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    P A R T O N E


    ? You want to arrange a meeting with your colleague MrHoto talk about his trip to


    ? Write a note saying

    ? when and where the meeting will be

    ? what you want to talk about

    ? Write about 3040words.


    ? You are going to attend a Sales Meeting tomorrow morning at your companys Meeting

    Room. At the meeting you will have to present last month’s sales figures, but you cannot find


    ? Write a note to Mr.Johnson, your assistant.

    ? asking him to send you the figures you need for the meeting;

    ? saying when you need to send them to you.

    ? explaining how to send them to you .

    ? Write about 3040words.


    ? Mr. Maker, your boss, told you to ask Ms. Ma to attend a Board Meeting.

    ? Write a memo to Ms. Ma .

    ? saying who wants her to attend the Board Meeting;

    ? informing her when and where the Board Meeting will be held.

    ? Write about 3040words.


    ? You are the Marketing Manager of a computer software company.

    You need some office furniture for a new employee in your department.

    ? Write a memo to Pons Zhang in the Purchasing Department:

    ? telling her what furniture you need and why you need it;

    ? asking her to tell you when the furniture will arrive.

    ? Write about 3040words.


    ? A photographer is visiting your company next Friday at 10:00 am to take group photographs

    of each department.

    ? Write a memo to the member of your department:

    ? reminding all staff to attend ;

    ? saying when the photo will be taken ;

    ? saying how long they will be needed.

    ? Write about 3040words.




    I’d like to meet you in my office at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. We are going to talk about your trip to Shanghai. Please let me know if it is convenient for you.


    (34 words)


    I am going to attend a Sales Meeting tomorrow morning at our companys Meeting Room. At the meeting I will present last months sales figures. Please fax me the sales figures this afternoon.


    (33 words)


To: Ms. Ma

    Mr. Marker would like you to attend the Board Meeting at 3:00 p.m. next Monday. The meeting will be held in the Meeting Room. Please attend the meeting on time.

    (30 words)


From : The Marketing Manager

    To: Pons Zhang

A new employee Mr.Lee Ping will work in my department from May 1. Could you get

    him a desk and a chair before that. Please phone me and let me know when the furniture will


     (39 words)



From : Personnel & Training Manager

    To: All staff

A photographer is going to visit our company and take group photographs of each department

    next Friday morning from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Please come to the company on time.

     (31 words)


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