimini Church Hall, Ramsden Bellhouse 07895 027505 Jo Jingles Canon Roche Centre, Laindon Road 01277 829964 Musical Minis Christchurch Hall, Perry Street 01621 783133 Sing & Sign Baby music groups with signing 01621 840528 Toddler Tunes 01787 238411 Baby Song 01277 631757

    Other services

    Baby Massage Certified Infant Massage Instructor 01277 657623 Baby Yoga 01268 469337 Baby & Toddler Time Billericay Library Wed 1.30 - 2.15pm 01277 624624 Creepy Crawlies Blackall Ind Estate, Hamberts Rd, 01245 322288 Indoor softplay South Woodham Ferrers

    BOSP Brighter Opportunities through Supported Play 01277 225744

     for children and young people with Special Needs

    Also crèche facilities near High Street

    SaSa Slings A wide range of comfy & stylish baby carriers 01702 333647

    01702 477234 John Lewis Bluewater Enjoy the free use of their Mother & Baby room, with comfy sofas, coffee

    machines and nearby café and free window shopping. Debenhams, Lakeside Has similar facilities and helpful café

    Places to visit

    Barleylands Farm Children’s farm and also a variety of craft studios

    01268 290229/532253

    Colchester Castle Museum 01206 282939

    Colchester Zoo 01206 331292

    Danbury Lakes Open woodland & picnic area with ponds and ducks etc. Hyde Hall Gardens, Rettendon Royal Horticultural Society gardens with café 01245 400256 Lake Meadows Park In Billericay playground, statue, ducks, café Langdon Visitor Centre Plotlands Nature Reserve with activities sometimes in Wildlife Centre

    01621 862960

    Marsh Farm 01245 321552

    Mill Meadows Open grassland with trees, unusual wild flowers Mole Hall Wildlife Park 01799-540400 (near Saffron Waldon) Norsey Woods Free entry and a buggy friendly path (the disabled footpath) Old MacDonold’s Farm 01277 315117

    Queen’s Park Country Park An open hilly area and surrounding lanes Discover, Stratford A wonderful interactive centre for under 8s easy train journey and

    walk from Billericay

    1 Bridge Street Terrace Stratford E15 Tel: 020 8536 5555 Tropical Wings World of 01245 425394


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