Service Access

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Service Access

    Burnett Respite Service

    Service Access

    Service Access

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    Original Ratification 11 April 2006

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    20 April 2007 Peter Cullen Amendment to Procedural Flowchart and change 1 Carinbundi to Burnett Respite Services Inc.

    8 May 2007 Peter Cullen Section on “Emergency Access to services” added. 2

    13 November Peter Cullen Section added covering service user exiting service 3 2007

    19 February Peter Cullen “Eligibility to apply for services” section added and 4 2008 ratified 19 February 2008

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    April 2009 Peter Cullen Review of all policies 6

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    Burnett Respite Service

    Service Access

    Access to Burnett Respite Service Inc.


    Burnett Respite Service Inc is committed to providing service users and their families/carers a range of services, which are non-discriminatory and based on relative need and available resources.


    This policy aims to ensure all people are provided with fair and equitable access to services in line with these policies, relevant legislation and in a timely manner. This policy also outlines the procedures to follow should a service user wish to exit this service.


The Board of Management is responsible for:

    ; The development and review of all policies of the organisation.

The General Manager is responsible for:

    ; The implementation of the organisation’s policies.

    ; The management of all requests for services provided by Burnett Respite Services Inc.

    The Administrative staff will assist potential service users and their families to make

    an initial identification of their needs, provide information about access to Burnett

    Respite Services Inc services, eligibility criteria, capacity and waiting times, fee

    structure where applicable, the protocols used for determining priority and the type of

    information collected and recorded.

All employees paid and unpaid have the responsibility to:

    ; Ensure they adhere to this policy in all of their dealings with service users.

Emergency access to services:

    Notwithstanding this organisation’s obligation to provide a service to all people with a disability, the General Manager may withhold or refuse a service to any person due to the following circumstances:

     Previous behaviour resulting in the likelihood of potential danger to staff or other

    service users;

     Demonstrated incapacity of Burnett Respite Services Inc to provide the requested


     Demonstrated inappropriateness of Burnett Respite Services Inc being the service

    provider; and

     Inadequate information regarding the potential risks associated with providing a

    service by Burnett Respite Services Inc at the time.

    The General Manager will delegate the decision-making authority to any staff member acting in an on-call position.

    Uncontrolled if printed outside Burnett Respite Services Inc intranet Reviewed April 2009 1

    Burnett Respite Service

    Service Access

    Eligibility to apply for services:

    To be eligible to receive a service from Burnett Respite Services Inc. where the service applied for is directly funded by Disability Services Queensland, each applicant must meet the same criterion as are applied to an application for support made directly to Disability Services Queensland. The following is available from Disability Services Queensland local and regional offices or via their website at

To be eligible for support an applicant’s disability must:

    1. be attributable to an intellectual, psychiatric, cognitive, neurological, sensory or physical

    impairment (or combination); and

    2. be permanent or likely to be permanent; and

    3. have occurred before the age of 65 years; and

    4. result in a severe activity limitation or restriction in participation in self-care/management,

    interpersonal relationships, communication, mobility, learning or applying knowledge;


    5. result in a need for ongoing significant disability supports.

    As a diagnosis of a disability or the permanency of a disability may not occur for a child under 6 years of age, eligibility is based upon a significant delay or risk of a significant developmental delay for applicants within this age group.

Applicant’s disability/disabilities:

    Under the Disability Services Act 2006 (Qld.) the applicant’s disability must be attributable to an intellectual, psychiatric, cognitive, neurological, sensory or physical impairment, or a combination of these. The applicant’s disability must also result in a substantially reduced

    capacity that inhibits the person’s day-to-day functioning; requiring support needs over and

    above what would usually be required by a person of the same age without a disability. Before an applicant can receive services from Burnett Respite Services Inc. the applicant’s

    disability may need to be confirmed in writing from a specialist doctor, clinical psychologist or suitably qualified practitioner (e.g. guidance officer, occupational therapist) in the disability


    If this is required, this organisation may accept a letter or assessment report that has been acquired in the past for some other purpose which specifies the applicant’s diagnosis or impairment.

Permanency of the applicant’s disability:

    Documentation may be required to support the permanency or likelihood of the permanency of the disability before services can be provided by Burnett Respite Services Inc. If a person’s disability is irreversible, it will be deemed to be permanent or likely to be

    permanent, even if the impact of this disability changes in severity over time.

    A number of conditions are not considered to be permanent, such as Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD). However, a person who has ADD/ADHD and a co-existing disability that fits within the definitions above, may receive

    services from Burnett Respite Services Inc, and funded by Disability Services Queensland.

(The above Criterion can be viewed in - Disability Services Queensland Guide to completing the Application

    for Support).

    PROCEDURE: (See Flowchart below)

    Uncontrolled if printed outside Burnett Respite Services Inc intranet Reviewed April 2009 2

    Burnett Respite Service

    Service Access

    Initial Referrals:

     All referrals regarding service entry are to be directed to the Office staff. The exceptions to this

    procedure are Supported Accommodation and Post School Services, which deal directly with

    external agencies when determining access suitability and prioritisation;

     It is the responsibility of the General Manager to assist the potential service user, family/carer

    to identify support needs and/or services required. The General Manager will also provide

    information and advice about other services including mainstream services that may be


     Service needs are identified and documented and a copy of all relevant documentation is given

    to the service user/family/carer;

     Where Burnett Respite Services Inc is identified as the relevant service, arrangements will be

    made for an initial visit by the service user;

     Where a non-Burnett Respite Services Inc service is identified, a referral will be made to the

    relevant service;

     Following an initial visit, a regular pattern of service delivery will be offered to the service


     If capacity does not exist within Burnett Respite Services Inc, or another service cannot be

    identified, the office manager will retain relevant details until a suitable service becomes

    available or a period of twelve months elapses.

    Determining Priority:

     In the case of Post School Services, the Disability Services Queensland selection process will

    determine priority.

     Priority for Supported Accommodation is based on availability of funding and resources,

    relative need and considers the following criteria as being of priority:

    o Primary carer unable to provide the level of support required; and

    o Compatibility with other residents within the house in terms of functional level and

    social relationships.

     In the case of respite care, initial priority will be given to those service users in receipt of a pre-

    arranged and confirmed booking. Where no pre-confirmed booking has been made, or where a

    service user is applying for a new service, priority determination can include all or some of the


    o Service access requested by funding body/external agency on the grounds of urgency;

    o Primary carer identified as requiring immediate support;

    o Service availability;

    o Compatibility with other service users within the centre at any given time;

    o Disability type;

    o Capacity to pay fees; and/or

    o Funding support.

     In the case of a request for Emergency Response support the prioritisation will be in line with

    the “Emergency Response Program Guidelines for Non-Government Organisations” with

    particular note for:

    o The person or agency requesting support must meet the following:

     In the case of an individual:

    ; The person has a disability as defined under the Queensland Disability

    Services Act (2006): and

    ; Meets the General Eligibility for DSQ Funded Support

     In the case of an agency:

    ; Be a Disability Services Queensland recognised service provider; and

    ; Agree to any and all accountability requirements and guidelines as

    required by Disability Services Queensland

    Uncontrolled if printed outside Burnett Respite Services Inc intranet Reviewed April 2009 3

    Burnett Respite Service

    Service Access

    Procedural Flowchart - Burnett Respite Services Inc

     Initial contact made by

    Service User/Family/Carer

     Information Package returned KPI and meets Criteria including Urgent 1 Working day Relevant Funding Package Information Package Non-urgent 3 Working days where appropriate. distributed

     YES NO KPI Urgent 48 hours from return of Interview Arranged with documentation General Manager Non-Urgent - 10 Working days from return of documentation Referral to external service made.


    Urgent Needs identified and plan YES NO Service needs identified implemented during interview process. Non-Urgent - 10 Working days from Assessment Meeting Information retained for an appropriate period

     Appropriate service not Request for current Burnett Referral made to another available at this time Respite Services Inc Service service

     No No Register unmet Is service capacity available? needs

    (Waiting list)


     Service Agreement and Consent forms signed

     KPI Delivery of service As per Individual Program commenced KPIs

    Uncontrolled if printed outside Burnett Respite Services Inc intranet Reviewed April 2009 4

    Burnett Respite Service

    Service Access

    Service User Contribution (Respite):

    ; Burnett Respite Services is funded by the Department of Communities, Disability

    Services and Department of Child Safety.

    ; This funding contributes towards the costs of salaries and operational expenses. It is

    expected by funding bodies that consumers contribute to the cost respite service

    delivery in some way.

    ; A contribution (fee) will be charged for respite by Burnett Respite Services (in

    circumstances of agreed economic disadvantage, this fee may be reduced or waived).

    Families are encouraged to discuss any concerns regarding payment with the General


    Exit interview Process

    The exit process will normally occur in the following manner:

    ; Upon becoming aware that a service user may be ceasing his/her requirement for

    service delivery from this organisation, the General Manager will request the service

    user and/or their advocate or family take part in an exit interview process; ; The General Manager will contact the individuals concerned and request her/his

    participation in an exit interview process and to discuss a convenient time and location

    for doing so;

    ; The General Manager will ensure all persons that the information obtained through the

    exit interview process will be confidential and used to improve the quality of service

    delivery and not used against them;

    ; If any person declines an exit interview, this wish is to be respected; ; The exit interview will be conducted by a person acceptable to the exiting service user,

    their advocate and family;

    ; As a component of the exit interview, the service user, their advocate and family will be

    supplied with any and all information relating to alternative service providers and the

    services they deliver;

    ; The person carrying out the exit interview is to attempt to gain information relating to:

    ; The reason the service user is exiting the service;

    ; Indications as to what was seen as the best part of their involvement with

    the service;

    ; Indications as to what was seen as the least enjoyable part of their

    involvement with the service; and

    ; What, if anything this service can do to make their exit and entry into

    other services smooth.

    ; At the completion of the exit interview, all information will be maintained within the

    service user’s file; and

    ; A breakdown of all service users exiting the service will be provided in the General

    Manager’s reporting processes.

    Uncontrolled if printed outside Burnett Respite Services Inc intranet Reviewed April 2009 5

    Burnett Respite Service

    Service Access

    Procedural Flowchart Exiting. Burnett Respite Services Inc.

    Service User advises

    They no longer require a


    General Manager

    advised and contacts

    Exit interview offered

    Exit interview declined or

    exiting individual Exit interview unavailable accepted

    Information provided Interview carried out and referral made

    Information provided

    and referral made

    Service user exits the


    Uncontrolled if printed outside Burnett Respite Services Inc intranet Reviewed April 2009 6

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