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    The Public Shared Clever Tricks to Save Time and Money on Home Improvement Projects, Voted for

    the Magazine’s Cover Choice and More


    ‘Reader Remodel’ Contest Winners Revealed:

    The Best ‘Before and Afters’ as Named by This Old House

    New York, NY The June issue of This Old House magazine is the brand‘s second-annual Reader-Created issue, hitting newsstands Monday, May 25th.

Stories and photos featured in the June pages came from outside submissions to a specially

    created, community-based Web site. Highlights of the issue include: The Best Reader Remodels,

    readers‘ 33 clever tips for saving time and money on home improvement projects and more.

    ―Every single page of this issue features achievements and inspiration from other TOH readers: outstanding kitchens, remarkable outdoor spaces, and bedroom, bath and exterior makeovers that

    anyone would be proud of,‖ writes This Old House editor Scott Omelianuk in his editor‘s letter.

The public voted for its favorite cover image from among four choices of the same 1896 Queen

    Anne that the Mayor of Bowling Green, KY Elaine Walker and her husband Dorian lovingly

    restored back to life. They are the winners of This Old House’s ‘Reader Remodel’ Contest. The prize was $5K and the opportunity to be featured in the magazine.

These ‗Reader Remodel‘ winners each collected $1K:

1. Best Kitchen Redo: Alma Moore-Egan and Bradley Egan of Kalamazoo, Mich.

    Project: Remodeled a kitchen in a formerly abandoned farmhouse for roughly $10K.

Why they won: They created a convincing vintage look while salvaging the 1980s cabinets

    and evicting some snakes hiding out in one wall, write This Old House editors.

2. Best Bath Redo: Laura Cooperman and Benjamin Kuester of Cleveland Heights, OH

    Project: Gave their 1950s-style bath a fresh look.

Why they won: Survived a burst pipe and proved that even first-time DIYers can redo a room

    without breaking the bank.

3. Best Bedroom Redo: Jim and Diane Dawson of Newman, GA


    Project: Turned two kids‘ bedrooms into vintage-style master bedroom.

    Why they won: Did their own design, carpentry and carried in support beams.

4. Best Backyard Redo: Paul Leibow of Leonia, NJ

    Project: Turned his family‘s sloping backyard into a gathering place, complete with a 420-

    square-foot bluestone patio

Why he won: Leveled and planted the yard and built the patio, all for about $5,000, and

    improvised a bluestone delivery system using a plywood path and his daughter‘s skateboard.

5. Best Exterior Redo: Mary Kay and Pat McPhillips of Ellensburg, WA

    Project: Revamped the front of their 1920s house, adding a porch and some true Arts and Crafts


Why they won: Did research to add authentic architectural details, and spent their 25th

    anniversary laying sod.

Other stories in the Reader-Created issue include:

33 Clever Time-Saving, Money-Saving Reader Tips (p. 80) Readers‘ trade secrets include:

    using an empty egg carton to store hardware, use the fat end of a chopstick to remove excess

    grout from joints, when painting wood windows and sills in a humid climate, leave the windows

    open to dry for a day, then put waxed paper across the sill and close the sash and more…

    • A Brooklyn brownstone dweller transformed his backyard into an urban oasis (p. 31)

• One Rochester, NY mom decorated her sixth baby‘s room with a tree she designed herself with

    some leftover paint and little wooden birdhouses (p. 35)

• Behold one couple‘s $645 Kitchen Remodel — It can be done! (p. 37)

All of the submissions not featured in the magazine are available at

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