On behalf of ICIS and Hong Kong College of Radiologists, may I

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On behalf of ICIS and Hong Kong College of Radiologists, may I

    nd2 Joint Scientific Meeting of

    The Royal College of Radiologists &

    Hong Kong College of Radiologists


    th15 Annual Scientific Meeting of Hong Kong College of Radiologists

    A Conference for all Healthcare Professionals

    Exciting Programme Not to be Missed!

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and Hong Kong

    College of Radiologists, may I welcome you all to our 2-day Joint Scientific Meeting.

    Hong Kong College of Radiologists is very honoured to have RCR in jointly organising the scientific meeting the second time in Hong Kong. The overseas and local faculties are experts in the disciplines of radiology, clinical oncology and nuclear medicine. The scientific programme covers special focus sessions including PET-CT, Genitourinary Imaging & Oncology, Cardiac Radiology

    and Palliative Medicine. The topics are well-selected, aiming to be practical as well as being comprehensive, with deliberation of the state-of-the-art technology and approach. As technology and information are moving forward at a very fast pace, it is important for healthcare workers to constantly update ourselves on the information and to arm ourselves with the most appropriate techniques in our delivery of service.

    We are confident that all participants will benefit from this opportunity to update their knowledge and in keeping up with recent advancement in the various subspecialties of Radiology, Clinical Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.

    ththDate: 27 & 28 October 2007 (Saturday & Sunday)

Venue: Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Jockey Club Building


Radiology Programme

     th27 October 2007 (Sat)

    0900-0930 Proffered Papers

    0930-1000 Proffered Papers

    1000-1030 Ultrasound in bowel malignancies Robert Peck 1030-1100 COFFEE BREAK

    1100-1130 The RCR radiology integrated training Dick Fowler


    1130-1200 Interventional radiology: Veni, vidi, Andy Adam


    1200-1230 Proffered Papers

    1230-1400 LUNCH

    1400-1430 PET/CT in abdominal malignancy Simon Hughes 1430-1500 MR bladder cancer and mimics Richard Nakielny 1500-1530 Neonatal and in-utero MRI The Gail Darwent

    Sheffield experience

    1530-1600 COFFEE BREAK

    1600-1630 MR of the prostate gland John KF Chan 1630-1700 Imaging in gestational trophoblastic Richard Nakielny


     th28 October 2007 (Sun)

    0900-0930 Proffered Papers

    0930-1000 The role of cardiac CT Charles Peebles 1000-1030 MR evaluation of iron overload in the Wynnie Lam


    1030-1100 COFFEE BREAK

    1100-1130 Proffered Papers

    1130-1200 Cardiac MR and structural diseases Charles Peebles 1200-1230 Cardiac MR and ischaemia Charles Peebles 1230-1400 LUNCH

    1400-1430 Film Quiz Review & Prize Presentation

    1430-1500 PET-CT in paediatric cancers Khong Pek Lan 1500-1530 PET/CT in diseases of the head and Simon Hughes


    1530-1600 PET/CT in diseases of the thorax Simon Hughes 1600 CLOSING CEREMONY

Clinical Oncology Programme

     th27 October 2007 (Sat)

    1400-1420 The NCRN - Modest investment yields Robert J Grieve

    rapid dividends

    1420-1440 One - Two - Three - Four modalities to Adrian M Crellin

    cure oesophageal and gastric cancer

    1440-1500 Mycosis fungoides in the UK - Robert J Grieve

    Techniques, guidelines and the coventry


    1500-1520 Radiotherapy capacity in the United Adrian M Crellin


    1520-1550 COFFEE BREAK

    1550-1700 Proffered Papers

     th28 October 2007 (Sun)

    0900-0930 Adjuvant treatment for carcinoma of Frank CS Wong

    corpus: A review of current evidence

    0930-1000 Update on management of advanced Wong Kam Hung

    carcinoma of cervix

    1000-1030 Surgical aspects of gynaecological May Chan


    1030-1100 COFFEE BREAK

    1100-1130 Is there a role of further consolidation Roger KC Ngan

    therapy following first-line postoperative

    chemotherapy in advanced ovarian


    1130-1200 Systemic treatment of advanced renal Conrad CY Lee

    cell carcinoma

    1200-1230 Prostate cancer-beyond hormonal Paddy TM Chan


    1230-1300 Radical radiotherapy in bladder cancer Cheung Foon Yiu 1300-1400 LUNCH

    Palliative Medicine Programme

    1400-1420 The use of gemcitabine combination Josephine WM Ng

    chemotherapy in advanced pancreatic

    carcinoma: A systematic review

    1420-1440 Reversal of morphine tolerance in Lo Sing Hung

    cancer patients by continuous

    subcutaneous ketamine infusion

    1440-1500 How common are our patients Macy Tong

    depressing? Our local experience in

    using the Hospital and Anxiety

    Depression Scale (HADS)

    1500-1520 Methadone for cancer pain Ng Ting Ying

1520-1540 Management of superior vena cava Inda S Soong

    obstruction: PYNEH experience

    1540-1600 Quality of life in nasopharyngeal Yvonne SH Yau

    carcinoma survivors


Nuclear Medicine Programme

     th27 October 2007 (Sat)

    0900-0930 Proffered Papers

    0930-1000 Role of PET/CT imaging in male Wong Chi Ping

    urogenital malignancy

    1000-1030 Functional imaging (PET & SPECT) in Ngai Wai Tat

    neurological disorders

    1030-1100 COFFEE BREAK

    1100-1130 Synthesis of C-11 labelled Jacky MK Cheung

    radiopharmaceuticals in Hong Kong

    Sanatorium & Hospital: Past and


    1130-1200 Imaging of myocardial ischemia He Zuo Xiang

    1200-1245 The scientific contribution of Hong Kong David WC Yeung

    to nuclear medicine in the last 35 years

    1245-1400 LUNCH

    1400-1430 Complementary role of SPECT and CT He Zuo Xiang

    in coronary disease

    1430-1500 PET/CT in gastrointestinal stromal Lok Chiu Ming

    tumour (GIST)

    *Programme may be subject to changes.


    Prof. Andy ADAM, St. Thomas' Hospital, United Kingdom

    Dr. Adrian M CRELLIN, Cookridge Hospital, United Kingdom

    Ms. Gail DARWENT, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, United Kingdom

    Dr. Dick RC FOWLER, Leeds General Infirmary, United Kingdom

    Dr. Robert J GRIEVE, Walsgrave Hospital, United Kingdom

Prof. Zuo-Xiang HE, Fu Wai Hospital, China

    Dr. Simon HUGHES, Royal Victoria Hospital, United Kingdom

    Dr. Richard NAKIELNY, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, United Kingdom

    Dr. Robert J PECK, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, United Kingdom

    Dr. Charles PEEBLES, Southampton General Hospital, United Kingdom


    Dr. John Ka Fat CHAN, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Dr. Paddy Tak Ming CHAN, Cancer Care Centre

Dr. May CHAN, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    Dr. Jacky Man Ki CHEUNG, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Dr. Foon Yiu CHEUNG, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    Dr. Pek Lan KHONG, The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Wynnie Wai Man LAM, Prince of Wales Hospital

    Dr. Conrad Chi Yan LEE, Princess Margaret Hospital

Dr. Sing Hung LO, Tuen Mun Hospital

Dr. Chiu Ming LOK, Princess Margaret Hospital

Dr. Ting Ying NG, Tuen Mun Hospital

    Dr. Josephine Wai Man NG, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    Dr. Wai Tat NGAI, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

    Dr. Roger Kai Cheong NGAN, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    Dr. Inda Sung SOONG, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

Dr. Macy TONG, Princess Margaret Hospital

Dr. Chi Ping WONG, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Dr. Kam Hung WONG, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Dr. Frank Chi Sing WONG, Tuen Mun Hospital

Dr. Yvonne Sau Han YAU, Prince of Wales Hospital

    Dr. David Wai Chow YEUNG, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

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Yours sincerely,

Hong Kong College of Radiologists

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