tutorial on the OLIS service system is here - SUNYConnect Service

By Sean Marshall,2014-11-24 09:09
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tutorial on the OLIS service system is here - SUNYConnect Service

    Tutorial on OLIS Service System (Footprints)

Point your browser to This page contains

    information on:

    ; Web sites that monitor system and network statuses

    ; Contacts for Aleph support.

    ; When and how to contact Serials Solution for 360 Link support.

    ; Who to contact during off hours when you believe the Aleph is down

    ; Who to contact when you believe you are experiencing network problems

    This web page also provides access to the OLIS service system which is used to request services of activities to be performed in the SUNYConnect environment. The OLIS service system is driven by a product called Footprints.

    When entering the service application you will be prompted for an email address to access the Footprints.

SUNYConnect Service Communication

    Production Environment

    rev. July 17, 2007

    The Home page is displayed when you first log into FootPrints. It contains 3 frames:

    ; Main frame Contains a welcome message, links to the Knowledge Base, the

    Request form, and your list of current Requests, as well as a list of the most

    popular solutions.

    ; Toolbar Links to all tasks available to Customers.

    ; Top frame - Contains quick search of Solutions and Requests.

    ; We have set this application up so that you can access the SUNYConnect LMS

    Knowledgebase with a drop down menu.

The FootPrints Toolbar in the left frame of your home page has links to all of your tasks in FootPrints. It remains on the left of every page in FootPrints. The options in the Toolbar are:

    ; Home - Go to your FootPrints home page.