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The Middle Examination of Look, Listen and Learn 1 (Lesson 1~28)

    一? Introduce yourself:

    1. Whats your name? ____________________

    2. How old are you? ____________________

    3. How are you today? ____________________

    二? Listen to the dialogues and choose the sentences right(T) or wrong(F). 1. The goose is hungry.

    2. The lion wats to eat the goose up.

    3. The lion and the goose are good friends.

    4. Its a hot day today.

    5. The goose wants to eat the lion.

     Listen to a passage and then answer the question. 三?

    1. Ann is _____ years old now.

    A. five B. six C. seven D. eight

    2. She is wearing a pretty _____.

    A. jacket B. blouse C. skirt D. dress

    3. Today Ann is having a _____ party.

    A. nice B. birthday C. family D. friends

    4. Anns mother has prepared lots of nice things for them to _____.

    A. eat B. play C. waste D. do with

    5. The young people are going to _____.

    A. play games C. listen to music

    B. sing, dance D. all of A, B, C

    四? Listen to a passage and fill the blanks what you hear.

    Mary is an American __________, but she lives in Rome. She is __________ years old. She

    goes to an __________ school in Rome. One day Mary tells her __________ that __________ is a

    __________ girl in her __________. She is six years old, __________. She is very nice, but she

    is not American. She is __________. She doesnt speak English, but she understands __________.

    white red 五? Recoganize the contries:

    1. 国名, 2. 国名,


     国民, 国民,

3. 国名, 4. 国名,

     国民, 国民,

    white black

    5. 国名, 6. 国名,

     red blue red

     国民, 国民,

    yellow 六? Find the right answer forthose questions:

    ? ?

    1. Are you cold? A. Theyre Jims.

    2. What colour is his bicycle? B. No, I am not. 3. Is there a young woman near the shop? C. Theyre in the locker. 4. Whose gloves are they? D. The brown shoes, sir. 5. Where are your umbrellas? E. Shes Snadys little sister. 6. Which are your shoes, Sandy? F. The man in the black car. 7. Whos that girl? G. Yes, there is. 8. Which man is your father? H. Its pink.

    七? Multiple choise:

    1. That yellow pen isnt _____. Its her.

    A. of you B. your C. youre D. yours 2. this coat is very long. Can you see a _____ one?

    A. good B. red C. short D. tall 3. We are now _____ Mrs Turners house.

    A. to B. on C. in D. out 4. Mr Zhang eats a lot of food. So he is a _____ man.

    A. bad B. sad C. fat D. good 5. Tom says, “I cant find my shoes, _____ are they?

    A. What B. Where C. Why D. How 6. What nationality are you, _____ or _____?

    A. France, Italy C. France, Italian

    B. French, Italy D. French, Italian 7. Theres a letter _____ your brother.

    A. for B. to C. at D. behind 8. The watch on the table is Toms. please _____.

    A. give it him C. give him to it

    B. give him D. give it to him 9. ---- Is that flower yellow or green? ---- _____.

    A. It is green C. Its not green

    B. Its yellow D. Oh, it is red, I think 10. ---- Whats in the bag? ---- _____.

    A. Three books and two exercise book. C. One books and two exercise books

    B. Two book and three exercise books D. Two books and five exercise books

    11. ---- Thank you very much! ---- _____.

    A. Good idea C. No

    B. Thats all right D. No, thanks 12. Maomao often goes to school _____ 7:15.

    A. on B. at C. in D. of 13. there are five _____ on the floor.

    A. ball C. basket

    B. basketball D. footballs

    14. Who can help _____? My newspaper is flying away.

    A. I B. my C. our D. me

    15. London is in _____.

    A. America C. Australia

    B. Canada D. England

     Sentenses transformer 八?

    将下列句子变为否定句, 将下列句子变为一般疑问句,

    1. This is her marker. 1. The ice cream is white and yellow.

    _____________________________ _____________________________ 2. Thats Sandys pencil. 2. It is an eggcup.

    _____________________________ _____________________________ 3. There is a desk in the classroom. 3. The man behind the fence is a policeman.

    _____________________________ _____________________________ 4. It is cold today. 4. The cup on the shelf is empty.

    _____________________________ _____________________________ 5. This basket is Billys. 5. Theres a dog under the tree.

    _____________________________ _____________________________ 将下列句子单复数之间相互变换,

    1. Are they American girls? 4. Were going to buy some new pencils.

    _____________________________ _____________________________ 2. This is a chair. 5. They are English Exercise-books.

    _____________________________ _____________________________ 3. Whats his name? 6. Is that your new picture?

    _____________________________ _____________________________

    九? Reading:


    Betty is a schoolgirl. She doesnt go to school on Sundays. But she doesnt get up late. She does morning exercises before she has breakfast. Then she helps her mother do the housework.

    Sometimes she goes out to do some shopping for her mother. She buys the things she likes. She goes

    by bike. She takes a shopping basket with her. The basket is always full when she leaves the shop.

    She does her homework in the evening. People way Betty is a good girl both at school and at home.

    1. Betty _____ get up late on Sundays.

    A. isnt B. doesnt C. cannot D. does

    2. _____ she goes out to do some shopping.

    A. Sometime C. Some-time

    B. Sometimes D. Some-times

    3. She takes a shopping basket _____ her.

    A. by B. with C. for D. on

    4. Betty gets up late on _____.

    A. Sundays C. Thursday

    B. Saturdays D. Tuesday

    5. Betty does her _____ in the evening.

    A. housework C. homework

    B. work D. works


     There is a big shop near my home. It sells a lot of things. From the shop we can buy some

    food, some drinks and some school things ---- like ackes, apples, milk, oranges, pens and


     The shop opens very early in the morning and it closes very late. We can buy things from

    7:00~~22:00 in the shop. I often help my mother and father buy things in this shop. The people

    in the shop are very friendly.

    1. There is a shop _____.

    A. near the school C. near the factory

    B. near my home

    2. The shop sells _____.

    A. some food C. some school things, food and drink

    B. some drink

    3. The shop opens _____.

    A. at 7:00 in the morning C. late in the morning

    B. at 22:00 in the evening

    4. We can buy things _____ in this shop.

    A. after ten oclock C. at about eleven in the evening

    B. before ten oclock in the evening

    5. _____ buy things in the shop.

    A. My father often helps me

    B. My mother ofter helps my father

    C. I often help my father and mother

十? Writing:


    . 用所学过的形容词描述自己(

    . 介绍自己的兴趣爱好和国籍等。









    一? Listen to the dialogues and choose the sentences right(T) or wrong(F).

    It is a hot day. A lion is walking along a lake. He is looking for something to eat. He is very hungry.

    A goose is swimmng in the water.

    The lion is very happy to see him. There is my lunch, the lion says to himself.

    Hello, Mr Goose! Go away, you bad lion! says the goose.

    I have good news for you.

    What is it? asks the goose.

    I dont want other animals to hear it. Please come here, says the lion.

    The poor goose gets out of the water and runs to the lion. The lion eats him up.

二? Listen to a passage and then answer the question.

    thToday is January 10. Its Anns birthday. She is seven years old now. she is wearing a pretty dress today. Its blue and white. Shes having a party and all her friends are going to arrive in a short time. They are going to bring with them a lot of beautiful presents for her. Anns mother has prepared a lot of nice

    things for them to eat and drink. The yong people are going to play games, sing, dance and listen to music. They will have a wonderful time together.

三? Listen to a passage and fill the blanks what you hear.

    Mary is an American girl, but she lives in Rome. She is six years old. She goes to an English school in Rome. One day Mary tells her mother that there is a new girl in her class. She is six years old, too. She is very nice, but she is not American. She is German. She doesnt speak English, but she understands it.

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