Issued on behalf of Husbands

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Issued on behalf of Husbands

    Issued on behalf of Husbands

21 November 2006


    Husbands Brings Home the Bacon with Lift Order

    Birmingham lift company Husbands has won an ?80,000 contract with Tulip International which owns the Danepak range of ham and bacon products. The company has provided goods service lifts for Tulip’s factories in Tipton, West Midlands and Coalville, Leicestershire.

    Husbands has installed two of the largest service lifts the company has ever made with a carrying capacity of 1,000 kg for Tulip’s newly built factory in Coalville. In

    addition to the lifts being larger than normal, the tower structure has been made out of stainless steel instead of the usual galvanised steel due to hygiene regulations in the factory, which will be used for cooking and supplying cured ham.

    The company is also adapting a 500 kg goods service lift, which is being fitted at Tulip’s factory in St George’s Road, Tipton. The lift has been specially manufactured by Husbands which is based in Shelah Road, Halesowen to produce a lift car measuring 2.6 metres - one metre taller than conventional cars. This is to enable the car to accommodate large pallets used in the factory.

    For more details on the lift solutions offered by Husbands please call 0121 550 1560.


For further information:

    Keith Holmes *Hilary Benton

    Husbands BPH

    0121 550 1560 0121 421 8111

Issued by Jane Truscott, Truscott Hobbs PR Ltd 0121 687 7070.

    *Please contact Hilary regarding colour separation charges.


The 500 kg goods service lift fitted at Tulip’s factory in Tipton by Husbands.

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