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The Bradley Bugle

    The Bradley Bugle

    July 2008

    Issue 122

Great Bradley Church Fete

    Sunday 13 July at 2pm

    Great Bradley Hall

    Lots of stalls, games, afternoon teas

    and don‟t forget to enter the

    fruit, veg and flower competition

     see inside for details

     Village Diary

    All events take place in the Village Hall unless otherwise noted

    SCOTTISH COUNTRY Lively, light exercise and fun! Mondays 2 4pm DANCING Contact Ella on 710340 recommences in September CARPET BOWLS Every Monday (except Bank Holidays) Mondays 7.30pm

    Tuesday afternoons ART CLASS Contact Anne on 783175 for details recommences in September

    Hoping to resume in EDUCATIONAL CLASSES contact Gill on 783362 September WEA Coastal East Anglia Wednesday 24 September Contact Geoffrey Vollam speaker Mrs Christine Harrison 10am (sharp) 11.45am on 783132

     if there is a book you have particularly enjoyed reading and think others may also enjoy it then why not give either Anne BOOK CLUB Pigden (783175) or Anne Smith (783648) a ring.

    All welcome, all ages, all interests Thursday 10 July AFTERNOON CLUB Come and meet friends and neighbours 2.30pm PARISH COUNCIL Open Forum for villagers followed by Wednesday 16 July MEETING Parish Council Meeting 7.30pm

    12.05 12.20pm Evergreen NB new times Mondays 14 and 28 July MOBILE LIBRARY 12.25 12.40pm Thurlow Road Monday 11 August BLACK BIN Wednesdays 9 & 23 July, 6 & 20 August

    Wednesdays 2, 16 & 30 July, BLUE/BROWN BINS Wednesday 13 and Thursday 28 August

    Save Our Silence


    St Mary’s Church Great Bradley

    Church services for July/August

    Sunday 29 June 10 am Benefice Service Kedington

    Sunday 6 July 11 am Holy Communion Great Bradley

    Sunday 13 July 11 am Holy Communion Great Thurlow

    Sunday 20 July 10 am Benefice Service Great Bradley

    Sunday 27 July 9.30 am Holy Communion Little Bradley

    Sunday 3 August 11 am Holy Communion Great Bradley

    Sunday 10 August 11 am Holy Communion Great Thurlow

    Sunday 17 August 10 am Benefice Service Little Bradley

    Sunday 24 August 9.30 am Holy Communion Little Bradley

    Sunday 31 August 10 am Benefice Service Little Thurlow

For other services see the Benefice News Church cleaning Flowers Great Bradley Fete July: Gill Brown/Anne Smith July: Helen Smith August: Geoffrey & Arline Vollam August: Diane Pettitt Stalls Games Teas Barbecue Face Painting Lucky Programme Great Bradley Fete - Sunday 13 July Pony Rides Land Rover Rides 2pm - Great Bradley Hall

    Please support the Fete by your donations, contact Fruit, Veg & Flower competition the stall holders below for delivery or collection Art and Photo Exhibitions Bottles Marie Knight 783220 Children‟s Art competition Bric-a-brac Gill Dunn 783362 Raffle Music Cans & Packets Diane Pettitt 783062 Draw Prizes Antonia Kiddy 783102 visit the Hall Gardens Gifts (new/nearly new) Arline Vollam 783132 and lots more Plants Sue Ireland 783595 Toys Maria Stableford 783010 at Great Bradley Hall Books,CDs,DVDs,Videos Anne Smith 783648 Cake stall Anne Pigden 783175 by kind permission of the Ryder family or Sue Sylvester-Bradley 783157

    Cakes for teas Jaquie Dixon 783354

We would welcome help setting up the site on Saturday 12 July. Meet at the church at 10 am.

     We also need help to clear away after the Fete on Sunday afternoon from 5pm.

    Most of all we need YOU to come and enjoy this traditional village event in beautiful surroundings.

     Sue (783595), Maria (783010) and Geoffrey (783132). Thank you.

    COME TO THE FETE on Sunday 13 July at 2pm


My Favourite Place

    Let your imagination go WILD! Paint, draw or make a collage of your favourite place, somewhere

    you really enjoy being or a special place you have visited.

    OR it could be a made-up place - 'a fairy world', 'a mutant monster space world'... Be inventive!

    You could even make a model of your favourite place in an old shoe-box...

    Entry age groups: under 5's, 5 - 10's, over 10's

    All entries to be clearly marked with your name, age and contact number.

PLEASE bring your entries to the church either during the afternoon of Saturday 12 July (day

    before Fete) or on Fete day, Sunday 13 July no later than 2:15pm

    or entries can be handed in to me at 1, St John‟s Cottages - prior to Fete day.

    Maria Stableford


    Great Bradley’s Best Home-Grown Veg, Fruit and Flowers Competition

    in the Church during the Fete

    A light-hearted look at local produce

    All exhibitors should leave their entries on the marked tables in the church by 12 noon on the day of the Fete. We ask that all exhibits be removed by 5.30pm any items remaining will be disposed of by the Committee!

    Entries should be placed on a plain plate or bowl with a note of your name and address attached to the underside.

    Fee for each entry - 20p.

    There will be a clearly marked pot in which to put your entry fees

    Prize for the best entry in each class - 50p

1. Root vegetables: 3. Salad section:

    3 Potatoes 3 Radishes

    3 Carrots 3 Spring Onions

    3 of any other root vegetable 3 Tomatoes

     1 Cucumber

    2. Legumes: 1 Lettuce Beans - any variety (3 pods) 4. Other: Peas (3 pods) Soft Fruit (3 fruits)

5. My Best Flowers 6. Children’s class (under 11yrs)

    Flowers from your garden in a suitable vase My Best Fruit

     (please place your name and address in an envelope

    under the vase)

For more information please contact Lisa Hancock on 01440 783372

A chance to display your prize produce Check the garden and sort out your entry NOW!


SUFFOLK HISTORIC CHURCHES Cycle Ride 2008 ththThe 27 SHCT Ride will take place this year on Saturday 13 September and you are invited to take part,

    either as cyclist or walker, or less energetically by being in the Church for an hour or so to welcome those who will call there on this annual fundraising day.

    Proceeds are divided between the Church chosen by the rider and the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust. This charity does valuable work in providing funds to help with the repair of the county‟s church buildings, many of

    which are quite old and difficult to maintain. Great Bradley Church has received aid from SHCT in the past and we will probably have to apply again in the future.

    Last year our riders did extremely well and we hope to have a good result again this time. If you are unable to volunteer then please offer generous support when asked for sponsorship. Sponsor forms and further details are available from Geoffrey Vollam (783132).


    Numbers limited. Bookings taken one calendar month before each event.

    For further details, please contact us on: 01473 264263 or visit

    SWAN ON THE STOUR BOAT TRIP AND WALK thSaturday 26 July 11.30am 2.30pm

    Get a different view of the river join us on the River Stour Trust as we take two small groups on a „relay‟ one-way cruise and undulating walk between Sudbury and Great Henny with a stop half way at The Henny Swan riverside pub.

    Approx. 3 miles Moderate (Charge ?8.50 includes boat trip lunch not included but available at the pub).


Burrough Green Primary School News

    The weather was superb for us on event days and outings. Although the last couple of months have been very inclement, we saw dry days for important events within our

    school calendar. May Day was celebrated with dancing around the maypole. This is a very special event within our school calendar. The community come to see the crowning of the May Queen which has taken place for 43 years. May day dancing was part of school life for many years before.

    The middle of the month saw SAT‟s week which was an intense time for all concerned. Class 4 had a visit out to relax after SAT‟s week. They went to Wandlebury Education Centre for a nature walk and pond dipping as part of their science studies habitats and environments. thThe annual cycle ride took place at Weston Woods Farm, Weston Colville on Sunday 18 May. This is a

    fantastic event for all the family to join in together! The cycling is all „off road‟ on a track which is ideal for

    young children. The French day was a huge success. The morning started with croissants and pain au chocolate for breakfast with parents invited to join in. Throughout the day, a boules competition took place and the children sang French songs. Class 1 looked at colours and painted pictures with the children having to ask for their colours in French. Class 2 studied pictures by Cezanne and did their own oil pastel pictures. Class 3 built tall structures from A4 paper and sticky tape. Class 4 had a map of France and had a scavenger hunt with co-ordinates and clues in French. In the afternoon Years 2 6 went to Abington School

    to watch a production by the theatre group Frogs and Rosbeef. Reception and year 1 children stayed at school for a picnic.

    After our very good Church Inspection the Archdeacon of Cambridge came and visited the school to meet the children and see them at work.

    Sport‟s Day takes place during June and the weather again was kind to us. As well as a packed programme of field and track events the children and spectators also had a fete to enjoy. The PTA organised quad bikes, bouncy castles and slides which were thoroughly entertaining. Side stall were very popular and it was lovely to see so many of the community enjoying the afternoon. thDuring July the school will be celebrating its 300 anniversary with a number of special events. Amongst the

    fun-filled timetable there will be a school wedding held at St. Augustine‟s. On a serious note, St. Augustine‟s thwill also be the venue for a thanksgiving service which the community is invited to attend on Friday 18 July that 1.45pm. A Hog Roast is planned for Saturday 19 July please contact the school or myself for more


    The children will be performing at The Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds to celebrate the school‟s anniversary

    and to say goodbye to Mr Steve Dennington after 17 years as Headteacher. Rehearsals are currently underway.

    Don‟t forget to visit our website at

    Alison Brewin - Community Liaison Officer

    01638 507941 -

Thurlow, Bradley and District Pre-School June 2008

    We are a good way through the summer term which is always a sad but exciting time of year for us as we say “goodbye” to our children who will be moving up to “big school” in September.

    Cerys Stableford, Camilla Riley, Nicole Dye, Billy Hunt, Hannah Webbe, Jack Smith, Imogen Cowell, Daisy Shipp, Toros Yagir, Archie Cooke and Benjamin Harris will all start their new adventures with our love and best wishes for the future.

    Between the rain showers we have been enjoying the countryside with our walks through the woodland around the school which the children really enjoy, the puddles only make it more exciting for them!

    On 17 May we held our first “Quiz Night” which was enjoyed by all who attended, with “Shonagh‟s Stars” taking proud possession of the trophy for the next year! The proceeds are going to our fundraising efforts towards the construction costs of a new building for the group.

    Planning permission for a new building has been obtained and since March we have secured pledges and donations totalling around ?17,500 from a number of sources including Great Bradley Parish Council for which we are grateful. There is a long way to go however but we are certain we will realise our plans sometime in the next school year!

    The group is open during term time with morning and afternoon sessions from Monday to Friday and works in partnership with Suffolk County Council to provide free sessions for 3 and 4 year olds. For more information visit our website at or contact Mathew Cowell, Secretary, on 01223

    891275 or by email to



    During the summer, probably in August, we will be opening a new Permissive Footpath linking the Recreation Ground with the Thurlow Road. You may already know that there is an existing Permissive Footpath branching left from the Concrete Road this will be properly signposted in the summer and I will

    write a piece about it in September‟s Bugle.

    The new Permissive Footpath (called Permissive as it is not a public right of way) will lead from the corner of the Recreation Ground. As you leave the Recreation Ground, you will see on your left a conservation area of wild flower and nectar mix which is designed to attract wildlife, particularly birds and butterflies. The path then goes down the middle of a field called Hartwell called “Heartell” in the 1767 Brand map of Bradley,

    presumably after a local farmer and is bordered by a new hedge on both sides. We intend to let the hedge grow to about 1.25 metres on either side which hopefully will provide cover and food for wildlife but not so high as to exclude the view! At the bottom of the field is a space of about 25 metres without a hedge; this is to allow easy transfer for farm machinery between one side of the field and the other. Please be careful if you see ploughing, drilling, spraying or combining in progress!

    The path then crosses a bridge over a ditch and then turns left down the track to the main Thurlow Road. On the right is a field called Sandpits so called some centuries ago for obvious reasons and on the left a

    deep ditch, another new hedge and a six metre conservation strip.

    Hopefully, the new Permissive Footpath will provide an interesting route with different views. It should also provide easier walking access to the Recreation Ground for those living along the Thurlow Road.

    We would be very grateful if dogs and other pets could be kept under strict control to conserve all aspects of wildlife. Please note that horses are not allowed on Permissive Footpaths (or on Public Footpaths).

    Finally, it will be necessary to close both Permissive Footpaths for two or three days a year for, amongst other reasons, maintenance (hedge cutting, track repair etc). This is likely to be in February, May and September and will be on weekdays. Notices will be put up at each end of the paths and prior notice will be given in the Bugle and/or the village website.

    We hope everybody enjoys the new footpath. It has taken some years to plan it because of the need to plant hedges and create conservation strips but I hope that it will be worth the wait! Charles Ryder


    As mentioned in the notice about the annual Farm/Woodland Tour held at the beginning of June, we are hoping to arrange a Farm Tour for children at harvest time in August. The exact date will depend on the weather over which we have no control! and the harvesting schedule but we will post details on the

    village website and will try to spread news of the event by word of mouth.

    The idea is to see as many aspects of farming as possible and transport will be by tractor and trailer. We would be grateful if children could be accompanied. Charles Ryder


    On Sunday 27th July there is a Long Distance Ride starting and ending at The Garden Barn, Little Bradley in aid of the Church. Starting times are from 8.30am to 12 noon. There are two routes; the full ride being about 15 miles and a shorter route of about 10 miles. Most of the ride is through farmland and woods with NO compulsory jumps and an optional stop at The Three Tuns, Cowlinge! It is open to all abilities and ages, although an adult must accompany any children under 16. Entry is by pre-booking only. Forms and further details can be obtained from Mirjam Gault on 01440 783756 or by email at


    Please tell us your news We’ll be delighted hear from you!

    In order that your Bugle reaches you early in the month all copy must be received thby the 15 of the previous month. Deadline for September 2008 is Friday 15 August.

    The Editorial team

    Anne Pigden 01440 783175

    Helen Smith 01440 783278

    Sue Sylvester-Bradley 01440 783157 We thank our advertisers who help to fund this village newsletter contact Anne, Helen or Sue (see

    above) if you would like to place an ad. Please note that the advertisements in this magazine are accepted in good faith but are not personal recommendations of the editorial team.


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Chicken Chat - Week 36 in the Chicken House - First day at the sales

    Recently, during an impromptu family BBQ in our garden an opportune moment arose which was just too good to resist.

    My husband‟s tummy was full from a glorious steak complete with trimmings, skewered garlic prawns and several glasses of particularly good red wine. As he reclined in his garden chair to savour the last of the day‟s rays, a contented smile upon his face, I explained that… in the interest of all the family… I had arranged to collect two Neras and a Bovan Goldline , „sisters‟ for the ‟girlies‟.

    There was then a moment of silence. I resisted the incredible urge to interject. After what felt like an eternity my husband replied with a yawn and then:

    “Oh, alright then!” and with that he promptly fell asleep (over-exhaustion).

    With the verbal agreement watertight I loaded two animal carriers into the car and set off for „Cambridge Poultry‟ located in Bottisham. On arrival I was met by a very nice lady who showed me around her farm and poultry yard. I picked the new girlies and once „captured‟ I brought them home.

    You would think that introducing chickens to other chickens would be an easy affair. But as every experienced chicken keeper knows it requires as much careful planning, thought and effort as picking the new England football manager. Chickens can show the same traits as footballers, with “Egos” and pecking order in the new team very high on the agenda.

    My method of introducing the resident flock to the three new ones was to be a text-book exercise, having been thoroughly researched of course.

    I had erected a separate metre high pen adjacent to the original run complete with water, food and a scattering of raisin treats.

    The aim was for the new girlies to reside there in comfort during the day, the old girlies and new girlies living side by side, being able to meet each other in a controlled but barred environment. The „pecking order‟ would begin to be established and no one would receive injury. As night fell I would spray all of the girlies with a weak solution of water and vinegar, so that all the chickens would take on the same smell: Eau de Vinegar!

    Once the old girlies had gone off to bed, under the cover of darkness, I would place the new girlies through the sun-roof of the coop. No one would be any the wiser - ingenious!

    Included in this equation was my husband whom I was beginning to think had all but forgotten about the ‟verbal contract‟.

All good plans ...

    In truth the new pen idea worked for all of two hours. The new ‟girlies‟ (even after wing clipping) managed to do spectacular leaps, the likes of which the prima-ballerina Darcy Bussell would be


proud, breaking for freedom at every available opportunity. So my enthusiasm for all things ‟text-

    book‟ waned and as night fell I threw the lot in together!

The merging of the now nine ‟girlies‟ can only be likened to the First Day of the Sales. During my

    early (and only) days of „financial security‟ - a time prior to my husband, two children and a

    menagerie - I would reward myself with a visit to the opening of the sales at the London Harrods store. My memories of the wall to wall combat in the designer bag section came feverishly flooding back as I watched the nine penned ‟girlies‟.

    The squawks, pecking and highly unladylike behaviour showed no sign of abating as I called time on the event and closure of the store.

    All of the „girlies‟ were firmly shoved up into their coop with the firm end of the garden broom. Once the last one was in, the coop door was hastily closed.

I slept well that night (not sure if the girlies did?)

    My husband even resisted the urge to mutter “I told you so.” To be continued………….

Egg Tally: 992

    Maria Stableford

From Suffolk County Council Community Safety Officer

    Play your part to prevent speeding

    Speeding traffic is a big concern for many communities across Suffolk and often local motorists are the worst offenders.

    Suffolk County Council is working with the police, town and parish councils and local people to create safer communities and reduce accidents by improving road safety.

    To help tackle speeding problems, many communities have brought in SID the speed indicator

    display that reminds motorists of their speed with a smile or sad face. As well as providing useful data about traffic speeds and acting as a speeding deterrent, it is estimated that using SID reduces traffic speeds by an average of 14%.

    Suffolk Police is helping town and parish councils to tackle local speeding problems by setting up village speed watches and warning motorists.

    Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams are working with their communities to buy a police-approved hand-held speed gun and train local volunteers to record speeding cars. The police can then identify the owner of the vehicle and either send a first or second warning letter or make a personal visit on the third detected offence.

    Did you know that one missing 30mph repeater sign within a signed speed limit prevents the police from carrying out speed enforcement?

    You can play your part to improve road safety by reporting speeding motorists, as well as defects such as potholes, blocked drains, missing or obscured road signs.

    Contact your area Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01473 613 500, or visit

    Report road defects to Customer Service Direct on 0845 404050 or

    For more information about SID and road safety, visit

    RECITALS at St Mary’s Church, Saffron Walden

    As part of a summer series of concerts you may like to know that Sue

    Sylvester-Bradley is giving a lunchtime recital at 1.10pm on Wednesday 2

    July at St Mary‟s Church, Saffron Walden. The programme includes early

    Italian arias, Mozart‟s Laudate Dominum, and songs by Gurney, Britten and

    Roger Quilter. Sue is accompanied by Janet Evans who will also play pieces

    by Mozart and Thomas Dunhill.

    Lunchtime recitals are free but donations towards church choir music and the young musicians‟ bursary scheme are appreciated. They begin at 1.10pm but sandwiches, drinks etc.

    are available from 12.30pm.

    Further lunchtime recitals are on Wednesdays 16 & 30 July and 6 August.

    Organ recitals (with big screen) are at 7.30pm on Saturdays 19 July and 6 September (?6)



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