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    The European Pension Fund Investment Forum

    Benelux Division - Meeting History (Including Belgium Meetings)


October: “Using Derivatives and Controlling the Risk”.

     Speakers: “Derivatives in Quant Management - Case Studies”

    Hilary Smith, Marketing Director, Wells Fargo Nikko Investment


    “Risk Management using Derivatives

     Bruce Pullman, Head of Financial Engineering, Merrill Lynch

     “Legal and Regulatory Issues

    Tim Plews and Frank Graaf, Partners, Clifford Chance.

December: “Asset Liability Management: Turning Ideas into Reality”.

     Speakers: New Approaches to ALM”

     Robert Ross, Director of Consulting, Frank Russell Company.

     Implementating ALM at PGGM”

     Jan Tamerus, Head of Actuarial Department, Pensioenfonds PGGM

     Implementation in a Private Sector Scheme”

     Gert Verheij, Asset Consultant & Unit Manager, Towers Perrin

     “Practical Implications: The Investment Manager's Perspective”

    Brian Wood, Marketing Director, Schroder Investment Management



February: “Current Global Custody Issues for Pension Funds”

     Speakers: An Overview of the Issues”

     Lou ten Cate, Principal, Triple A Consultants

    A User's Guide, Working with Custodians”

    Steve Wallis, Director of Administration, Zurich Investment


    “Global Security Issues - Looking after Pension Assets”

     Jeremy Jewitt, Managing Director, Chase Investment Bank

April: “The European Single Curency - Practical Issues for Pension Funds”

    Speakers: Stumbling Blocks on the Road to EMU”

     Fred von Dewall, Chief Economist & General Manager, ING Group.

    Changeover Scenarios and Beyond”

     Carel van den Berg, Economic Policy Dpt., De Nederlandsche Bank.

    “Influence on Investment Decisions”

    Graham Bishop, Advisor, European Financial Affairs, Salomon


    Discussion of the issues led by:

     Ivo de Hann, Fund Manager, Pensioenfonds Gasunie

    The European Pension Fund Investment Forum

    Benelux Division - Meeting History (Including Belgium Meetings)

1996 (continued)

June: “Investment Performance Measurement Issues for Pension Funds”

    Speakers: Performance Evaluation Services: The Increasing Role of


     Laurette M Bryan, Senior Vice President, State Street Bank, Boston.

    The Creation of Comparable Peer Groups”

     Jandaan Felderhoff, Manager, Netherlands, The WM Company.

    “Relative Performance: Do We Understand Where It Comes


    Mark Tapley, Chief Investment Officer, Quorum Capital Management.

    “Performance Presentation Standards”

     Jan de Jonge, Performance Presentation Standards Committee, VBA

October: “Internal versus External Management: The Investment Debate”

    Speakers: Case Study I: British Rail Pension Fund”

     Malcolm Gray, Finance Director, Railpen Investments.

    Case Study 2: Metalworkers Pension Fund”

    Roland van den Brink, Manager, Policy and Information,

    Metalworkers PF

    “How Performance Compares - A look at the Statistics”

     Eric Lambert, Senior Investment Consultant, The WM Company.

    “The Case for External Management”

     Frans Ballendux, Director, MeesPierson Capital Management and

     Professor of Finance and Investment at Erasmus University.

December: “Private Equity/Venture Capital: A Suitable Investment for a Pension Fund?”

    Speakers: Case Study I: IBM Pension Fund - The History”

    Arianne Leuftink, Investment Manager, St. Pensioenfonds IBM


    Case Study 2: ABP Pension Fund - Strategies and Plans”

     Harry Meijers, Portfolio Manager, Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP.

    “Venture Capital in Europe - Performance and Prospects”

     Ronald Cohen, Senior Partner, Apax Partners & Co. Ventures Ltd.

    “The US Pension Fund Attitude to Alternative Asset Allocation”

     Todd Ruppert, Director, Institutional Marketing, T. Rowe Price Ass.


    The European Pension Fund Investment Forum

    Benelux Division - Meeting History (Including Belgium Meetings)


    February: “Good Corporate Governance - Does it Improve Performance?”

     Speakers: Developing a Corporate Governance Policy”

    Jaap Peters, Chairman, Netherlands Corporate Governance


    A Pension Manager’s Perspective”

    Dick Snijders, Managing Director, Philips Pensioenfonds

    The Corporate View”

    Frederik Meyer, Investor Relations Manager, Oce Nederland N.V.

    “The Practical Issues - Looking after International Pension


    Alan Naughton, Director, Chase Investment Bank Ltd.

    “An Update on Corporate Governance in the UK”

    Ann Robinson, Director General, National Association Pension


    April: “Investment Performance Attribution”

     Speakers: An Overview of the Issues”

    Dick Wenting, Managing Director, Pensioenfonds Medewerkers


    Creating a System and Avoiding the Pitfalls”

    Jan Bertus Molenkamp, Manager Analysis Dept., MN Services

    Performance Attribution as a Source of Value”

    Colin McLatchie, Chief Investment Officer, PanAgora Asset


    “Practical Points - A Consultants View”

    Rob Klare, Asset Consultant, Towers Perrin

    “Reviewing the Past and Previewing the Future”

    Jandaan Felderhoff, Manager Europe, The WM Company.

    June: “Information Technology - Using it to Improve Performance”

     Speakers: Developing an I T Policy for Euro Implementation”

    Bernhard Schellenberger, Sector Manager Pension-Unit, Cap Gemini


    Technology in Investment Management - A Quant


    Jennie Paterson, Managing Director, Barr Rosenberg

    European Mgnt.

    Technology and Global Custody - Benefits and Pitfalls”

    Henk Brink, Head of Product Development, Kas-Associatie N.V.

    “What to look for in Custodians - Some Practical Issues”

    Ad van Hulst, General Manager, Heidemij Pensioenfonds


    The European Pension Fund Investment Forum

    Benelux Division - Meeting History (Including Belgium Meetings)

1997 Continued

October: “Global Bond Investment”

     Speakers: EMU - Its Effect on Bond Markets”

    Terence Prideaux, Director, Zurich Investment Management

    “Global Bond Investment from a DM Bloc Investors


    Robert Kyprianou, Managing Director, ABN AMRO Asset


    “The Attraction of Emerging Market Debt”

    Robert Thomas, Head of Int. Fixed Interest, AMP Asset


December: “Investment Strategies in a Volatile Market”

     Speakers: “Is Volatility the Norm”

    Brian Wood, Marketing Director, Schroder Investment Management

    “What is Risk”

    Johan Groothaert, Vice President, Client Services, Merrill


    “Strategies for Small Cap Investment”

    Willem Burgers, Director, Kempen Capital Management

    “The Attraction of International Real Estate Investment”

    Mark Schweitzer, Finance Faculty, University of Maastricht


February: “Ethics - a potential dilemma for pension and investment managers?”

     Speakers: Creating an Ethical System”

    Juris Padegs, Advisory Managing Director, Scudder-Kemper


    Operating an Ethical System”

    Harry Panjer, Chairman of VBA (Society of Investment Analysts)

    The ABP Approach”

    Theo Jeurissen, Managing Director, Pensioenfonds ABP

    “Practical Points - A Consultants View”

    Lou ten Cate, Consultant, Wilshire/KLM Pensioenfonds

April: “Hiring and Firing Investment Managers”

     Speakers: An Overview of the Issues”

    Stephen Wiltshire, Director of Manager Research, Frank Russell Co.

    The Managers Perspective”

    Hilary Smith, Managing Director, Barclays Global Investors

    “A Belgian pension fund case study

    Karel Stroobants, Deputy General Manger, Pension Fund of Belgian,

    Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists