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To: Line Manager

    From: The Customer Services Department

    Date: December 20, 2011

    Subject: Results of Customer Survey

    As requested, a customer survey has been implemented. The focus of this survey was customers' satisfaction on our store.

Here is a look at the results of our customer survey.

    ; Staff friendliness. 70 percent of customers complained that our staffs were not

    friendly enough, while just 30 percent of clients felt good.

    ; Product Range. According to the survey, clients who showed their positive

    comments account for 62 percent. 38 percent of customers surveyed, however,

    thought that the assortments of goods in our store could not meet their need.

    ; Opening Hours. Up to 87 percent of purchasers commended the business hours

    were reasonable and could be fully utilized. And the remaining customers

    dissatisfied the opening hours.

    ; Additional Customer Comment. Two major complains were made by customers

    that are difficulty in finding goods and shortage of parking space.

    As you can see, we should come up with and take responsive measures to improve our services in staff friendliness, product range, parking room expansion and layout of goods.

    To seek further and better development, we should provide training course to improve the qualities of our staffs; enlarge the variety of products; make scientific research on the layout of goods; and build more parking garage.

Thank you for your help in process of this survey.

Best regards,

The Customer Services Department

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