SWIFTNet Service Profile Form

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SWIFTNet Service Profile Form

    SWIFTNet Service Profile Form Ref: MS-SERVPROF Page 1 of 15

    A Service Administrator should use this form to define the service parameters for the provisioning of SWIFTNet messaging services (i.e. FileAct, InterAct, Browse) within a specific closed user group (CUG). This form should also be used to update or terminate an existing service profile. This form also permits the

    subscription by the Service Administrator to the defined SWIFTNet messaging services. If you are completing this SWIFTNet Service Profile form to define a new service profile, you must provide details of the Authorised Approvers, of the Service Administrator and have the form signed by each of them. A separate copy of this form is required for each service environment on SWIFTNet (ITB, pilot and live).

    Help: Additional help is available as endnotes for certain fields. If you see a superscript number, hold

    your cursor over the number and the help will appear on the screen. Please specify if you are using this form to (only one option can be selected):

    ; Define a new service profile and the Service Administrator subscription

    ; Define a new service profile

    ; Define Service Administrator subscription

    1; Change an existing service profile

    2; Change the Service Administrator subscription

    ; Terminate an existing service profile

Section 1 Service Administrator Information

    Q.1 Full legal name of the Service Administrator:

Q.2 BIC8:

Q.3 Contact person:

     Family Name:

    First Name:

    Job Title:



     Building Name:

    Street Address:

    Postal Code/Zip:




    ? S.W.I.F.T. SCRL (“SWIFT”) - Avenue Adèle 1 - B-1310 La Hulpe Belgium

    VAT BE 0413330856 - RPM Nivelles


    SWIFTNet Service Profile Form Ref: MS-SERVPROF Page 2 of 15

Section 2 SWIFTNet Service Information

    General information

    3Q.4 Preferred Implementation date (optional):


    IMPORTANT: where the Service Administrator reasonably believes that a milestone agreed with

    SWIFT is not met by the planned date, the Service Administrator must promptly give SWIFT

    notice of why it considers that milestone has not been met otherwise that milestone shall be

    deemed to have been met as at the planned date.

    Q.5 Service participant information (optional):

     Expected number of participants:

    4Contact person

    Family Name:

    First Name:

    Job Title:



    5Q.6 Business name of the service:

    6Q.7 Operational environment:

     Live Test ITB

    Q.8 Select the SWIFT messaging service(s) to which this service profile applies:




    7Q.9 Billing option used for the SWIFTNet Messaging service.

    Select one of the following:




    10Q.10 Specify the components of the Service Name for the requested SWIFTNet Service:

    11 administrator:


    13SWIFT environment:

    14test stage (optional):

    15release (optional):

    16 Complete Service Name: