Charter On behalf of the FAA Chief Information Officer Council

By Aaron Grant,2014-11-25 08:39
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Charter On behalf of the FAA Chief Information Officer Council

    Information Technology Standards

    Federal Aviation Administration

    April 15, 2010

    Version 7.2


    1.0 Draft of Charter developed outline 06-19-2003 1.1 Refined content in existing sections 07-22-2003 1.2 08-25-2003 Re-wrote scope and group charter, added

    Recommendations section

    1.3 Further editing, added Conclusion section 08-27-2003 1.4 Changed review cycle to monthly, and incorporated 09-16-2003

    recommended wording changes.

    1.5 Revised build-to and buy-to baseline standard. 05-08-2004

    Revised layout of charter to align with the creation of a

    technical standard.

    1.6 ITEB Cost Control Team 3 comments addressed quarterly 06-10-2004

    review cycle

    2.0 CIOC Comments addressed 07-07-2004 3.0 Updated Standard 06-16-2005 3.1 Updated for Antivirus Desktop Standard 0109-2006 3.2 Expanded for servers and network devices 04-27-2006 3.3 Added a laptop standard, updated Adobe Acrobat and 06-15-2006

    WinZip standards; IPV6 language added on network

    switches; 1 Gig RAM for desktop buy-to standard due to


    4.0 Adds remote access standards, Adds the SQL specification 04-17-2006

    for databases and identifies our build-to standard as Oracle

    and MS SQL Server. Adds FIPS 140-2 as a specification

    relating to laptop encryption and identifies Safeboot as our

    product for doing that. Updates two Sun server models

    which reached end-of-life. The V240 and V440 are replaced

    with the V245 and V445 respectively; Adds a standard for

    Storage Area Networking

    Added standards citations in several areas (column D),

    Adds a row on data modeling & identifies ERwin as our build-

    to standard

    4.1 Adds Sun server X4600 M2 to the list of standards 07-05-2007

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    5 03/05/2008 ; Adds GIS, Business intelligence/reporting, and video

     teleconferencing standard

     ; Server virtualization technical and product standard

     ; Dell Servers, Sun servers, and switches are updated. ; Desktop operating system build-to standard updated from Windows 2000 to Windows XP (due to IT Asset Inventory) ; Desktop Office Suite updated build-to from Office 2000 Pro to Office 2003 (due to IT Asset Inventory)