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    April 5, 2005

Meeting opened at 7:00 p.m.

    Attendees: Peter Valinski, John Fitzpatrick, Jim Fleming, John Martin, Tim Huber Absent:

Old Business

    ; Minutes of 3/22/05 approved 5-0.

    ; Attended Special Town Meeting on 3/29/05.

New Business

    ; Met with David Silvernail regarding the overrun anticipated in the Police wages account. David

    anticipates a $43,000+ shortfall ($23,000 +/- in education/rollcall expenses and $20,000 wages).

    Discussed impact of laying off 2 officers which would recover $23,000 less cost for unemployment.

    Finance Committee made motion to request the Select Board to arrange a Special Town Meeting to

    transfer approximately $43,000 from Vocational Education to Police wages to address wage shortfall

    for FY05. Approved 5-0. In the meantime, David Silvernail will meet with David Kielson to identify

    breakdown of straight pay and overtime to assist in considering possibility of hiring officer to reduce

    incidence of overtime and partially fund officer using that reduction.

    ; Reserve Fund Transfer $1,000 for Selectmen Expenses associated with mileage, postage, duplication

    of VCR tapes, gift basket, CDL drug testing, and legal ad. Approved $838.63 to cover current bills.


    ; Reserve Fund Transfer $1,677.94 for Building Inspector Salary to cover cost associated with limited

    period of time when two individuals were paid from the account while one was on disability.

    Approved 5-0.

    ; Reserve Fund Transfer $761 to pay for Audit for Worker’s Compensation Account. Approved 5-0.

    ; Reserve Fund Transfer $4,698.71 for Legal Services because account is depleted. Request passed

    over. Finance Committee made motion to request that Select Board arrange a Special Town Meeting

    to transfer monies from available Vocation Education Account to pay for unpaid and anticipated legal

    expenses for FY05. Amount to be determined. Approved 5-0.

    ; Transfer from Account 145-701 Treasure Collector Software Support to Account 145-700 Treasurer

    Collector Expenses for $1,158.00. Approved 5-0.

    ; Discussed Reserve Fund Balance Sheet. Set-aside for $3,464.00 was reversed and returned to the

    balance sheet. Reserve Fund Balance currently at $10,152.11.

    ; Provided copies of April 2005 Finance Committee Fiscal Message.

    ; Received copy of letter from Veteran’s Service Director to Board of Selectmen requesting car

    allowance of $60/month. Additional request will be considered during budget deliberations. Also, he

    requested that assistance be provided to a 50% disabled veteran who requested tax abatement. Select

    Board checked with Board of Assessors and concluded that deadline has passed and that it was too

    late for an abatement.

    ; Received letter from Massachusetts DOR approving the requested $89,572.60 re-certified free cash. ; Discussed Annual Town Meeting Article regarding purchase of a new ambulance.

    ; Received notification that Association of Town Finance Committee dues will be $160 for FY06.

    ; Personnel Change Form Posting of Principal Assessor Approved 5-0. ; Receive resignation letter from Marlene Fondakowski as Motor Vehicle Clerk. ; Adjourned 8:45 p.m. Approved 5-0.

Post next Finance Committee meeting on April 12, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. at the Edwards Library.

     Respectfully submitted,

     Peter Valinski

    cc: Select Board


     Administrative Assistant


     Town Clerk

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