A Welcome On Behalf of the

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A Welcome On Behalf of the

    A Welcome On Behalf of the

    International Institute

September 30, 2006

Dear educators, community members and leaders,

     ndOn behalf of the International Institute of St. Louis, it is my privilege to welcome you to the 2

    Annual Educating for Change Curriculum Fair! As an agency that is committed to a vision of St. Louis as ―a thriving community with an ethnically diverse and engaged citizenry‖, the International Institute is honored to be the host facility for 2006.

As was evident at last year‘s Fair, the annual Educating for Change Curriculum Fair is an event

    that is impressive both in terms of its target audience (instructors and students from educational settings ranging from pre-K to Adult) and in terms of the breadth of its speakers and presentations. Designed to stimulate and further develop educators who are committed to educating for social change, the Curriculum Fair is a place where educators can share their work and expertise, as well as attend insightful presentations on a wide variety of topics. It is a venue that show-cases student-centered instructional activities—such as the educational ―print walks‖ in a local

    environment, storytelling, interactive theater and PowerPoint student projects that were shared in 2005activities that aim to develop students‘ voices and their unique perspectives in a way that encourages them to ―own‖ their learning as much as possible. It is an event where practitioners can learn about strategies that promote the understanding of other people who may be very different because of ethnicity, race, social class, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, mental or physical disabilities. The Fair is also an event with information about non-violent approaches that can effectively address conflict in schools and communities.

    Many thanks to the planners this year who have dedicated time and energy to ensure that this year‘s Curriculum Fair is even bigger and better than the first. Thanks also to each of you for choosing to come to this year. We trust that your participation here today will be both affirming and thought-provoking for you. May your work continue to promote the knowledge and skills needed by each of us to be socially conscious community members who are guided by a sense of equity and social justice~

Very best wishes,

Anita Barker,

    VP & Director of Education

    International Institute of St. Louis

    A Welcome on Behalf of the Planning Committee

Dear educators, community leaders, and St. Louis citizens,

    Welcome to the 2nd Annual Educating for Change Curriculum Fair! The Literacy for

    Social Justice Teacher Research Group, The Literacy Roundtable and The International Institute

    are the sponsors of this event. Although each sponsoring organization has its own unique mission, we come together in supporting this event out of our shared belief that education has a powerful role in creating an equitable and just society. Hopefully, we have learned and modeled through this process the essential steps involved in finding common ground.

    The theme of this year‘s fair is ―Immigrant and Refugee Rights in the Context of Racial Justice‖. St. Louis, similar to many urban areas around the nation, faces the challenges and opportunities of finding common ground between immigrant and refugee groups and historically marginalized groups. In the face of unjust immigration policies, the gradual erosion of civil rights legislation and the weakening of public school systems, the need for communities to come together has never been greater. We recognize that the struggle to find common ground takes place within a framework of historic economic inequality and institutionalized racism that needs to be acknowledged and fought against. Educators, activists, community leaders and citizens of St. Louis must play a part in building alliances between groups of people recognizing differences

    and shared interests to create mutually beneficial solutions. We hope the dialogue and actions ndassociated with our 2 Annual Educating for Change curriculum fair will help to build such alliances.

    The purpose of this curriculum fair is to bring together courageous educators who are designing multicultural, anti-racist and socially just learning spaces for learners across the lifespan, in both formal and informal settings. Often times, educators who are committed to social justice are isolated in their communities. The fair is a place for educators to network, to use their voices, and to realize the power in numbers. We want to stress that we have organized this day as a ―fair‖ rather than as a traditional conference to emphasize dialogue and action. This year, we have over forty table displays and ten workshops. Suzanne LeLaurin from the International Institute will open the day and welcome us with a talk called ―Immigrant Rights & Social Justice:

    Implications in an Age of Terrorism‖. Jesus Macarena-Avila, Chicago based artist and activist,

    will share a presentation with us called ―Art Education as Agency: Immigrant Rights and Bookmaking‖. Finally, we will close the day with a panel discussion featuring several prominent

    community leaders. Our panelist will address the topic of ―Immigrant and Refugee Rights in the Context of Racial Justice.‖ An open forum will follow the panel discussion.

    This fair represents an action step in our organizing as educators and it is our hope that this fair can be a conduit for building networks of justice in the communities in which we work and live. We are delighted that you have come today, and we ask that you would take whatever you learn back to your schools and to your communities. We also invite you to join the dialogues and actions of the Literacy for Social Justice Teacher Group. LSJTRG is dedicated to supporting

    and empowering students, teachers and the community through focused dialogues and actions towards immigrant and refugee rights in the context of racial justice in St. Louis. We know that the more diverse we are, the stronger our knowledge will become of the many needs in our communities and the many ways we can work together to forge a more socially just St. Louis.

    Thank you for coming and being a part of the struggle.

    In Solidarity,

    The Planning Committee nd2 Annual Educating for Change Curriculum Fair

    Curriculum Fair 2006

    September 30, 2006

    9 am 3 pm


8 am

    Participants may set up their table displays

9:00-9:30 am

    Fair opens, Register, Coffee, View tables in Hall of Nations I, II & III

    Breakfast items available at the Mother’s Day for Peace Bake Sale Table


    General Session (AG Edwards Rooms)

    Suzanne LeLaurin, International Institute ―Immigrant Rights and Social Justice: Implications in an Age of Terrorism‖

Announcement of the 2006 Courageous Educator Award

    Announcement of the Student Leadership Awards


    Break out Session I

    Choose between workshop sessions and table displays


    General Session (AG Edwards Rooms)

    Jesus Macarena-Avila, Artist and Immigrant Rights Advocate

    ―Art Education as Agency: Immigrant Rights and Bookmaking‖


    Lunch items are provided in the lobby


    Break out Session II

    Choose between workshop sessions and table displays


    Panel Discussion and Open Forum (AG Edwards Rooms) ―Immigrant and Refugee Rights in the Context of Racial Justice‖


    9:00-9:30 Coffee, Register, (View Table Displays in Hall of Nations I, II, & III)


The tables will be on display all day in Hall of Nations I, II & III

A Recipe for Failure

    Marilyn Ayres-Salamon

    ABC‘s of Student Leadership: Sharing the Front of the Classroom

    Maggie Dyer, ABC‘s of Literacy Planning Committee & The Literacy Roundtable

    Alternatives to Military Network

    Cris Mann, Chuc Smith

    Bake Sale Table: ―It will be a great day when our schools have all the money they need and the air

    force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.‖

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    Banned Books?

    St. Louis Public Libraries Carlotta Algee-Stancil

    Center for Character and Citizenship

    Marvin Berkowitz, Mindy Bier, Virginia Navarro & Missy Taylor, UMSL

    Center for Human Origin and Cultural Diversity, UMSL

    Dr. Jackie Lewis-Harris & Joni Hoscher

    Closing the School of the Americas

    John Slosar, Associate Professor Emeritus, Saint Louis University

    Comparing Rights of Individuals

    Lois Wade & students from Rockwood AEL/ESL

    Courageous Literacy, Courageous Youth

    June Cara Christian

    Creating Student Books

    Carrie Warren & students from the International Institute

    FOCUS St. Louis ―New Americans: Building the Future of the St. Louis Region”

    Nikki Weinstein

    Immigrant Rights and Bookmaking

    Jesus Macarena-Avila

    Information about Buddhism

    Piriya Phuycharoen

    International Institute of St. Louis

    International Literacy Campaigns

    Annie Moss

International Studies Resource Center

    Subi Lakshmanan, International Studies, UMSL

    ―Jones don't think it is acceptable:‖ Attitudes of College Educated Professionals and Students

    Toward the Usage of Proper Grammatical Constructs

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    Junior Achievement: Providing an A+ Education in Financial Literacy

    Lorri Batsie

    Literacy for Social Justice Teacher Research Group

    Literacy for Social Justice: A Themed Book Selection Workshop

    Melissa Mosley, Stacy DeZutter, Bethany Kjellesvik, Meredith Labadie, Holly Messenbrink,

    & David Schwartz

    PlowSharing Crafts: Fair Trade

    Rethinking Schools

    Save Michael Taylor: The Death Penalty in MO

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    Socialist Organizer

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    Teaching about Worker Rights

    Joan Suarez, Jobs with Justice

    The Bi-dialectal Elementary Classroom: Vernacular and Standard English at Play in

    Language Arts

    Inda Schaenen, Gundlach Elementary, St. Louis Public Schools

    The Change Agent

    The Literacy Roundtable

    University of Missouri St. Louis College of Education

    Diane Goodwin, UMSL

    Venezuela‘s Literacy Campaign

    Rebecca Rogers, UMSL

    Veterans for Peace

    Chuck Smith

    We Can Make A Change: Adult Refugee and Immigrant Students Tell Their Stories

    Angy Folkes, Lea Wawina, Bokhodir Choriev, Sawaad Shiek, Maryan Mohamed,