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    Optimizing PDF Documents

    Revised 01/25/06


All “PDF” files should be “optimized” for viewing over the Internet. When a non-

    optimized „pdf‟ document is accessed via the Internet, the browser attempts to

    download the entire document before displaying any of the text. For large documents or slow Internet connections, this can result in an extremely long wait period before the document will open. To address this performance issue, documents should be “optimized” for efficient downloading. When optimized, the browser will start displaying the first page as it is downloaded, allowing the user to begin reading the document, while the remainder of the document finishes downloading in the background.

Optimizing PDF documents - Adobe Acrobat Version 7:

    Adobe “pdf” documents created directly from within a word processing document will be created as “optimized” by default. However, if your documents are

    created from scanning pages into Adobe Acrobat, you will need to “optimize” the documents by performing a “Save As” operation from within Acrobat when you

    save the document to disk.

    In order for the “Save As” function to create an optimized “pdf” document, you must check your default settings for optimizing Adobe Acrobat files by the following steps:

Click the “Start” button on your Windows Task Bar

    Choose Programs, choose Adobe Acrobat

    From the Acrobat Menu Bar, choose “Edit”, then “Preferences” from the drop-

    down selection list. The following screen should appear:


Choose the selection from the leftmost column labeled “General”. Ensure that

    the setting for “Save As Optimizes for Fast Web View” is checked.

Click the “OK” button to save any changes.

    To create Adobe Acrobat documents in a format “optimized” for downloading via the Internet, always choose “File”, “Save As” from the Acrobat menu bar when finished preparing your document.

Follow the steps below to confirm that any “pdf” document is optimized:

    Open the document in Adobe Acrobat

    From the Acrobat Menu bar, choose “File”, “Document Properties”.

    Confirm that the property labeled as “Fast Web View” in the lower right corner is set to “Yes


Optimizing PDF documents Adobe Acrobat Version 5:

    The following references apply to Adobe Acrobat Version 5. Other versions should operate in a similar manner, however you may wish to consult the “Help” feature in your version of Acrobat for full details. Please note that these instructions do not apply to the Acrobat Reader product.

    When creating “pdf” files from word processing documents, we recommend using the Acrobat Distiller program as opposed to the Acrobat PDF Writer. Unless default options have been changed, Distiller will automatically create pdf documents in optimized format. When printing your word processing document, simply choose the printer selection named Acrobat Distiller from your print menu and supply a name and location for the “pdf” file.

    Note: Acrobat Distiller installs by default from the Adobe Acrobat CD. To install the Acrobat PDF Writer product, you must choose the “custom” installation, when installing the Adobe product.