The Croft Primary School

By Gloria Nichols,2014-06-23 11:23
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The Croft Primary School

The Croft Primary School

    The Grant Funding of ?500.

Our Sensory Garden Project

    We used our grant money to go towards plants for our newly built Sensory Garden. Our Head teacher had applied for a grant to fund the ground work of this project, however we wanted the children to take part in planting the plants that would grow and develop through care and attention throughout their time at Primary School. The grant money allowed us to spend an allocated amount on each class for their very own raised flower bed.

    Each class linked

    their plants to their

    topic. For example

    Class 6 were

    learning about

    Island Adventure so

    they chose plants

    that we associate

    with Caribbean


As the children had enjoyed the

    experience of buying, planting and

    maintaining their garden, we had a

    Grand Opening Ceremony. This

    consisted of the whole school

    sitting outside on the field. We had

    a picnic that the catering staff

    delivered. Some children in Year 1

    performed a Maypole dance and the

    choir sang some appropriate songs.

    The sensory garden has developed over the summer holidays and the children walk through this as they come into school in the morning. It has been admired by parents and visitors. The children love sharing their experiences and explaining the activities that they have been part of.

    The garden will continue to be used in a variety of ways, including being used by some of the following groups of children.

    ; Nurture Group

    ; Individual classes

    ; Art Club

    ; Gardening Club

    ; Intervention sessions for Literacy and Numeracy

    ; Science lessons

    ; Early Years

    ; It provides a quiet area for Lunch times.

    Here are some pictures of how the garden has developed since we received the grant for the plants:

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