December 21 2012

By Norman Bryant,2014-06-18 12:58
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December 21 2012





    December 21 2012.Fire pours down from the sky, ocean bumps and swallows the land, earthquake rips ground into parts.

    People who believe the dooms say the December 21 2012 is the end of the world. They can expect billions of people to die, it is going to be the most terrible on our plant, Mother Nature is going to be a scary executioner to kill everything, this is when and how the world will end.

    If you believe in the predictions, so our plant has a great bull eye on it and any number of darts are going to hit us around year 2012, but the question is: is any of that going to happen?

    What are 2012’s most plausible planetary disasters? And is the end of life on earth looking just right around the corner?

    On Friday, December 21, 2012, the sun will rise as usual, but on this day, it will align itself just between the earth and the center of our galaxy. And the end of the world is coming.

    There are people who believe that some huge changes will befall the earth or humanity, that the god will press a great button of ‘off’ in the sky, by the end of the day, the world will be blanketed in ash, once busy city streets will churn with rivers of lava, massive earthquakes will have bought tall cities crashing to the ground, and enormous oceans waves will be rushing in to wash us away. It is just one version of an apocalypse that expect to see in our lifetimes, Some people believe this coincides with the sun eclipses the center of the Milky way, when it does, they say we will be cut off from the vital cosmic energy emanating by the black hole as the heart of the center of our galaxy. Some people believe the life on earth will be thrown into upheaval or wiped away.

    And there also are some people disagree. They say there is no any kind of energy that can be blocked from our galaxy. In fact the alignment had happened in 1999 and the world didn’t be end, so there is on any particular reason that can be making us to believe that the alignment in 2012 will bring any difference.

    Why are many people convinced that the end of world will happen at one day not other days, and precisely this day is December 21, 2012? Why people say December 21 2012 is the doom day?

    It is because the Mayan Calendar says December 21, 2012 is the apocalyptic day.

    Mayan is extremely good at mathematic and astronomy.

    The longest calendar that has been count by Mayan is for 5126 years.

    Experts believe that the current Long Count probably began in 3114 B.C. and will end on December 21, 2012.

    But there is one thing that would happen in 2012, that is magnetic blast from the sun.

    Every 11 years, the sun reaches the maximum level of activity, and it can averagely fire off 2 or 3 Solar Flare every single day, and the end of 2012 is expected to be getting itself ready to enter the next solar maximum, and unfortunately even our scientists are not sure what is the next Solar Flare will be like, it may gave us some surprises in 2012.

    So what is going to happen if it does gave us some surprises in 2012? The consequences could be much more far than any disasters that had happened to us.

    The Solar Flares are massive explosions of great energy, and it is like millions of hydrogen bombs explode all at same time, but as powerful these explosions of radiation are, it is sometimes just the beginning of a solar temper-tantrum. After that, there also is material that is rushing out from the sun is called ‘Coronal Mass Ejections’. It will be pushed away with billions of billions of ton hot gas, and it travels at speeds of a millions or so miles per hour. The environment around the sun is filled with the Solar wind that the particles of the sun’s atmosphere that are streaming away, then the CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) goes into this material and creates a shock wave, and the shock accelerates the particles that are in front of the CME. So if it comes to our direction, we will get in a really big trouble.

    If the sun fries one at us in 2012, you will not have much time to prepare for it, even if you see it coming, because the bulk of the CME will reach us in just a few days, their speed is almost reaching to the speed of light.

    So what will happen when the particles reach earth?

    Firstly, the shock wave of energized particles will slam into our satellites orbit, shouting out their electronics to block our satellites networks, so imagine what will this be like?

    1 The GPS on every vehicle will be broken. It will make airplanes crashing, steamboats getting in lost. But losing the satellites networks could be just a beginning of the real bad day. Once the shock wave has been passed, the bulk of CME will crash into the earth’s magnetic field.

    The Earth’s Magnetic field is a kind of power that shields us from the CME attacking.

    This natural barrier normally prevents charged the particle form reaching the surface by deflecting them around the earth, but as the CME is strong enough, it will make a high damage to our natural barrier.

    When charged particles from solar storm hit the magnetic field which also called magnetosphere, they can become trapped in this field, and we can see

    this phenomenon as aurora, or as northern lights, but if you see them in your neighborhood, it means an imminent disaster is coming.

    If the charged particles are too many that even the magnetosphere can’t be tolerable, it causes a moving of our magnetic field, and that, in turn, will cause electric currents on the ground, and these currents can cause fluctuations, and transformers to be shorted out. This would bring down the power grid and cause blackouts. So if we have been hit by a solar blast that powerful enough, our cascading failures in power system could fry the electric grid the world over. According to a recent report issued by the National Academy of Sciences, full recovery could take 4 to 10 years. If it really does happened, the consequences could be devastating, the food is going to run out, people could be dead of freezing, suddenly people would not have water for drinking, or for agriculture, or for sewage.

    Modern civilization will be hurled back into a literal dark age, and the result could be anarchy. But actually it only gets worse from here.

    As a moving of the magnetic field, it causes our land moving around, and getting lots of huge crashes between land and land. As it is crashing, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and Lava Rivers would come for destroying us, for wiping us out.

    But that doesn’t mean humanity has to just sit around and wait for the sun to chat and blister the world that we have made.

    There is lot we can do to prepare for something like this. We can do lots of things with the power grids. You basically turn them off or turn them down, and something like this. But everything that mentioned is just the predictions from our scientists, and the likelihood of that will happen in 2012 is low and from lots of more report and researching, the likelihood is getting lower. But it is not meaning that it is not going to happen forever, it means it is not going to happen in 2012, but soon.

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