Follow your dream

By Lucille Gardner,2014-06-29 14:34
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Follow your dream

Follow your dream

    About 45 years ago.Martin Luther King gave world a great speech -I Have A Dream,which encouraged a lot of people and gave them faith,strength and dream.He let Freedom rang from every mountainside.The power of dream is’s ture: If

    the dream is big enough,the facts do not count.

    A person can only live once.What he does in his lifetime isn’t brought about by his birth,nor carried away by his death.Life is as short as four seasons:sprouting in Spring,thriving in summer, harvesting in autumn and stroing in winter.So,in order to make our life more meaningful, we should have a dream in our lifetime. Monty Roberts is a successful man who has a large ranch.When he was a child,once the teacher asked the students to write a paper about their dream.Monty wrote a seven-page paper describing his goal of owning a horse ranch someday.Then he handed it in to the teacher .However,the teacher gave him a red large F . “This is a unrealistic dream for you.A horse ranch need a lot of money,but you don’t have .”the teacher said, “if you write another realistic dream,I will reconsidered your grade.”The boy came home and thought ahout it long and hard.At last,he gave the teacher the same paper,making no change at all.He stated, “you can keep the F,and I will keep my

    dream.”He hold fast to his dream and succeeded at last.

    Though we may intent on the exciting journey ahead,all things are contained in the first common:our optimism,our faith,our resolution and our innocence.Making sure your dream early.You can dream to be a can dream to change the world, You can dream to do anything you wonder.Don’t worry,just try.

    Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. no matter what ,believe in yourself and follow your heart.

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