Spring Festival Gala is less popular than decades ago

By Katie Willis,2014-06-29 10:20
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Spring Festival Gala is less popular than decades ago

    Spring Festival Gala is less popular than decades ago

    Spring festival is most important traditional festival in China. Spring Festival Gala is in order to celebrate Spring Festival through TV. It’s benefit to link Chinese people to

    celebrate festival together. And it also can promote national unity more better.

     In the past few years, more and more people like to watch the Spring Festival Gala in the last day of one year. It’s popular at the beginning, but nowadays it seems to less

    popular. Even some one suggests we should cancel it and get something instead of it because they feel it so boring. I think there are some reasons.

     One side, its established status is being challenged by a growing number of people, especially by younger generations. It is increasingly difficult to cater for all tastes. Young people think Spring festival Gala is boring, it’s not exciting and interesting. Another side,

    Spring festival Gala with a strong political overtones gradually, It is not the most realistic way the original. And the most serious point is Gala has many product placements, it

    caused a lot of opposition.

     Undoubtedly, it plays a vital role in the celebration of Chinese New Year. So we can try to improve it instead of cancel it.

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