Presentation of Brisbane

By Laura Hernandez,2014-07-02 11:03
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Presentation of Brisbane

Plans of visiting tourist attractions:

    *The first sation is the Gold Coast in Queensland.It is located in the east coastal region,as long as 42kilometers.Gold Coast consists of several beatiful beaches.From south to north are South Port and

    Currumbin.There are a lot of theme parks arrounding,such as Dream World(梦幻世界)Sea world?海洋世界?Warner Bros Movie World?华

    纳电影世界?. Surfers Paradise is a good place for surfers to surf on the sea.Besides,we will go to Paradise Country to enjoy the most primite life in Australia.We can enjoy the performance of local people sharing sheep over a cup of tea outdoors.In Imperial Plaza?帝国大厦?,there are

    various Chinese and Western food for you to choose.After a meal,we can enjoy a cup of coffee in Elkhorn Avenue.

    *The next station is shopping.

     a. The Queen Street Mall

    There are over 500 stores in the Queen Street Mall.As a roost of worldwide name brands,we can wander about this shopping ocean.The Myer Centre also own 200 speciality stores or so.They all do business seven days a week.

     b.Direct Factory Outlets

    We can enjoy a new shopping style here.About 90 manufacturers open stores to sell the products directly,inculding clothes,leather bags,living goods,jewelry and other things,in a low price.

     c. Brisbanes weekend markets

    From every Friday night to Sunday,there are holding weekend markets in the South Bank Parkland.The most popular thing is the handcraft.Some of them are traditional,some are eccentric;no matter what special you want,you all can find the right thing.The fair is held in the Riverside Center of the Eagle Street from 7:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. on Sunday.We can also go to the Jan Powers agricultural market in Brisbane Powerhouse

    on the second and forth Sturday every month to buy the fresh farm products.

    *Great Barrier Reef

    Its the longest and biggest colony of coral reef in the world.In the sea,there are various corals,in different sizesshapes and colours,and

    hundreds of thousands of ocean creatures,such as lobster,turtle and all kinds of fish.There are also a lot of lighthouses nearby. *Conrad Treasury Casino (康瑞德赌城)

    In this old building,there are a lot of punchboard and gambling tables.If you are interested in it,you can have a try.

    * Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (龙柏无尾熊公园)

    You can take photos of Koala and hug with them.

    *Story Bridge (故事桥)

    Story Bridge is the biggest steel bridge in Australia.The distance of Story Bridge hanging over the river is 80meters high.You must wonder at the

    wonderful scenethe special buildings,the river under your feet and the surrounding mountains.

    *Mt. Coottha (库沙山)

    Climb up to Mt.Coottha,you can overlook the whole Bristane citys


    Plans of eating:

    *Fortitude Valley(佛特谷)is the Chinatown in Brisbane,a very busy place and the best choice for us to have Chinese food and Hong Kongstyled

    afternoon tea.

    *Moreton Bay Bugs(莫瑞顿带壳小龙虾)Mudcrab?泥蟹?and fresh

    oyster?生蚝?are the representative delicious seafood in Brisbane.You can eat Mudcrab in Muddies which is a colonial building. *Yatala Meat Pie(昆士兰传统肉派) is one kind of traditional desserts in Brisbane.From now on,it is also roasted in traditional methods.You can choose any taste you like,sweet or salt.

    *There are about 1,300 hectares of vineyard,including Sunshine coast and Darling downs.You can taste the true Pizza baked by carbon and the wine brewed in this season here.

    *There are a lot of restaurants in Milton(米尔顿),Parrdington?帕丁

    顿?,Bardon(巴尔东) and Queen Street(皇后街).If you want to eat

    meat,you can go to the Bistro in Queen Street.

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