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May 20, 2004

Dear Healthcare Provider,

    The California Emergency Medical Services Authority is pleased to provide healthcare providers across the State of California with this training program:


    Chemical ? Biological ? Radiological ? Nuclear ? Explosives

    Emergency Preparedness for Medical Care Providers

    CBRNE emergencies increasingly threaten the health and safety of people worldwide. Chemical and biological agents have been used to create fear and cause harm. Explosives are frequently used to injure and kill large numbers of people. Although radiation dispersal devices commonly called ―dirty

    bombs‖— and nuclear weapons have not been used by terrorists to date, their potential use is a serious problem.

    California’s healthcare providers must be prepared to respond to disasters and emergencies, whether intentional or accidental, that may occur. CBRNE emergencies now pose new challenges to healthcare providers. Education and training is an important element to prepare California’s healthcare providers to respond effectively to these threats.

    This exciting, interactive CD-ROM will help prepare healthcare personnel for CBRNE emergencies. This program is designed for everyone: care providers, support personnel and administrators in hospitals, clinics, EMS, public health, MD offices and other medical and health providers. It covers the threats likely to cause a CBRNE emergency, preparedness actions and safety measures that all staff should know in the event of a CBRNE emergency. This program can be utilized as First Responder Awareness (FRA) training as defined by OSHA.

This program was developed by California’s Hospital Bioterrorism Preparedness Program (HBPP),

    funded by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and is provided at no cost to healthcare providers in the State. We wish to recognize the efforts of the Hospital Bioterrorism Preparedness Planning Committee in developing the curriculum with the goal of providing standardized training for healthcare providers across the State of California.

    The educational content of the program is presented in two formats. The movie segments should be watched by all learners. The accompanying text is aimed at specific learner levels.

    Healthcare providers have been categorized into four learning levels by the Hospital Bioterrorism Preparedness Program for purposes of CBRNE training. In order for the CD to be an effective educational tool, all learners should be assigned a learner level of 1, 2, 3 or 4 by the healthcare

    facility, organization or service prior to the use of the CD (see Table 1 for suggested learner levels), however, independent learners can also utilize the program without assignment from their employing organization. Each level has specific educational goals as well as a corresponding written examination to assess competency and learning. Learners should be held responsible only for the material associated with their assigned level.


    Chemical ? Biological ? Radiological ? Nuclear ? Explosives

    Emergency Preparedness for Medical Care Providers

    California Emergency Medical Services Authority

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    Installing CD-ROM:


    To install the CD-ROM, place the CD into the appropriate drive in the computer. A welcome screen should appear on the monitor. Simply click "Start," and the program will begin.

    If the welcome screen does not appear on the monitor, users should click "My Computer," then click the icon for the CD-ROM drive, and then double click the Auto Run file.

Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips:

    FAQ: Can I run this CD on any computer? TM The CD can run on almost any computer using the Windows 98 or a later version of the TM Windows operating system. It does not run on computers that use the Apple/Mac

     operating system.

    TIP: As with many DVDs and CD-ROMs, the newer the computer, the more efficiently the CD will run.

FAQ: How long will it take to watch this CD?

    Watching the video portion of the CD training takes approximately 72 minutes: the Threats

    section is 37 minutes; the Safety Section is15 minutes, and the Preparedness Section is 20

    minutes. The amount of time varies slightly depending on the computer used.

    Each section also contains videx slides of text that augment the information and training. This

    material is mandatory for learner levels 2, 3 and 4 and will increase the time for completion of

    the training program.

FAQ: Why are the video and the sound out of sync sometimes?

    The optical drive of your computer determines how fast the movie appears on the screen.

    Older computers cannot always keep up with the movie.

    TIP: The faster and newer the computer, the better the CD runs.

FAQ: The movie seems small. Can I make the movie screen bigger?

    The movie is sized for optimal on-screen viewing. You can make the screen bigger if you wish.

    However, you should be aware that the movie might seem slightly out of focus or pixilated (i.e.,

    fuzzy around the edges).

    TIP: If you do not like the small movie screen, try re-setting your monitor to make the movie bigger. TM This is easy to do on newer systems (i.e., running Windows 2000, XP, or later). In TM Windows, go to:

    Start?Settings?Control Panel?Display?Settings?Screen Area.

    You can change the screen area to 1024 x 768 or even 800 x 600. At 800 x 600 the movie will

    fill a greater portion of the screen, but usually appears fuzzy. Note: If your computer runs on TMan earlier version of Windows, you might have to re-boot after re-sizing the screen.


    Chemical ? Biological ? Radiological ? Nuclear ? Explosives

    Emergency Preparedness for Medical Care Providers

    California Emergency Medical Services Authority

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    Additional Information and Resources for the Training Program

    Additional resources and information about the CBRNE: Emergency Preparedness for Medical Care Providers training program can be found on the website at

Instructor Manual:

    The CD can be used effectively in four different educational methods:

    ; Independent Learner

    ; Instructor Facilitated Independent Learning

    ; Group Training with Instructor

    ; Instructor Led Lecture

    The instructor manual outlines the instructional modes and provides course outlines, educational objectives and competency assessments. The manual can be downloaded at the above website.

Continuing Education Credits:

    Organizations with Continuing Education provider numbers may utilize this CD-ROM training program to offer CE hours for learners. The EMS Authority is unable to offer CE hours for this training course.

Suggested CE hours for the program are based on learner levels:

Level 1: Two hours of continuing education credit

    Level 2: Three hours of continuing education credit

    Level 3: Four hours of continuing education credit

    Level 4: Two hours of continuing education credit

Competency Assessments:

    Learner levels 1-3 have competency assessments to test the learning of the users, and can provide

    organizations with documentation of program completion. The competency assessments can be found on the above website.

    This training program is also pending approval by the U.S. Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP). Please watch the EMSA website,, for approval status.

Copying the CD-ROM:

    Copies of the CD-ROM training program may be made for educational use. All users must agree to the ―End User License Agreement‖ as presented at the beginning of the CD.

    Note: most computers are unable to copy the CD-ROM using the copy and paste functions. Therefore, in most cases, CDs must be copied in computers that have disk-to-disk copy functions.

Additional copies of the CD-ROM:

    This training program is provided to healthcare providers in California at no cost. Multiple copies of the CD-ROM will only be provided to healthcare facilities, organizations and service providers and the number of CD-ROMs provided will be at the discretion of EMSA. Independent learners can receive a single copy of the program.


    Chemical ? Biological ? Radiological ? Nuclear ? Explosives

    Emergency Preparedness for Medical Care Providers

    California Emergency Medical Services Authority

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    This CD-ROM training program can be ordered via email only at When

    requesting copies of the video, include the following in the email:

    Name of Individual or Healthcare Provider/Facility

    Type of Facility or Organization

    Mailing Address


    Number of Copies Requested

Training Program Feedback:

    After completing the training program, if you would like to provide feedback, please email comments


We hope this interactive CD-ROM training program and Instructor Manual will provide the medical and

    health provider community with essential information. Medical and health providers will be on the front lines when a CBRNE emergency occurs. We must be ready! This training program will help us prepare today for what could happen tomorrow.


Cheryl Starling, RN, Coordinator

    Hospital Bioterrorism Preparedness Program

    Emergency Medical Services Authority


    Chemical ? Biological ? Radiological ? Nuclear ? Explosives

    Emergency Preparedness for Medical Care Providers California Emergency Medical Services Authority

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